How to Find a Friend With Benefits Online for Reliable Hookups

Finding love, sex, or romance online has never been more popular, with hundreds of well-established websites for dating available. Depending on what you are looking for, there are plenty of different options out there for you. The internet is a big place! Surely it must be very easy to find exactly what and who you want online, right?! Well, if you are struggling while looking for a casual relationship online, read on for some top tips sure to make your life just that little bit easier when searching for a reliable hookup partner online.

Where To Begin?

First things first – choose what’s right for you. You need to know exactly what you are after and what kind of person you are looking for. Are you looking for a budding new romance or a simple hookup with no strings attached? Do you want to be discreet or put yourself out there? Before you dive into different online dating or hookup sites, make sure you are confident in your choice that this is, in fact, what you want! If you are ready to get out there into the world of online romance, then please do read on!

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Comparing Sites

The first hurdle: where should you be looking for hookups online? As mentioned, there’s a huge variety of websites geared towards different types of relationships. Some are more geared towards romance, and some towards simple hookups; this report explains a lot of the differences between them. Time to compare the different styles of each site, and figure out which best suits your goals and needs!

Choosing The Place For You

Now that you’ve examined which sites are available. It’s time to decide which is best for your needs. There are a few things to consider here.

  1. Privacy. Do you wish to keep your use of these sites private for any particular reason? Some sites are hidden behind a sign-up or paywall, meaning your information is hidden from the general public. If this online privacy is something you require, make sure it’s a feature of the site.
  2. Demographic. Some sites are more geared to certain generations or types of people. Have a look and make sure either you fit that demographic, or want to meet someone from that area. Checking this in advance, especially if you’re paying, could save you a lot of heartache down the line.
  3. Price. Remember, paying more doesn’t necessarily guarantee a better service or more customers. Check reviews as well as comparing prices, to make sure you’re paying for the real deal.

An Expensive Search

As stated above, there are various sites which charge wildly different amounts of money. This leads to a couple of considerations. Firstly, does paying more lead to a better service? It’s hard to be sure without trying these sites yourself. Some run free trials, which may be a good place to start. If no free trial is available, search for impartial reviews online to see how people found the value for money versus the service received.

Secondly, does it guarantee a better chance of meeting someone you are compatible with? Certainly, some sites have better paid-for features, like personality matching software. If you feel like paying gives you a better chance of meeting someone you like, then go for it. But, we recommend starting with a free site first and then moving on to a paid site if you want more!

Set Up Your Profile

Okay, you’re in! Time to set up your profile to start meeting people. Now, you want to make yourself look and sound good, of course, but try to not take it too far. The website likely asks for your essential stats like age, weight, height. If you are meeting someone for a hookup you may as well be honest about these things. Lots of people do lie online, but it only leads to disappointment further down the line. Remember, the end goal is to meet these people in real life, so there’s no point making stuff up, which is only set to disappoint. Choose a picture that shows the real you! It’s okay to pick your ‘good side’ or take a photo in good lighting, but don’t hide behind a 20-year-old picture of yourself!

You will likely need to fill in a general ‘about me’ as well as likes, dislikes, and interests. Here’s your chance to talk about yourself a little bit! Decide what you want or need to share with people online. Share as much or as little about yourself as you like, whatever you think is enough to attract a hookup partner!!


Be Honest

A very important point, especially if you are looking for nothing ‘more than friends with benefits’ situation. You need to be honest with yourself, and with the people you are talking to! If you want a reliable long or short-term hookup, that starts with honesty! Let them know from the very beginning that this is all you are looking for. Make it very clear. Not doing so can only lead to trouble down the line when one side of the couple feels differently about the situation. Be honest, be straight-up, be nice!

Is It A Good Idea?

Is a friends-with-benefits hookup a good idea? Why not! If it is something you are looking for or want, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Just make sure you are safe when meeting people and be sensible. Don’t rush straight into meeting people from the site, try a video call first, and exchange some pictures. Make sure you are chatting to a real person and then enjoy yourself!

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How To Get It Right

The final question, how to get it right? Remember, be honest with the person that all you want is a hookup, regular or otherwise! That’s step one. After this, be sure to set rules. A friend-with-benefits situation means different things to different people, but likely doesn’t involve much ‘dating’. Make sure the other person knows exactly how you think this should work early on, to minimize the risk of not agreeing further down the line. Be honest, set rules, and play nice.

That’s just about everything covered when it comes to finding reliable hookups online. There is quite a lot to consider, but this guide should have you feeling confident and ready to get out there. Check out some sites today, and good luck!

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