9 Common Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Relocating from one residence to another is not most people’s idea of fun. This process may be highly stressful. Besides, it takes a lot of money, effort, and time. In order to make the whole process a bit easier, read the following list of common mistakes and mishaps and how you can avoid them as the big day approaches.

Common moving mistakes and how to avoid them

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1. Overconfidence

This is not the grocery store checkout line, so do not try to save money by doing everything on your own. You cannot be sure you will accomplish it successfully without professional help. Convincing your friends to help you with moving and renting a vehicle won’t save you tons of cash, but you may be left with nothing in the end. A reputable moving company knows what to expect during the process and can provide you with all services needed to avoid your delicate items or pieces of fine furniture getting damaged or lost during transportation. Moreover, you can leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. This means no more injuries, muscle strains, and aches!

2. Procrastinating

Procrastinating is one of the most common mistakes when preparing for a move. In fact, moving requires tons of planning, so you cannot predict how much work you need to be done. There is always a risk of not meeting the deadline. Therefore, create a schedule and pick the right moment to start packing in advance. Once you get started, things will come together quickly. The good idea is to use a checklist in order not to forget anything because of the moving chaos. On the other hand, starting too early may also cause a lot of problems, such as packing and unpacking several times because you suddenly need something that is already in the box.

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3. Moving during peak seasons

Millions of people relocate each year, so it is no wonder that there are certain “rush hours” happening usually in spring and summer. Almost half of all relocations take place during this busy period. For this reason, if you do not want to end up with the only option that does not suit your needs, be sure to book your moving company ahead.

Give yourself at least 3-4 months before the moving day to get estimates and referrals from a few movers. In that way, you will be able to look closer at all important aspects of moving and make a careful plan. Besides, you need to ensure your movers do not have a habit of taking too much work and you won’t be dropped on a moving day because of overbooking.

4. Misjudging insurance needs

A common misconception is that you do not need to buy insurance. Remember that your movers are not obligated to compensate you for any damages. They may have some insurance, but it may not pay for everything. Thereby, getting special moving insurance is essential. Often, professional moving companies can offer a variety of deals on insurance so that you can choose the one that suits you best. For instance, additional art insurance is a good choice for collectors, antique dealers, exhibition organizers, and artists.

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5. Trusting your belongings to just anyone

When choosing a moving company, do not hesitate to ask for a list of qualifications and references. Always interview your potential movers, check out reviews on their websites, or even contact their previous clients to know about their moving experience. You need to be sure you are dealing with experienced and dedicated professionals. Also, consider hiring specialized companies, such as Fine Art Shippers, if you are moving valuable fine art or priceless antiques that require special handling.

6. Not preparing the first-night bag

The easiest things to forget about are usually those we use every day. For this reason, you need a first-night bag that includes towels and toiletries, a change of clothing, pajamas, bed linen, slippers, some food and drinks, important documents, pet food, and chargers. Otherwise, finding a tube of toothpaste and toothbrush after the relocation will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Furthermore, do not forget about a first aid kit in case the move-in day does not go smoothly for someone in your family. Make sure you have enough cash to tip your movers and pay for a takeaway you will probably need on the first night. After collecting everything, remember to label your first-night bag in order not to lose it in all this hustle and bustle.

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7. Packing too much stuff

Ask yourself if those boxes of old clothing are really necessary to haul them to your new home. Take your time and declutter things you rarely use before you start packing. For example, you do not probably need a dress you have not worn for several years. This is the best time to get rid of unused stuff, such as souvenirs, school books, old-fashioned clothes, outdated kitchen utensils, etc. You can throw them away, donate them, or host a garage sale to make the packing process much easier.

8. Forgetting that your pets and plants have special requirements

There are a lot of things to keep in mind, so it is easy to forget that your pets and plants need to move as well. Make sure your pet has tags, current shots, proper identification, and certificates. If you are going to move over a long distance, ask a vet about travel recommendations, buy a portable kennel, and prepare needed medication. Do not forget to reward your pet with a special treat when you get to the ultimate destination. Transplant your plants from your breakable pots into lighter-weight unbreakable ones to make them easier to relocate. If you cannot bring your plants to your new home, give them to a botany class, local retirement home, or friend of you.

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9. Forgetting to change your address

Forgetting to change your address can result in many mix-ups. Let the post office know about your new address and then change your address officially. Remember to update your newspaper and magazine subscriptions!

Hopefully, these tips will help you avoid common moving mistakes. Good luck!

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