How to Kill Your Nicotine Habit Successfully with Vaping

Kicking the nicotine habit and giving up smoking is possibly the hardest thing you’ll ever do. All those statistics you read about how addicts actually have relapses and find it impossible to quit? They are all true! And, yes, the word, “addicts” here is aptly used. Nicotine is an addiction and getting it out of your system is a battle that you’ll fight for the rest of your life. But, when you do get successful, you’ll be amazed at how much your quality of life has improved.

The Question is – How Are You Going to make that Happen?

Research shows that your battle against nicotine hinges on two key factors – sheer willpower and nicotine replacement therapy. In other words, you’ll make the final decision to quit and stay with it, no matter what. Also, you’ll satisfy your body’s cravings for nicotine through other channels that are likely to do far less harm than the over 7,000 toxic chemicals that cigarettes contain. In recent times, vaping is touted as one of the best substitutes for conventional smokes.

Phase Out Nicotine by Replacing with Vaping for a Short Time

While many users have successfully made the switch, it is important to understand that vaping is a fairly new activity. Scientists have not yet completely understood the long-term effects of e-liquids and e-juices. If you are thinking of replacing cigarettes with vaping devices and mods, remember to only use them as a means to kick the nicotine habit. Once you get over the constant urge to light up, you could continue using the 0% nicotine variety of e-liquids. Find on the e-liquids that suit best your objectives whether you’re trying to quit smoking or trying vaping for the first time.

Lower the Risk of Replacing One Kind of Damage with Another

Trying to rid your body of chemicals and adopting a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle is a good thing. But, it is essential that you don’t end up doing more harm. Choose your vaping devices and other supplies carefully to minimize the risk of other problems.

The most important thing to do is to pick out e-cigs, disposables, mods, and e-juices that are made in the US. You’ll have better assurance of quality control and that only high-grade ingredients are added to the mix. Keep in mind that cheap devices made with low-grade plastic tend to degenerate over time and release additional toxins into the clouds that you’ll inhale. To avoid this poison, it is preferable to invest a little more and get only the best.

Source: CNet

Be Cautious About the Nicotine Levels You Choose

The fact is that if you smoke a pack of 20 cigarettes each day, you’ll inhale about 22mg to 36mg of nicotine since each smoke delivers around 1.1mg to 1.8mg after combustion. For this reason, long-term nicotine addicts often pick e-liquids and disposables like Hyde Vape (click here to know more) that have high nicotine levels. When making the switch to nicotine, you’ll need at least an equivalent percentage to feel satiated. That’s not exactly accurate. The key factor here is how quickly the drug hits your bloodstream to give you that “high.”

Nic Salts Hit Your Bloodstream Faster than Other E-Juices and E-Liquids

If you choose e-juices with nic salts, that’s a purer form of the compound and enters your blood and tissue cells quickly. With just a few draws, you can get the same satisfaction similar to a cigarette. Most first-time users end up vaping far more than they should since figuring out the right percentage gets confusing.

A good solution is to choose e-juices with a lower nicotine content to see how your body reacts. This strategy works in two ways. You’ll stay protected from inhaling an excessive amount of nicotine. Further, you’ll get your body to adapt to lower levels more quickly. It’s a win-win all the way.

Source: American Heart Association

E-Juices Are Available in Varying Nicotine Strengths

The biggest advantage of using e-juices is that you can choose varying nicotine content. Most brands are available with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg going all the way up to 36mg. You can experiment with the levels you like best and once your body adapts, you can switch to weaker e-juices. People who have been successful in kicking the nicotine habit talk about how they used each strength for about 8 to 10 weeks before moving on to the next level. And, yes, it works.

The exciting factor is that each delicious flavor is available in different nicotine levels. Which is why, phasing out higher percentages is easier since you’ll scarcely notice the difference. And, if you do feel like you need more nicotine, well, that’s where the willpower comes in.

Take Longer Breaks between Each Session

Quitting smoking is a constant battle with your mind and body. It’s normal to keep thinking about the next cigarette and when you’ll find the time to smoke. There’s one more fact that nicotine addicts will admit. They have this deep-seated, sheer panic about what will happen if they run out of supplies. And, don’t be surprised if you subconsciously look for designated smoking areas everywhere you go.

When you start on the lower percentages of nicotine in your vaping devices, you’ll find that it’s now possible to make the conscious decision to delay the next fix. Or, skip entire sessions at a time. If you reached for a cig even before waking up fully in the morning, try delaying a vape until after breakfast. Take a few draws at home before you leave for work.

Switch Out E-Juice Flavors with Real Food

E-juices and e-liquids are available in a wide selection of tastes and flavors. Some of the brands mimic real desserts, beverages, and fruits so closely, that it would be hard for your palate to tell the difference. You’ll inhale a few puffs and relish the tastes just as you would when digging into an authentic Strawberries and Cream or Lemon Tart. Or, a Strawberry Melon Apple Mango combination.

This feature works beautifully when you’re trying to kill your nicotine habit. There’s no denying the fact that dessert tastes far better than the acrid fumes of burning tobacco searing your throat tissues. The next time you feel like a nicotine hit, choose a bowl of your favorite fruits instead.

When you’re looking to make some drastic lifestyle changes, switching to vaping to kill your nicotine habit might just work. Only remember to use this option wisely.

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