Windows Phone 9 Features and Concept

Windows Phone 9 is the new version of Windows that will be coming up in the next year. This new version is going to have a bit extra things that are quiet worth to discuss. Windows is the most popular operating system. After releasing Windows 8, Microsoft clearly showed up that they are soon going to unify the mobile and desktop platform. They are going to make this common so that people won’t get confused using the Windows OS on different platform. This consists of Smartphone and tablet.

Windows Phone 9 Concept

So here we are going to find that is the new concept of upcoming Windows 9. Most of the information that I am going to give you below is true and correct. That is because many leaked photos on the web confirm the release of new windows operating system. But things are yet pending to be finalized. Microsoft is surely going to offer people a beta edition that will help to get more detail on the same. So let’s check out the new things of new Windows operating system.

The UI:

Most of things are taken from Windows 8 itself. There is no major change. Windows 9 is also going to carry the same Windows 8 UI that will have a Tile screen not the same with clickable icons. The start screen will now have three new pages on the same. This is the new home page additional on the same. You can just checkout all your background application with a vertical swipe. It will appear in the form of parallax effect.

Windows Phone 9 UI

Tiles will be more interactive so that users can get more benefit from using the same. Now it is possible to group Tiles into one folder. You can group games and common apps together. A new ting called a Semantic Zoom is added, that means you can now pinch zoom the home screen. For messaging apps you can get the notification of the same by tapping two times on it.

App Listing Sorting:

It is not possible to sort out the app list in different ways. You can arrange the apps in the form of names. You can also arrange them by date installed or by most used. And you can categories them so that you can find the apps that are needed at one place.

WP9 App Listing

The Notification Hub:

This time Windows 9 UI will include a Notification hub. This will help you to gather a lot of information in one place. You can get many things in it. This notification hub will also help you to have music controls. Like the volume button. It will also help youth o enable and disable your mobile data with profile change. It is very much similar to android notification bar. The hub will also take care about other notification like Weather, Agenda, etc.

WP9 Notifications

New things in Charms Bar:

Right now in Windows 8 Charm bar is only accessible by swiping from the left of screen. You can swipe to right and see it. But now it is possible to access the same from any place. Because the new Windows 9 UI is going to bring various shortcut to access the charm bar. The charm bar offer you access to many other things. You can have shortcuts that can help you to boost your productivity. For tablets that are having 2G/3G connection will be having a   Dialer shortcut on the same. There will be append where you can access many things through Quick apps access.

WP9 Charms Bar

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