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iPhone 6 Plus is the first phablet by Apple. It was not really sure that Apple is going to bring a phablet this time. From long time Apple was following a tradition design of mid ranged screen size and now they had pushed things a bit further. Big screen size does not make it bulky or uncomfortable to use. It is light and thin. However there were Bending issues with the large iPhone 6 Plus as reported by several users around the world.

No doubt iPhone is a premium phone series that is getting more and more enhanced as the time goes. The good thing of this phone is that it comes with an improved version of LTE. The same is applicable to the wifi also. And the storage capacity of iPhone 6 Plus is hiked to 128GB that is more than enough. This makes iPhone 6 Plus a very unique high end piece in the market. Because there is no other device offering you such a high storage space.

iPhone 6 Plus ReviewSee iPhone 6 Review

Apple also introduced a NFC based payment system called as Apple Pay. It is going to work with various other devices and allow you to make instantly payment with less hassle of carrying cash. With big screen size comes the issue of battery. This is directly related to the screen resolution that consumes more power while working.

We are not able to get impressed with the battery quality of iPhone 6 Plus. This is the first shot coming we had noticed. Even after having a larger screen Apple has not worked much about the power. That makes it a less effective phablet. iPhone 6 Plus is a good phone who loves big screens. They get an amazing display quality here which is not possible to get on any other smartphone. And it is quite sure even after being a so costly model it is going to satisfy people by its features. A phablet makes your job more easier. You can chat effectively, you can surf web and you can do a lot of things.

And above all the things, design let you to handle it easily. But you must use it with care. The specs also reveal the performance of this phone. It is powered by a new chip which is A8 processor. So that your app usages can be bumped more. The screen size lies around 5.5-inch which offer you a maximum resolution of 1080p. This is one of the finest quality screens I had seen so far. As far as the battery is concerned the standby time gives you 80 hours. But regular usage is quiet low. iPhone 6 Plus can beat the output of other Octa-Core phone in the market. You might definitely feel that you are holding a big iPhone with the new iOS 8 software. It was very surprising to find that Apple will release a Phablet.

Design & Packaging:

Being a premium phone iPhone 6 Plus is the best model that comes loaded with many advanced features. Talking about the design, you get a luxury product here. Big size screen does not limit the usage. You can still operate the phone effectively with one hand. The design is not very much surprising here. Compare to iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 Plus is like a flat sheet. It is extremely thin. I am quiet worried about braking this easily, because if you try holding this one hand then you have to be very careful. By adding a phablet Apple is able to complete its entire product line. A 7mm phone helps you to get the best screen output with ease. The screen size is very much near to a tablet. Playing games on such huge display is amazing. Everyone is amazed about the touch screen quality of iPhone 6 Plus.


So there is nothing much to discuss here. Apple is using an upgraded version of retina display on the same. That still makes it unique. The phone comes with a unibody aluminum cover, which means the battery is not removable. When you hold you will feel that you are holding a high quality product in your hand. The screen does not have fingerprint resistant cover. So try using a good quality scratch guard here to keep the screen new always. The body is build with premium element which does not means it is a durable phone. The power button is shift to the upper right. In order to use that button, you have to hold the phone in one hand and the press the power with other. This was easy earlier in the old version. The phone comes with all type of common connectivity options. I really found the device impressive.

Display / Screen:

The 5.5inch display on the front side adds a limelight. I was first surprised to find a 5.5inch screen with a HD resolution. This is a full 1080p screen that is loaded with the second version of retina display. The screen offers you a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution with amazing quality output. The graphic quality is just amazing. The best part here is that when you view HD videos on the same then you will get detailed output. For screen I am quite sure you won’t be able to find anything better than this. Every detail is crisp and clear. Compared to all other iPhone models that Apple has released, this one has the best screen. Even in low light you are able to get a clear view. Sunlight readability is good with nice viewing angle also. Watching movies and playing games is fun iPhone 6 Pus. The device works well with various apps at the same time. Major contribution is done by the new iOS 8 that makes the screen quality a lot more better. This device has a 64-bit CPU with 1GB ram and enhanced graphic memory. The hardware is able to manage the overall quality but at the same time it also eats up the battery life fast.


Still Apple proves that they are giving the best camera in there devices. It is very hard to beat the quality of apple camera. iPhone 6 Plus comes with dual camera support. The front camera gives you a 1.2MP output that is quiet low according to me and the back is 8MP iSight camera. The camera creates great pictures in all type of environment. You won’t face any issue with the output. The back camera has a dual led flash. So that your images can be more lighter and clear. While the front camera gets limited when you are trying to take photos in a room. iSight is something that make iPhone camera best. It has an auto optimization feature that makes your image very clear and fixes minor bugs in it. I do not think iPhone 6 Plus can be a good selfie phone.


iPhone 6 Plus is loaded with A8 64-bit processor and M8 motion coprocessor. These two things work separately. The A8 chip is great enough to run all type of games and apps on your device with ease. It won’t cause any lag or freezing issue. You can install various HD games on the same and you can find out the performance is not at all affected. But the ram is limited to 1GB. And as per the processing power this is less. But still I had not found any output with the usages. The phone is not having the same hardware like iPhone 5S. Upgraded CPU does all the job of giving you a long lasting output. The phone gives you a maximum storage of 128GB. And if you want lower then you can go with 64 and 16GB. The price changes on the basis of that. The device has all type of common connectivity options.

This time an upgraded WiFi and LTE lets you to surf on a very fast rate. It supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi and comes with an upgraded version of Bluetooth which is 4.0. It also has NFC and GPS. Apple has added the Touch ID fingerprint scanner in it. So that you can lock your phone with more security. Other sensor that it has is barometer, 3-axis gyroscope, proximity and ambient light. The device runs on a 2,915 mAh battery. This is the place where it falls short. I am not really happy with the battery output of iPhone 6+. Being a phablet the battery ends up fast when you are watching videos or playing game. The best part of iPhone 6 Plus is gaming. You won’t anything better than this. It is very amazing to play games on such a big screen where you don’t have limitation of hardware. And above all iOS 8 Update increase the output more by adding many extra features. If you are going to carry the phone do not forget to take a additional power bank with you.


With a high price, iPhone 6 Plus is still making many people happy. It is giving out an amazing quality that many are trying to find by spending money on high end phone. But this phone is going to have competition from many upcoming high end Android phones which also falls in the phablet series. It is clear that no one can beat the screen quality of Apple. But if people want to find alternative they can go with many other models. iOS8 is also beneficial to some extent. Because it brings an enhanced UI that will boost your productivity. It gives you a new keyboard that is easy to use, the notification panel is enhanced with a new widgets.

I am quite satisfied with the phone’s output. And the reason of iPhone 6 has also caused price fall of the old series. But there are fewer chances that many people will go with the Phablet. That is because of coast and identical feature. Apple does not increase the camera quality and battery capacity here. Users are having choices for a high storage and screen size only. That is not at all impressive.

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