Top Marketing Tips for 2024

Every business needs marketing to generate revenue, and we are already seeing a lot of change in the way marketing is taking place.

The year 2024 is here, and content marketing has grown to become one of the major channels for businesses to attract traffic. But today, we are not limiting ourselves to content marketing. We’re discussing the top marketing tips that you can apply to market your business in 2024. Let’s get started!

1. Leverage Your Website to Generate Leads

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A website is your online salesperson. When a prospect arrives on your website, every element on the website should focus on converting them into a lead.
For this to happen, it is extremely important that each element automatically flows through to a sign-up page.
Here are a few tips that you can incorporate in your website to optimize for conversion:

  • Make your product and your value proposition clear, right on the home page.
  • Present a CTA button in a unique color on your website that stands out.
  • Display the CTA button on all pages of your website in the navigation or sidebar.
  • Get your users to reach the signup page by giving them tasks that they willingly perform.

If you need an example, take a look at the website created by InVideo. They offer an online video editor tool, and the first thing that you can do on their website is to start creating your video. Select the type of video, select a template, and then it leads straight to sign-up. This acts as a lead magnet and any traffic that you send over to your home page, is more likely to convert as you showcase your product right away.

2. Personalize Your Content Across All Your Marketing Channels

With the advanced automation that a lot of tools offer, you can personalize every single marketing message that you send out. For example, your emails that are being automatically sent out. Instead of capturing just the email address of your user, you can also take in their first name, and when you send an email to them, personalize it with their name.

This not only makes your users more likely to open and engage with your emails but according to a study by Experian, can generate six times higher traction rates. But why stop at email personalization? You can also go individually personalizing the entire website for your users. There are a lot of tools like Hyperise, Google Optimize, Personyze, Optimize360, and more, that allows you to track a user’s data and use the information to personalize their experience across your entire website. This can include cart-based checkout buttons, location-based homepage, and even behavioral targeting. The possibilities are endless.

3. Look After Your Most Loyal and Engaged Customers

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One of the most powerful things that you can do for your business in terms of marketing is identifying which of your customers are the most loyal to the brand. This data is easily retrievable with the help of your data science team.

Once you have a list of loyal customers, ensure that you send out a personalized and highly valuable campaign email to every single one on the list.

Here are two simple ways to encourage your loyal customers: Offering them a personal discount that only applies to their account. It can be mentioned that they are being offered this secret discount code for being a long-time customer. Another strategy is to provide them with a discount coupon that they can share with their loved ones. This turns your loyal customers into evangelists.

The second strategy is more powerful because it acts as social validation. Because people know that you are treating them specially, they’re more likely to recommend your brand to their friends and family.

4. Design a Content Strategy Around a Cause

Social cause influences millennials. According to Adweek, 70% of millennials have purchased a product because it supported a cause. Every brand has the opportunity to support a cause in some way or the other, and supporting a cause not only gives your customers a reason to purchase from you, but it also helps distinguish your brand from your competitors. This can prove incredibly powerful when you are in an industry where the products are very similar to your competitors.

5. Use a Lot of Video Marketing

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Video marketing can offer you excellent returns on your Investment. The primary reason is that social media algorithms prefer video as they improve the user dwell time on websites. So, if you create a video that has an attractive intro, engaging content, and a perfect CTA in the end that attracts clicks, your video will be promoted in more people’s feeds by the social media algorithms automatically.

But, it’s not very easy to make engaging videos that stop the user from scrolling. If you have never done this before, you can resort to using a promo video maker, and create your videos by editing tried and tested templates. And, you can use this to create compelling videos on a minimal budget as well.

6. Host Or Join Podcasts and Live Events

People love free content, and a podcast or live virtual event is a highly underrated way to get users talking about your brand. If you can form a valuable take away that the users are attracted to, you already have created a lead generation machine for yourself. Adding to this, podcasts and live events also offer you the opportunity to connect with the leaders in your industry. Along with the viewership that your brand gets, the bigger players in your industry become aware of your brand.


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These are some of the top marketing tips for 2024 irrespective of the age of a brand. Though it may seem like a lot has changed in marketing, it’s only the form of content consumption that has changed. The major switch being from text to video. The transition comes as an obvious one since videos offer a lot more information in much less time. We hope you have enjoyed this article, and have found some useful tips to optimize your marketing strategy.

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