Digital Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Considering how many businesses pop up every day, the market is oversaturated with similar businesses and similar marketing strategies, hence, settling for a mainstream strategy without innovating and doing research just isn’t enough anymore. And here’s the thing, online marketing, and the market, in general, are continuously expanding and changing with time, which makes a job of a marketing strategist a whole lot harder than it would seem.

All of that being said though, how should you approach digital marketing correctly? What is it that makes a digital space unique and creative? Well, instead of opting for building a new marketing strategy from the ground before even knowing what’s wrong with the old one, the better question to begin with when assessing an entirely new strategy is – what are the mistakes that you must avoid?


Overlooking The Importance of SEO

If you aren’t working on boosting your SEO rankings, you might as well not have a marketing strategy at all! In fact, experts on digital marketing from explain that it is recommended that an SEO campaign is the cornerstone of your digital marketing plan. Why so? Well, due to the fact that it’s your best bet of having people find your business is via the internet. Consider the fact that Google processes over staggering 40,000 search queries every second on average!

Don’t let your SEO boosting strategies be an oversight, utilize the fact that Google is so frequently used to your advantage by working on making your website show up when people look for something relevant on Google search. The easiest way of working on SEO rankings is through tweaking your website and everything on your end (On-Site SEO).

Not Having Good and Relevant Keywords is a No-Go

It is extremely important that the keywords on your website are relevant to your brand. This is the key when it comes to Google algorithms assessing your website as relevant when someone searches for something that is connected to your business. Your keywords should be abundant and well portrayed in the titles as well as in the text in general. If your keywords are off – nobody will be able to find you due to the fact that Google isn’t able to recognize your website as relevant.


A Disorganized Website is the Last Thing You Want

Here’s the thing, even though a website is relevant, it doesn’t mean that it’s clear as well. This makes a pretty big impact on how Google assesses your website since if the information that is searched for is on the website, but it’s not easy to find it for the user, Google is going to rate you lower.

That being said – be sure to organize the content on your website and make it more user-friendly. It’s strongly advised that your website is organized into easily different sections which are easy to navigate, but be careful not to overdo it – you might just end up complicating the site more than making it more organized.

Marketing Aimed At The Wrong Audience

According to, a common mistake among people assessing what is the goal of a good marketing strategy is that they think the answer is – attract as many people as possible. Well, this is partly true, but you don’t just want people to show up, you want them to stay. And that’s not going to happen if you reach an irrelevant audience instead of the right one. Not only will you be wasting money, but your strategy isn’t going to work as well.

So, how can you fix this? The best way for you to understand your target audience is analyzing your demographics instead of just trying to sell your products and services to every random person. Sure, in the beginning – you won’t know what your target audience is, but that beginning can be a trial period that you will later use for reference when you analyze your demographics.

Source: Digital Marketing Institute

Clickbait Really Isn’t Going To Help You

Here’s the thing, many people tend to use clickbait here and there, but this is something that you just can’t rely on when it comes to marketing strategies, especially if you happen to clickbait a lot. Why so? Well, think of it this way – sure, you are going to attract more people if you put a spin on words in order to make it sound more appealing, but how do you think it will affect your business once those potential customers figure out that you are just clickbaiting?

The answer is just – bad. Some people might be irritated by the scam but end up doing nothing about it, but many people are going to leave bad ratings and bad reviews. And bad ratings and reviews directly tarnish your brand’s reputation and credibility – you don’t want that.

What Should You Do Instead?

It may not attract as many people hence it doesn’t hold as much excitement as lies provided by clickbait, but by focusing on creating content that delivers actual value to your target audience, and is actually good and what you promised it to be in the first place – your audience will never be disappointed. This way, you ensure that people know what they are going to get, as well as making it way more possible that they are going to come back again!

Source: Small Business Trends

Not Utilizing The Benefits of Social Media

Sure, social media, in most cases at least, isn’t going to be the most important factor that makes your business successful or not. But, just having in mind how widely used social media is, not utilizing him whatsoever can only be viewed as a missed opportunity.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that every business is going to find it’s target audience on every platform, so it’s important to diversify in order to create the best social media marketing strategy. Be vigilant and smart about your posts, about choosing the audience that you are presenting yourself to, and explore different platforms in order to find out which social media platforms that are suitable for your business.

In the end, as there’s no same business, there are no general rulebooks when it comes to creating your marketing strategy. The thing is though, even though the road of marketing strategy optimization is the road of trial and error, there are some things that will help you skip a couple of steps along the way. That being said – after reading this article, you are now equipped with the most important red flags of digital marketing, so, be sure to utilize this knowledge!

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