6 Ways to Increase Your Probability of Winning Online Competitions

If you’ve ever wondered why, despite so much experience in online competition, you can’t win, that’s why you’re not doing something right. Unfortunately, this is something that happens to most people. Each of us thinks that winning an award is not that difficult. Success is a successful combination of perseverance, patience and positive energy. All this must be in one person in order to be able to evoke good vibrations and a little luck.

However, the problem is that these things cannot appear overnight. All this comes with a lot of knowledge, experience and effort. This means that you should stop wondering why you are not succeeding and take action as soon as possible. We are here to reveal some tricks that will make it very easy for you to replace the experience and to reach the goal as quickly as possible.

1. Every day is a new opportunity to win a prize

This means you should try every day. Whether you lose or gain something after that attempt, you must continue in that direction. That is the only formula to succeed because when you look at the real situation of stagnation, you cannot get anything. On the other hand, the action is everything in this case. Today, there are so many different platforms that offer a million different opportunities every day that you should take advantage of.
So, we are talking about Facebook, Instagram, etc. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that you have already participated in that prize game several times… If you try a few more times, you can only increase your chances of winning! Think in that direction if there is a possibility to sign up for that game every day.

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2. Set a victory alarm

What does this mean? When we say to set an alarm we really mean it. It is important that you have a certain type of reminder that will instill a certain routine in you. This means that it is important to develop the habit of trying to win a prize every day by finding great opportunities for it. However, if you forget or use only one to two platforms, you deprive yourself of potential gains. So, rely on the various notifications that Google offers you, for example… These are calendar notifications, alarms, notes, etc.

Email is also a great place to find out about different contests. Today, this platform has been greatly improved so that in addition to news from around the world, you can also receive notifications of many events and online competitions. So you can create a reminder that will tell you what would be best to play in that part of the day. You will also be informed about various online events on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. All of this is very exciting if you organize yourself well and find your ideal sites. There is even ways to ensure a victory in e-mail competitions. This website will give you more answers.

3. Start with smaller competitions

Our advice is to start with local competitions and take a small step. In the previous part of the text, we mentioned how important it is to have experience in such things, and this is exactly the example of it. This way you will gain a little more experience each time by starting with smaller competitions.

Give yourself enough time and in the end, you will enjoy great victories. You will be able to achieve this if you pay attention to some local pages of restaurants, shops, etc. As we have already said, social networks are great places for this type of search. You can find a lot of such competitions here.

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4. Call friends for help

Great victories come with the alliance. This means that you still need friends in this in order to be able to get you into some competitions. Most of the competitions on Instagram take place just by being tagged by a friend and so you both meet the conditions of the competition. However, this is the case in a Twitter or Facebook platform. We’re sure your local friends will be kind enough to remember you and occasionally tag you on some post.

Of course, that means you should do the same. It will be a great gesture on your part, because you will show them that you are in the mood for this type of cooperation. This will automatically provide you with entry to a new competition in which your friend will participate. However, if you do not have friends who are interested in things like this, you can always find others with similar interests through various groups. In any case, you can always join local competition clubs.

5. Online forum as a great option for you

When we mention groups on social networks, we cannot bypass the unsurpassed forum. It is a place where you can clearly see all the announcements of various winners and their strategies, tips, thoughts, etc. This will motivate you a lot, and you may even learn something new that will benefit you. It is only important that you visit the selected forum every day because the notifications here change very quickly.

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6. Use multiple online platforms at once

In the previous part of the text, we pointed out some of the most popular platforms that contain a large number of competitions. However, we did not do that to decide on one of them. Our advice is to do the exact opposite. So take advantage of as many sites as you can. Just as registering for competitions every day increases your chances, so using various social networks does the same.

The combination of multiple social networks has many other advantages. For example, you have a Twitter account among many others. Here you can find a variety of content, but also tags. Thanks to the fact that you can network almost all accounts and thus share posts simultaneously in several locations, you have a great insight into many events at once.

For example, with the help of a Twitter search, you can easily find out what is happening on Instagram. You also always have the opportunity to save something to read later or forward to another account. The options are endless.


We hope our tips have helped you wake up and start winning. If you try some of the tricks we have selected for you, we are sure that you will succeed. It is important to persevere and take advantage of as many opportunities as possible that can lead you to success. Try it and you will start winning again! It’s just a matter of time…

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