Get Android L Style Notifications to Your Lock Screen

Android L is still suspense to many. Google is planning to release this new Android version with Nexus 6 probably. And Android L ha something really amazing that makes it a good OS, you can check its Review here. Notification is always an important part of an operating system. It is linked with your chat messengers, email clients and social networking applications. In Android L, there is a feature called as floating notification. That means you can see the details on the home screen without accessing them. It appears well on lock screen also.

Floatify Android L Notifications

Being an Android L exclusive feature you won’t get anything related to that in your existing phone. So here today I am going to show you the way through which you can have this amazing floating notification on your phone screen. It is simple to add. You can install an app and you get thoseoptions. You can customize and make changes accordingly. The app that we are going to use for this purpose is Floatify.

This app will help you to get floating notification center. That means you can access your message details from your local screen or form the top or bottom part. When you tap on that it will launch the related application. This work well and fast. The good point there is that Floatify is a lightweight app that works with most of the phone. And you get a change to tweak your ui to get a bit more better updates. So let’s check out the process to use it and get a floating notification on your android phone.

Installation Process:

  • Go on Google Play and search for Floatify. You can download Floatify APK from here.
  • It is a free to use app. So just download and install that first in your phone.
  • To get maximum features from this app you will need a device with Android 4.3 or higher. IT works well on Android 4.1 or higher OS.
  • One you are done with the installation you have to go in the settings to customize it as per your need. This is going to take less time.
  • The entire download size is around 1.72MB. I am using this with Smart Launcher where it works well.
  • Next time when you get any message you can drag that from bottom to view it. Here you can also go ahead and configure custom notification sounds.
  • There is a smart blacklist option available in this. If you don t want any update related to browsing or other stuff you can block those apps in it.

The settings menu in Floatify gives you a lot of options. But many things are not available that is because of free edition. IF you go with Pro you get more options to use. You can also enable gesture control in this.

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