Top 7 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Fashionista in Your Life – 2024 Guide

Everyone has a fashionista in their life. The person you consult with before a job interview to see if your suit matches or not; the one who can tell you, with confidence, every outfit Beyoncé has worn since 2015. They bring color and joy to your life, and you’re so grateful for their friendship. Without this person, you’d probably be wearing the same pair of boring jeans you used to wear 24-7. You know the ones — the jeans that are so faded and worn thin that they look more like misshapen leggings? But thanks to your sartorial pal who helps you to see the beauty and appreciation for aesthetics (and drags you to the mall regularly), those old jeans are long gone.

This holiday, you want to show your friend how grateful you are for their keen eye and meaningful friendship. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, or anything in between that you celebrate, you want to give your friend something special; something you know they’ll love and cherish for a long time. Check out our list of seven incredible gift ideas for the fashionista in your life. From a matching sweatsuit to a set of personalized hangers, we’re positive that you’re going to find at least one thing for your friend this festive season.

1. A Book About Fashion

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Surprise your chic pal this year with a book about fashion. There are so many subjects to choose from. Does your friend enjoy fashion history? Who is their favorite designer? Do they love the Japanese street style from the 1990s? How about the more academic side of things — perhaps they’d love a book on the theory of fashion and dress. You’ll already have an understanding of your friend’s specific interests, but ask them if there’s anything they’d love to explore further. For example, if they enjoy learning about the fast-paced world of fashion journalism, consider the latest book from André Leon Talley, the former charismatic editor-at-large of Vogue. With so many exciting subjects, you’re bound to find the perfect fashion book for your friend.

2. A Customized T-shirt

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Perhaps the idea of buying a piece of clothing for someone else is daunting. You don’t really know their size, and you’re also worried you might buy the wrong thing. They’re so particular about clothes; the last thing you’d want is to get something they don’t like. Your best bet is to work with something simple and then tailor it to their specific interests.

The t-shirt is one of the most practical pieces of clothing there is. T-shirts are versatile, and you can wear them on formal and informal occasions. However, a plain, simple t-shirt isn’t exactly worthy of a special holiday present. Check out the website — a company that offers screen-printing and embroidery services — to discover how to customize t-shirts (and other pieces of outerwear) with personalized designs. You could screen-print any pattern, print, or design onto a plain cotton t-shirt to create the perfect shirt for your stylish friend.

Do they idolize Diana Vreeland? Screen-print her face onto a t-shirt! Are they obsessed with 1960s beatnik culture and style? Put an image of a black beret on a sweatshirt! Gifting a customized piece of clothing shows how much you appreciate your friend, and they’ll love the thought you put into making it.

3. Berets

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Speaking of black berets, they would make an excellent gift for your fashion-forward pal this year. The beret has been around for decades, and most people immediately associate the hat with classic and sophisticated French style. However, berets have come a long way since the stereotypical image of the French man wearing a striped shirt, smoking while carrying a baguette. Today, berets come in all sorts of materials, including leather. Find your friend a black leather beret, and they’ll love you for a lifetime. The black leather beret goes with almost any outfit, and it exudes coolness.

Have a Zoom meeting that you forgot about in ten minutes and don’t have time to put on proper office attire? Throw on a black leather beret and call it a day. Coworkers will be too impressed by the chic hat even to notice that you’re still wearing your flannel pajamas. Your friend will know all about the beret’s transformative style power and will be impressed by your impeccable taste in accessories.

4. A Matching Sweatsuit

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Who said looking good doesn’t have to be comfortable? While a “sweatsuit” might not be the first item of clothing that comes to mind when you think of fashion, you might not realize that there’s a new trend occurring that’s all about comfort. Sweatsuits are the hot item this year. Go to any of your favorite stores right now, and you’ll find an array of colorful matching suits that are perfect for lounging at home. Suits in soft shades and pastels are at the top of the list, and cozy materials such as terry cloth and fleece.

5. Kitschy Charm Jewelry

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You probably already have a pile of junk jewelry and old charms hiding at the bottom of your jewelry box. Consider digging some of those pieces out and turning them into a charm bracelet for your pal. If your friend enjoys accessorizing with jewelry, a kitschy charm bracelet might be the ideal present. You could either make your own or find an affordable bracelet at your favorite accessories store, online or in-person.

6. A Camera Lens for Their Smart Phone

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If they love fashion, chances are your favorite fashionista also enjoys snapping photos to post on their Instagram account of all of their outfits. Find a lens that can clip conveniently onto the phone without it becoming big and bulky. The right lens will add clarity to your pal’s pictures, enabling them to take perfectly crisp photos of their perfectly crisp outfits, every time.

7. Personalized Clothing Hangers

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Customized clothing hangers enable your friend to feel special every time they go through the closet. Check out websites such as Etsy to find artisan engravers to make stylish, personalized hangers.

Give your friend something meaningful this holiday, but make it stylish. With one of these unique gift ideas, your friend will have something to cherish for a long time to come.

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