Factors To Look Into While Choosing A Video Converter For Resizing

Every day, millions of videos get uploaded on different social media and companies’ websites. People using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are constantly coming up with new videos containing fresh and eye-catching content. Compared to any other form, the video format is highly popular and is ranked at the top. But a common thing that people look for in videos is the size. If the size is too high, people do not prefer to watch it. Considering that, many of them prefer to resize video before uploading.

Well, the result of resizing videos completely depends on the software you choose. If you fail to choose a versatile tool, you may not be satisfied with the quality of the video after resizing. In the article, the most important factors that will help in choosing a video resizer are discussed. Take a look!

Batch process

Some video resizers allow you to resize videos in batches, which is why you do not need to do the steps over again. Well, viewers can make a batch including all the videos to be resized. After that, they can upload the entire batch, once and for all. It is a unique feature that you will get only if you choose an eminent video resizer.

 The procedure of resizing

Anyone will look for an easy process through which they can complete the resizing in a few minutes. Of course, if you need to learn the technicalities to resize a video, you will prefer not to do it. That’s why; look for a video resizer that has a simple process for resizing.

 Fast processing

There is no point in wasting time on a platform that takes hours to resize a small video. It’s because a lot of multi-talented software is available that can do the resizing process in less time. Not only that, but the tool also has a user-friendly platform. As a result, you can resize videos quickly and start watching the videos.

Looking for customized settings!

A suitable video resizer has unique features, and one of them is customized settings. In a way, you can change the video as you like to without any restriction. For example: suppose you have watched a video, and you want to edit some images in the video. With a talented tool, you have the flexibility to do that. Besides that, you have many other aspects like changing the quality, resolution ratio, etc. Basically, you can reform the video as per your likings, and it is great.

The free and paid version

Image source: unsplash.com

When you start looking for a Wondershare video converter, you will see that three categories are there; the first is for free, the second is for paid, and the third is for both free and paid versions. It is better to opt for the third version as if you like the free version, you can continue using it. Additionally, if you need more features, you can go ahead with the paid version. Mostly, viewers are so convinced with the free version that they go for paid.

Different formats

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A brilliant platform not only allows you to resize the video but also convert it as per your need. The excellent software has around 1000 formats, giving the flexibility to convert to any form. The conversion parameter helps in converting the videos and eliminates downloading separate software again.

Well, now that you know the basic requirements to choose a video resizer, let’s take off the various video formats. The variety in the video format will help in giving an idea about the versatility of the tool. They are:

  • MP4: MPEG-4 or popularly known as MP4, and is the most preferred and easiest video file format. The format is supported in almost all devices, which is why it is named the universal format. Introduced in 2001, and since then, the format can store text, audio, images, and whatnot. Most importantly, an MP4 video file consumes less space, and it is a significant factor that no one can ignore.
  • MOV: MOV is a file format, mainly used by users having an Apple device, and the reason behind this is it is created by Apple. However, it also supports QuickTime and is supported in both Mac and Windows. But a crucial thing that many people say when it’s about MOV is the file consumes a lot of space. It is one of the reasons why people wish to prefer converting to other formats instead of MOV.
  • WMV: It is a common format used by Windows Media Player and is created by Microsoft. Significantly, the website has a lesser file size than MP4 and MOV. In a way, people like to opt for this format as it allows them to store more files. Any videos while resizing, you can also convert them into WMV format. Hence, it will help in giving you more space on your phone, storing more videos.
  • WebM: Google has introduced WebM in 2010, and it is an open-source format and is designed to keep the present internet trends. When video files are converted into WebM format, it consumes less space and is a great alternative. Moreover, it also gives you the flexibility to watch online videos on different devices, such as tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • FLV: If you have ever downloaded videos from YouTube, you will come to know that it is in FLV format. FLV is mainly used by Adobe Flash Player and if your device does not have this format, you cannot watch the videos.

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