Understanding Sub-Ohm Vaping and What It Involves

Individuals new to vaping may hear the term sub-ohm vaping and wonder what people mean when they use the phrase. Vapers who want to produce huge vapor clouds while obtaining better flavor find this vaping method allows them to do so with ease. However, men and women must get the facts about this vaping method to determine if it is right for their needs. The following serves as an overview of sub-ohm vaping. With this information, vapers find they can determine if they want to learn more and try this method for themselves.

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What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Once a person begins vaping, they discover there are different styles of vaping, with sub-ohm vaping being only one of them. This vaping method produces huge clouds of vapor, which is why many people wish to try it. They are impressed when they see others achieve large clouds of smoke and want to do the same. To accomplish this goal, the vapor uses a device with atomizer coils that have a resistance of less than 1 Ohm.

Sub-ohm refers to the low resistance of these coils. When combined with increased power output or wattage, the low resistance coils produce the vapor clouds many vapers chase. The user needs a variable wattage or mechanical mod and a tank with sub-ohm coils. Another option involves building your own coils, and you can go to indejuice.com for more information on this topic.

When the user decreases the resistance and friction of the atomizer coils, this boosts the power output. However, take care when increasing the output, as doing so could result in the device battery overheating. Fires have occurred as a result, and no vaper wants this to happen. Before boosting the power output, read the device instructions provided by the manufacturer regarding the replaceable battery cells and their continuous discharge rate. Never let the battery amperage of these cells drop below the specifications provided by the manufacturer to prevent a fire.

For example, if the mod specs call for a battery cell with a minimum of 20A, choose a cell that has a continuous discharge rate that meets this requirement. Anything lower than 20A should not be used. A 10A CDC battery could overheat in this situation and become a hazard to the user and those around them. Use vape devices safely to avoid injuries or death. It’s simply not worth the risk. However, when used properly, sub-ohm devices generate lots of vapor and an amazing cloud that others will envy.

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E-Liquid Options

E-liquid concentration plays a role in the size of the vapor cloud produced. Individuals who wish to make enormous clouds need a liquid with vegetable glycerin as the main ingredient. Propylene glycol simply cannot match VG in this area, and users must know high nicotine levels and sub-ohm vaping don’t mix well.

Men and women must take lung hits and inhale more vapor to create a large cloud. Vegetable glycerin produces denser vapor and combining this with a lower coil resistance ensures the rich flavor and the desired cloud size. When the liquid comes with high nicotine content, anything above 6mg, the harshness of the throat hit overwhelms the user. However, certain manufacturers offer nicotine salts designed specifically for sub-ohm vaping. You may wish to check those out.

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Tanks for Sub-Ohm Vaping

Men and women need a special tank for sub-ohm vaping. The coils needed to vape sit inside the tank, and newer versions come with mesh coils that have been created specifically for this vaping method. In addition, the tanks come with adjustable airflows, which allows the user to increase or decrease the cloud size. Users need to know that sub-ohm vaping uses more liquid than standard vaping. This adds to the cost of vaping, and users must factor this in when deciding which method, they prefer to use.

The tank purchased makes a difference in the user’s experience. A coil that covers a larger area heats the e-liquid rapidly and efficiently. Beginners need to work with the tank provider to determine which they should buy. In addition, the tanks must be cleaned at least once every two weeks for the best performance and maximum efficiency.

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Variable Voltage

Many sub-ohm vapers purchase variable wattage vape or VW devices. The difference between standard and VW devices is like the difference between driving a stick-shift vehicle and an automatic. Users who choose a standard device allow the unit to adjust the output to their selected setting. When a variable voltage device is purchased, the user must change the setting manually to achieve the same output.

Sub-ohm vaping began as a way for users to create bigger clouds. Today, the power output of modern devices can be adjusted to any person’s preference. In addition, modern available wattage devices are easy to use and less dangerous than regular mechanical mods, especially when the person using the device has little experience with vaping.

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Safety First

Vapers must always put safety first. Never use a mod that is dirty, as doing so could be dangerous. Before using the device, check the mod specs. Ensure the rechargeable battery cells fall within these specs when it comes to the continuous discharge rate. A failure to do so often leads to the unit overheating. At the same time, look at the coil resistance levels range provided by the device manufacturer. Certain mods aren’t designed for sub-ohm vaping, and the user must know which category their device falls into. All parts of the mod must be clean, and choose a device with a locking mechanism to ensure unintended powering doesn’t become an issue. Always use a well-vented mod, as the vents on these devices cannot be too large.

Furthermore, battery cell safety must remain a concern. Never expose the battery to water, as doing so harms it just as extreme temperatures do. Any unwrapped or dented batteries should go directly into the trashcan, as they are a danger, and only use batteries that meet the mod specs. Check the amperage limits to ensure you have the right battery cell for your device. Going above and beyond the mod specs in the area of amperage limits continues to be a good choice.

Failure of the battery can lead to a fire or explosion. This explains why airlines won’t allow passengers to check their vape devices in their baggage. They must carry it on their person and disassemble it before boarding. This prevents accidents on board that could bring the airliner down. Never use off-brand batteries either, as the amperage limits rarely meet the mod specs.

Sub-ohm vapers must know how much nicotine they are putting into their body. Individuals inhale a lot of vapor when using this method. Overdoing it on the nicotine happens more often than people would like to admit. If you feel sick, stop vaping and seek medical help right away.

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Chasing Clouds

Some people turn to sub-ohm vaping because they want to chase clouds. Doing so takes little effort on their part because manufacturers now make vape kits complete with sub-ohm coils. With the use of one of these kits, the vaper can use the direct lung vaping technique even when they don’t have much experience. However, those who have been sub-ohm vaping for a while often want to expand their skill set. Doing so takes little effort on their part, and they find they can customize the tank, atomizer, and coils to meet their specific needs. However, large clouds require the airflow settings to remain wide open.

Certain people choose to take part in competitive vaping events. When the competitions first launched, the organizers wanted a way to bring awareness to vaping. Today, it has become a legitimate contest in the eyes of many. Visit YouTube to see videos from these competitions and what makes them so popular. Individuals taking part in the competitions find they can win money, fans, and endorsements while doing something they love. Nevertheless, vapers need to always consider the feelings of others and avoid vaping in areas where this activity is prohibited. Being courteous leads others to respond in kind.

Sub-ohm vaping stands as only one of many vaping options. Individuals may wish to try it simply to see what they think. If they like it, they can explore this type of vaping in more depth. However, some people find they don’t enjoy sub-ohm vaping. For instance, a person may wish to be discreet when it comes to their vaping. Others, however, find they don’t enjoy the open inhale. They want something with a tighter draw.

Other men and women avoid sub-ohm vaping because they don’t like the costs associated with this method or they don’t have the experience to try it. People who like high nicotine levels in their e-liquid will need to look elsewhere as well. For those who have tried sub-ohm vaping, however, and enjoy it, don’t settle into a rut. Take the time to explore the different options to find the one that is best for you. At times, this may be sub-ohm vaping, but other moments might call for conventional vaping. A well-educated vaper is always appreciated, so continue learning all you can about this activity to educate others when they have a question about vaping, sub-ohm vaping, and more.

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