How To Check If SMS is Delivered To Your Customers – 2024 Guide

What is a sender ID test and how to use it

The sender’s name is an identifier visible on a recipient’s phone after a message is delivered. If the notification was sent from a person from the contact list, the name will be indicated in the “Sender” field. And if the message comes from an unknown number, the user will see a number or other identifier. The latter may include:

• long numbers;

• shortcode;

• letters and numbers.

The first category has the same number of digits as the national phone number. In this case, the “+” sign is not used. A shortcode is a special number reserved by a specific company. Such data is used depending on the selected region for sending. In Europe, short identifiers are chosen by customer support organizations, surveys, service providers, and so on. In America, such numbers are most often used for various mass mailings.

If letters and numbers are indicated as a number, this may be the name of a company. Such names ​​are used for one-way communication with potential buyers. Not all countries support such identifiers, therefore it is important to ensure that the selected number will be displayed correctly in the customers’ phones.

Shortcode is a special numerical sender that is shorter than the regular numeric senders. These types of senders may have different uses depending on the location the messages are being sent. In fact, such numbers are used for things like technical support, voting, premium rate services, etc. Whereas in Latin America, shortcodes are the most typical types of SMS Sender IDs. For example, 14212.

Alphanumeric Sender ID is the sender name that composes of letters from the alphabet (A-Z), and also from numeric characters. This sender represents the brand name and is displayed as such when you receive an SMS message. This is for single-way communication with your customers.

How SMS test works

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Regardless of the selected identifier, the sender’s number will be checked. This is required to be sure of the legal use of a certain number. Some countries require a long process of registering a new number to send bulk messages, as operators don’t support different formats of senders’ numbers.

To conduct a test of SMS text messages with our service or product, you are able to register in the system and check the delivery status of your messages. The process can be launched from your platform or directly in our system. It is enough to use your username and password to log in and then carry out an automatic check. You just need to choose the options you want, which include:

• service provider;


• Sender ID;

• text of the message;

• country to which the SMS message is sent;

• number of attempts, and so on.

After filling in the information for the SMS test, wait for the results and find out how correctly your messages are delivered.

The Key features of SMS Testing Platforms

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To properly regulate messaging, mobile operators make various decisions. Some impose character limits or specified content. Also, senders’ IDs sometimes fall under certain restrictions. Before checking the delivery of your mass mailing, test international numbers. This will let you make sure that the operator is not restricting your options in any way. Make sure your sender’s name is registered, has the correct length and doesn’t contain any prohibited characters.

Often there are restrictions on the type of the sender ID. Operators can only allow sending messages from simple numbers, or vice versa, only from long ones. You should know that only the brand name may be allowed to communicate with users so that customers have an idea of ​​who is sending them messages. In some countries, operators provide specific multi-character numeric codes that should be used by businesses to communicate with their customers.

Also, the SMS message itself may contain the sender’s number, the name of the brand or company that is doing the messaging. This allows the client to verify the accuracy and correctness of the text received, so it is important to conduct the sender ID test, too.

Mobile operators require the use of spam filters that protect users from receiving unnecessary information. It also prevents the re-receipt of messages and allows to avoid all sorts of technical problems. The content of your messages is checked frequently to avoid fraud, inappropriate content, or data banned for bulk mailings in a particular country.

The use of our service has a number of advantages over similar programs:

1. You will be able to test SMS receiving by real users. You’ll find out where and when the message will be delivered, check the correctness of the specified numbers.

2. All processes are automated as much as possible. You can set up delivery testing and notifications about the results of checks via SMS or emails, make adjustments to the settings and receive quick notifications about all changes.

3. Simple and intuitive interface doesn’t require long learning. You will quickly understand the navigation principles and will be able to customize the system to suit your needs.

4. You will be able to receive detailed reports on each conducted SMS sender test.

During the cooperation with our company, you will receive the most advantageous offers that will allow you to make sure that the chosen marketing campaign is effective.

Getting started

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Preliminary checks are essential. They allow you to verify the correctness of delivery of messages and the display of the selected sender’s ID. You can choose a suitable number, for example, a shortcode or an alphanumeric number. The main thing is that customers understand who the messages are coming from.

Make sure to follow the rules that mobile operators set for sent SMS messages. It will help you avoid all kinds of restrictions and increase your brand awareness. It is enough to contact the company and take care of preliminary tests of notification delivery for each client.

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