Who is the Perfect Soccer Player in the World?

Many people across the globe enjoy watching soccer. There is a list of famous soccer players with a significant number of fans. Every person has a favorite choice in this game. Every player has different records, style and specialized in different moves.

You can go through the list of players and choose which one is best. Visit liveballhd.com to play online football and enjoy various matches. In the following write-up, we will discuss some of the best soccer players in the world.

1. Lionel Messi

Source: Forbes

He is ranking at the top of the list. He is known as the Atomic Flea, and at the age of 33, he becomes a successful soccer player. His performance is getting strong day by day. Unfortunately, he missed the Barcelona event’s initial four games because he was suffering from severe injury. Messi is the popular name, who won the La Liga 7 times with 22 goals.

In these events, he broke his record of 18 goals. He contributed 42 goals in a complete league of 30 games. Messi is the one who has won the Ballon d’Or recently. He is a popular choice for many people across the world. There are many fans of this personality.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Source: Highsnobiety

Cristiano is another popular name in the list of best soccer players. He is 35 years old and always rank up in various events. In this season of Juventus, he scored 28 goals with six assists. If we calculate the total contributions, then there are 39 records.

He is known as the star player in the Juventus event. He is challenging Lazio’s Cario nowadays and playing well to give tough competition. If we go through the soccer history, then Ronaldo was the one who has scored many goals. He is a leading scorer in all the events.

3. Neymar

Source: Daily Sabah

This season, Neymar was suffering from crucial injuries, but he started playing after lockdown. As per the record, he scored 13 goals with six assists. If we compare to all other competitions, then the number has been increased from 13 to 18 with ten assists.

Due to injuries, he was unable to win the Ballon d’Or. But he is a strong player after Messi and Ronaldo. Neymar has aimed at many objectives to win amazing titles and championships. Soon, he will fulfill all the targets easily.

4. Robert Lewandowski

Source: Bundesliga

He is known as the world-class frontman of Bayern Munich, who has recently finished his sixth season. He got the top scorer award because he scored 34 goals in 31 matches. In the entire season, he failed in mainly six games. He will soon increase the number of goals in future championship events.

From the side of Europe, he is the second one, who won the Continental treble two times. It makes him the favorite choice for many fans across the globe. People appreciate his game style and how he gets all the goals.

5. Kylian Mbappe

Source: PSG Talk

He is a French young soccer player, which is not seen in any of the recent events. It is predicted that within a few years, he will be listed on the top. A few people know that he is a World cup winner. In this season, he has not participated in any event due to severe injuries.

But when it comes to his performance, then it is hard to beat him. He scored 18 goals with seven assists in 20 games of the league. If we talk about all the competitions, then he scored 47 goals in 33 games. For Ballon d’Or, he is considered as the outsider.

6. Kevin De Bruyne

Source: The Bangkok Post

Kevin is a famous soccer player in the Manchester City team. He is quite ready to take up the challenge for the Ballon d’Or. He is a world-class midfielder player of England. In the premier league, he scored 11 goals with 18 assists.

He broke the record of Thierry Henry by scoring more goals in an event. There are more challenges to come for Kevin in the future. With his help, Manchester City will lift the trophy in the championship leagues.

7. Virgil van Dijk

Source: Liverpool FC

Virgil signed for playing for the Liverpool soccer team in January 2018. He is the known defender of the team with his outstanding performance on the field. He won UEFA Men’s Player of the Year. In an entire premier league, Virgil scored 22 goals with a 74% success rate.

In the Liverpool team, he also won the FIFA Club World cup. He broadcasted his name for the first time in the Premier League in his 30 years. He is considered as one of the crucial players in Liverpool to make the team get success.

8. Sadio Mane

Source: Sadio Mane

In past years, the Liverpool team was known for its threatening attacks, and the reason behind it is Sadio Mane. He scored 16 goals with nine assists and won the Premier League Golden Boot by scoring 22 goals. He has given outstanding performance in recent events.

In the past two seasons of Liverpool, Mane scored amazing goals for the team and made it win. In 2019, he ranked at the fourth position in the Ballon d’Or, but he is again a competitive challenger for this award in 2024.

9. Riyad Mahrez

Source: Premier League

In Premier League, Riyad scored ten goals with 12 assists. He is considered the best player on the Manchester City team. He is known as the attacker of the team. Many individuals are the biggest plans of this Soccer player. They come to see his performance in different leagues. Riyad Mahrez is a popular player in the world.

The Bottom Line

Every person has a variant choice when it comes to choosing the best Soccer player in the world. Go through the list of fantastic soccer players and check who performs well. Note down the number of goals and appreciate how your favorite player performs on the field.

Youngsters are the common fans of this game, and they love watching matches on TV or in stadiums. Know who is the perfect soccer player in the world from the mentioned list.

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