Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Event Date

What is that one thing that an event organizer does before planning one? Check the calendar.

You can easily pick up a date for specific events like New Year, birthday, Christmas, and even anniversary. But this might not be the case with everything else.

A year has around 365 days, so to pick out one date for your event will require you to brainstorm. Honestly, choosing an event date is far more complicated than selecting an event venue.

If you want to organize an event, the first thing you need to do is choose the right plan. Once you are done planning your event’s objectives, you need to invest some time in finding a suitable date.

The right event date is going to make the occasion enjoyable and memorable. It is your one-time opportunity to make things the best.

Source: Philadelphia Magazine

Know Your Audience

Would you want to organize an event that has significantly less or no audience at all? That would be such a huge loss.

When choosing an event date, you need to consider the attendees. If your attendees are from the B2B sector, you can plan an event during the weekdays. But, if your attendees belong to the B2C sector, it would be better to plan it during weekends.

When you hire escorts for your event, you need to be conscious of the audience profile because not everyone fits this circle. Your audience might not be comfortable with the idea of an escort. Thus, it is your responsibility to invite people who may be satisfied with this.

Choose The Best Day

What days you’ll host the event will have a significant impact on your planning schedule. Wednesdays and Saturdays are considered to be the ideal days for planning events.

Take a look around you and you will be surprised to see how many clubs host special offers during Wednesdays. So, why should you let go of the opportunity? Grab it and make the best of it.

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Have Enough Time

Planning and promoting an event is all about brainstorming. You surely don’t want to proceed haphazardly.

Your chosen even date should allow you enough time to prepare. An ample amount of time for preparation and promotion will ensure the success of your event.

Know The Vacations

Vacation dates are great, and there’s a chance that you might get a crowd too. But, the problem lies in the fact that most people prefer spending time with family during vacations.

You surely don’t want your event date to clash with times when people are vacationing or children have school breaks. You should avoid choosing an event date before, during, or after these popular vacation dates.

Some prominent vacation dates you should avoid for your event hosting include

  • Back-to-school dates during August
  • The period between June and July because kids have their summer break
  • Any major holiday
Source: 360 Destination Group

Climate Conditions

“Why should I be concerned about the weather when my event is indoors?”- This is something many event organizers may be asking themselves. This is true, but climate conditions can affect your indoor event too.

Lousy weather conditions tend to ruin the entire mood of the event. Moreover, very few people are likely to attend any major event under bad weather. If it’s snowing or raining heavily, how is someone supposed to reach the party spot?

No one wants to reach an event all drenched. It isn’t enjoyable.

Availability Of Event Suppliers

No event is ever successful without proper decorations. Most of the events are dependent on the suppliers themselves. No matter your demands, an event supplier can cater to all your needs, from venue to catering to lighting.

If you are organizing an event, you need to be extremely careful with how everything is placed. Moreover, when hiring an escort for your event, it is better to check their availability. All details are mentioned online, so you can check this to know more.

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Find Out About The Venue

A beautiful venue is key to the success of an event. When you know how many people will be attending the event, it will be easier for you to choose the venue. Thus, experts recommend checking out the attendees before setting up the venue.

Knowing the number of attendees and where you will be hosting the event will influence the date. You can either host your event on dates when the venue is available or change the venue and find a place that is available on your desired date. Knowing about the location beforehand can make it easier for you to determine which date would suit you and your guests.

Preannounced Service Strikes

You don’t want to fall into the trap of strikes. Honestly, that is going to take away a lot of fun factors from the event. Flight control or public transportation strikes are a huge turnoff for any event.

You cannot just hold an event with 0 attendees. Moreover, what is the point of organizing a massive event when the guest cannot reach the spot? Before setting the event date, you need to check for all the preannounced event strikes.

Sorry to say, but you might also be a victim of many unannounced strikes. Apart from that, many may announce a strike just a few days before the event. If you fall into any such trap, your event manager is there to take you out of the situation. Well, most of these strike initiators make it a point to announce the strike earlier so that the public can make alternative plans.


Set Up A Romantic Theme

Your event date should be in sync with the purpose of your event. When you are to take someone out on a date, you need to ensure that everything is set up correctly.

Taking a girl out for an event will require you to set up a romantic theme. So if you’re taking your girl out on a date, choose a romantic theme. Well, that’s going to light up the entire mood.


Hosting an event is all about knowledge. You must do your research before setting up the date.

Ensure that you know everything about the event, from the purpose to date to invitees and everything else. Once you are done with research, it will be easier for you to pick up a date for your event.


Planning and hosting an event is no challenging task, but it requires you to brainstorm. When you are setting up a special occasion, you need to be extra careful with the date. Make sure to know everything you can to make this event’s date special for you and her. An escort would lighten up the atmosphere of your event in no time. So do consider that also and hop on to the opportunity.

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