Top 7 New Technology Trends for 2024

Innovations and new technologies are more accessible than ever, as is awareness of their importance and application in business. Artificial intelligence augmented reality, virtual reality … these are all terms that we will use more and more often and naturally in business and everyday life.

When we consider how fast innovations and technologies are changing the world around us, it’s no surprise that many are trying to keep up with new developments. It seems that the formula of success, in addition to happiness, requires constant monitoring of new trends as well as recognizing the advantages of their application in one’s own business.

1. The massive expansion of the 5G network

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Everything is ready for the massive expansion of the 5G network, both in the countries of the East and in Europe and the United States. Transmitters for 5G technology have already been installed in many countries around the world, and the first 5G phones have appeared on the market, which will ignite consumer interest in 5G technology. This technology could bring with it various other tectonic shifts in the technological world as it will enable even faster, a better, and more massive transfer of information – which will provide a multitude of chances for the advancement of other sectors in the technological world.

A few years ago we were fascinated by the speeds of 2G and then 3G internet, and today we are one step closer to implementing 5G networks. The world of wireless data transmission is changing extremely fast and we will have to adapt to such changes. Fortunately, such rapid changes generally bring us many opportunities to improve human life, so we believe that 5G technology will open the door to new improvements.

2. Smart applications

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Although it is nothing new, applications are changing the world, making life easier. Just remember some applications that make your daily life easier – applications for food delivery, travel, cleaning service, booking accommodation, shopping … Life has never been easier, right? Today, almost all companies and institutions have developed applications. On Bright Brains Information Technology you can read more about good and functional applications.

3. Augmented reality (AR)

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In the past, a lot of hope has been placed in the ability to display visual data in our natural, realistic environment. Science fiction has once again been a leader in predicting the future, where augmented reality users will upgrade or expand their current environment with a visual display of their choice. The first attempts were not very successful, so the enthusiasm for augmented reality briefly waned. The best example of this was Google’s glasses, which, despite high expectations, did not achieve the desired application in everyday life and work. But in 2015, Pokemon launched its Pokemon Go game which changed everything.

4. Digital identity and passport-free travel

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Can you imagine a trip without a passport? This is exactly one of the big trends that will mark this year. KTDI technology (known traveler digital identity) enables a seamless international travel experience without the need for a passport, with much greater control over personal data. The World Economic Forum, the Netherlands, and Canada launched the first such joint pilot project last year, and the first commercial trips using KTDI technology will take place later this year. Instead of a passport, protected encrypted personal passenger data is stored on a mobile device. Precisely because of the growing number of world passengers, this will speed up the flow of people at airports and reduce the risk of identity theft.

5. Internet of Things (IoT) – Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things can most simply be described as the network connection of smart devices. From running a washing machine via an app or a car driven outside the vehicle to highly sensitive sensors used in industry, all connected via the internet for data sharing purposes. The full advantage of this technology can be achieved in the case when a large number of devices can communicate with each other. This advantage is currently a disadvantage due to the large number of devices on the market and the differences between manufacturers.

6. New AI products

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Artificial intelligence at the big door enters almost every pore of technology. Often, we are not even aware of it, but artificial intelligence is almost all around us. It plays an extremely important role in smartphones, where in addition to optimizing the operation of the processor, it also takes care of raising the quality of photography, etc. So, almost every one of us has smartphones today, so artificial intelligence is all around us.

7. 3D printing

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3D printing technology is not something new, it has been around since the 80s. Today, 3D printing has grown into an industry worth more than $ 6 billion and is increasingly present in all branches of industry. When it comes to prototype design and construction, 3D printing shows its biggest advantages – reducing the time and cost required to obtain the final product. 3D printers are useful for both large and small production volumes.

The efficient and economical solution offered by this technology will change the industry and the way we produce things as well as the materials we use for production. With the advancement of 3D printing technology, the way we look at things will also change.


The year 2024 will continue the tradition of previous years in which we have made great technological progress. It is especially interesting to see that almost all sectors of technology are developing in parallel, which leads us to significant progress in humanity. This year will also be one big step towards things that visionaries have been dreaming about for years.

The trends we mentioned above should be realized already this year, but if that does not happen, we will be much closer to the realization of these mentioned trends. A fantastic year awaits us, full of innovations and innovations in the technology sector. What we can expect from technology in the future is that it constantly surprises us with inventions and continues to make our lives easier.

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