5 Breathtaking Destinations to Visit in Turkey

When making a list of the counties you should visit during your lifetime, no list should be considered complete in case it doesn’t include Turkey. Without any doubt, we are talking about one of the most versatile countries, where you can find any kind of tourism. Naturally, Turkey is a huge country, with a population of over 80 million, you will surely find something that fits your needs and preferences.

From beautiful beaches to winter tourism, there’s something for everybody, you can be sure of that. Not only that, this is a country that has a rich history, vibrant cities, and friendly locals. In the last couple of decades, it managed to put itself on a map, when it comes to tourism. Before the government decided they want to focus a lot of their resources on this branch, the situation was widely different.

Nowadays, we are talking about one of the countries that attract the most tourists per year. They come from all over the world and a higher percentage of them are glad to return next year. Since there are so many places you should visit, we would like to provide you with a couple of them that are simply breathtaking. Buckle up and let’s go.

1. Istanbul

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Istanbul is one of the most important cities in the history of mankind. The amount of knowledge you will be able to obtain at this place is countless. At the same time, we are talking about a city that has 15 million citizens, which will surely make it harder for the visitors to navigate. However, you can perceive it as some kind of a challenge. Try to spend your day in the busy streets of the city, and you are bound to feel some excitement.

Not only that, you will be able to visit numerous markets, where you will have the chance of tasting some of the local herbs, spices, and teas. The best thing about this city is that you will be able to see marks of different civilizations, like Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman. This diversity is what makes this city what it is. Sure, Hagia Sophia is the most beautiful piece of architecture you can visit in Istanbul. You cannot miss it.

2. Ankara

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Most of the time, the capital of Turkey, Ankara, is overshadowed by Istanbul, the largest city in the country. It’s not uncommon to hear people saying that Istanbul is the capital. Nevertheless, there are many interesting things you can see in Ankara. It certainly has a lot of cultures to present to its visitors. One of the most interesting things you can see is certainly Kalesi, the Ankara castle.

Even better, the castle has a couple of Roman baths where you can relax and enjoy. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt you to take a look at many different museums where you can learn a lot from the interesting history of the region. Furthermore, it has countless step cobblestoned streets and vibrant markets. Be sure to check all of these when in this remarkable city.

3. Alanya

Source: The Travel Magazine

Turkish Riviera is often described as one of the most beautiful ones in the world. Certainly, Alanya has always been considered a gem of the whole region. When in Alanya, you will be able to take a look at the plethora of beautiful beaches, villas from the Ottoman period, and visit the castle. Thankfully, you will be able to enroll in one of many tours. If you are interested in taking a look at these, be sure to take a look at tripventura.com.

One of the highlights of the city is certainly a beach named after the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra beach. Without any doubt, we are talking about one of the most beautiful beaches you will see, ever. Besides that, you will be able to take participate in rafting in Koprulu Canyon. In case you are interested just in exploring the city, you will have the opportunity to visit countless cafes where you can take a break from all the walking.

4. Cappadocia

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Now, we would like to shift to in-land Turkey once again. The Cappadocia region is full of interesting places you should visit. Places like Byzantine tombs, Goreme National Park, troglodyte hotels, etc. The whole region is famous for the unique rock formations that can be found here. Because volcanic eruptions are pretty frequent and erosions, some cone-shaped chimneys have formed over the years.

They are often referred to as “Fairy Chimneys”. Plus, you will be able to experience the underground cities. We are talking about tunnel systems, which include networks of homes and churches carved in stone. One of the most exciting experiences in this region is hot air balloon rides. By riding with them, you will be able to experience the whole region in the best possible way, believe us.

5. Antalya

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Last but not least, we would like to talk about Antalya. For those who don’t know, we are talking about a gulf located in the southern part of the country. From the experiences of people who have already visited this city and gulf, we can see that this is one of the most incomparable locations to visit in this region. We are talking about a city that preserved a lot of its Ottoman heritage. You can see that heritage everywhere you go.

Furthermore, this is a place where you will be able to visit some of the many ancient ruins. There are a lot of different archaeological sites where all the pieces are preserved in the best possible way. The whole journey can be spiced up by visiting the mountains and cliffs around the city. That way, you will learn about the geography that surrounds the city. Certainly, Antalya is a city that has one of the best locations in the country.

The Bottom Line

Turkey is a country that offers countless opportunities when it comes to tourism. As we’ve said, it can be pretty hard to choose from all of these. Therefore, we’ve decided to provide you with the top 5 places you should visit while you are in a country. It doesn’t matter which ones you choose, you can be certain that you will not make a mistake.

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