Optimize Your Warehouse Lighting With LED High Bays

Warehouses are an integrative part of any industrial setup. These spaces are highly task oriented and mostly serve as storage spaces for industrial plants. These spaces are high ceiling areas with large horizontal and vertical space to cover with uniform bright light.

Warehouses mostly have high shelves and assembly areas with conveyor belts for proper processing and storage of products according to its categorization. These spaces have different requirements due to the layout of these zones and so for such spaces LED high bays deliver all the adequate illumination requirements. (Here are some latest LED high bays).

LED high bays have state-of-the-art design features which make them the best fit for warehouses; few of them are

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Structural design

The outer housing of high bay lights are made up of die-cast aluminum which is highly resistant to any extreme external condition pertaining to the surroundings. The outer covering is made up of highly resistant glass which can withstand high temperature and is resistant to scratches and breakage. High bays are available in two major designs usually i.e., round and linear high bays. The installation is categorized on the basis of ceiling design; these lights can either be mounted on the ceiling surface or they suspend from the ceiling surface with the help of chains and pendants. Each design is engineered to offer different light qualities and coverage style. These fixtures are IP rated which adds to their durability.

Directional Way of Lighting

As each design is customized for various high ceiling areas, most warehouses retort to the use of linear or grid high bays in an open area whereas high round bay lights are employed in storage areas of warehouses where products are stacked up on shelves. They aid with accenting the light on the shelves and enhance the visibility. The outer lens isn’t just for protection; it has a fixed beam angle which casts a focused uniform beam of light within the desirable field without wasting any light in the surroundings.

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Safety and Productivity

These lights are brighter and way safer than their traditional counterparts like halogen lamps which heat up or burst. Due to effective light, the overall ambience of the warehouse is improved which directly affects the productivity of people working there. These lights do not contain any harmful chemicals and the structure is compact which makes them safer to handle while installations or in case of any maintenance.

Effective Lighting Control

Traditional lamps have a standard light output which defies the purpose of quality lighting with adjustment for comfort. Most of these lamps emit cool blue light whereas high bay lights allow adjustments which are quite ample for almost any environment. The quality of the light from these fixtures is defined by correlated colour temperature on a kelvin scale ranging from 2500K to 6000K and colour rendering index above 80. Most high bays used in warehouses have a light temperature ranging between 4000k to 6000K. The result is crisp glare-free bright light.

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Energy Efficient

One of the most important benefits of installing LED high bay lights in warehouses is their energy-efficient design. These lights despite their high-power output consume a small fraction of total energy and dissipate less heat in the surroundings. They are 80% more efficient and last for nearly 10 years while delivering the same quality of light under effective conditions.


As per the value-added benefits LED high bays are the most viable choice when it comes to a cost-effective lighting solution for any project. Lower utility bills have a good impact on overall flow of business and most business owners favour the use of LED high bays for improving the layout of their warehouses for the above-stated reasons.

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