Art of Crafting Gorgeous Wooden Objects

Our world cannot be the same without art, and art comes in many different forms, one of them being woodworking. As far as history goes, ever since humans started crafting their first wooden tools, they also started creating decorative wooden objects. Art exists for a lot longer than most of us think. And, even though the things they crafted back then were nowhere near as quality as the ones we have today, we still have to appreciate the foundation and the beginnings of woodworking as a branch.

Woodworking is valuable these days. There are people paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a well-crafted wooden object. Not only this is good in the form of art, but wooden objects can have a lot of practice and functionalities in real life, as they can come in the form of furniture or musical instruments, which are only two examples out of many.

In today’s article we’re talking about the art of crafting gorgeous wooden objects, so if this is a topic you’re eager to learn more about, now’s the right time to do so.

When did wood-crafting first become known officially?

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As I said above, this exists for a lot longer than most of us think, but as with everything else in life, at one point this became officially known to the public. According to what we know, the oldest wooden sculpture that we have is the Shigir Idol, which is suspected to be crafted about eleven thousand years ago. A large part of early Christianity also relied on wood crafting for the creation of religious figures and crosses. The one thing that didn’t end up well for all these items created in the past, was the fact that most of them were destroyed by insects, water, and fungi. But, we still have some of them available at modern museums, ones that were properly restored and saved on time.

But, what about modern wood crafting? What’s changed today that was different in the past? Well, a lot. Let’s take a look.

Modern wood crafting and its value

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We live in an automated and robotized world and this is one of the main reasons why everything that’s unique and handcrafted gains a lot of value. It’s easy to purchase a wooden chair from a store, but it’s not easy to create your own. Not only that it isn’t easy, but there can’t be two hand-crafted chairs that are the same, meaning you are the owner of something that’s one of its kind.

Modern wood-crafting uses machines, and there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as some of the design is still organically made by a real person. Machines only enhance the experience, allowing wood crafters to create more unique and more sophisticated shapes.

Some people prefer living in a home that has items made only out of organic material, such as wood. They believe being surrounded by organic materials is a lot healthier than being surrounded by plastic for example. This is why we see a lot of modern homes having wooden furniture, wooden ironing boards, coat hangers, and a lot more.

The art of crafting gorgeous wooden objects

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Wood crafting takes a lot of time and skill, however, when done properly, these items can cost a lot of money. If you want to earn a living out of wood-crafting, it’s possible, but this is not something that you can learn through the internet or just in a few days. To have the best possible results with wood carving, crafting, and working, you need the proper toolset. In case you need a wooden item done quickly but you don’t have the time to create it on your own, GM Carpenter may be of good use to you.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, meaning that one wooden craft may not be as beautiful to someone else as it is to you. But, someone who is experienced and has a trained eye to recognize quality woodcraft from something poor and cheap, will value it a lot more. Thankfully, there are so many useful materials, videos, tutorials, and even books available on the internet. A book that we recommend is WOODCRAFT – Master the Art of Green Woodworking. It will help you learn different unique techniques and it will improve your overall mindset when it comes to working with wood.

Why is crafting wooden objects so popular nowadays?

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Due to the global pandemic, a lot of people focused on learning new skills while stuck at home, and there is quite a large number of individuals who decided to start improving their wood crafting abilities. But why exactly this skill?

Well, by crafting your wooden items, you get to save money by avoiding a purchase. For example, if you need new pipe shelf brackets or candle-holders, instead of buying them for hundreds of dollars, you can create them for under ten bucks. Even less if you already have some wood lying around and the right set of tools.

And, this is no longer something that has to be done only by men. Back in the day, there weren’t any tools and machines which made the entire process easier, so people had to use raw strength, and this entire concept wasn’t appealing to women and children. The chances for injury were also a lot higher. Nowadays we have all the technology we need to even teach children how to properly carve and create things out of wood. Now it’s all about skill and creativity, and not so much about strength and using unsophisticated tools.


Creating gorgeous wooden objects is an easy task nowadays, but not to be underestimated. It’s much easier and more valuable than what it was in the past, however, it takes a lot of practice if you want your creations to stand out and become recognized. Crafting wooden objects can save you money nowadays, which can be a huge quality of life improvement.

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