How to Use Humor as a Motivational Tool in Everyday Life

Humor and motivation are two very important things in the life of every individual. The best of all is, it’s a perfect match! Oxford English Dictionary states the meaning of humor as something that signifies wittily as “the quality of action, speech, or written text that evokes fun and a sense of fun; strangeness, humor, cheerfulness, comedy, amusement.” It also states that humor is “the ability to perceive something funny or amusing, or the ability to express the same through speaking, writing, or some other compositions; humorous imagining or behavior towards an entity.”

Using humor at work and in private has many good sides, and guarantees you recognition and that you will be a favorite among colleagues. However, you should pay attention to the amount of fat and do not forget that you are still at work. Good motivational speakers often start their speeches with jokes or interesting anecdotes. In this way, they attract the attention of the audience, improve their mood, but also break the ice, creating an atmosphere that motivates others to do even better. Imagine a conversation that starts like this: “Work until your bank account looks like a phone number.”, “Think like a proton. Always positive.”, or “Be happy – it drives people crazy.” Yes, it sounds so true and funny at the same time and it inspires listeners to give their best to finish what they started. Read more about funny motivational quotes that can be used in everyday life. But how can you use humor as a motivational tool in your everyday life?

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Explore the terrain

Try a witty comment or your most famous joke the next time you have a chance to do so. You may risk that no one will pay attention to it, but there is a great possibility that someone will respond to you in the same way as you will encourage creativity in a team that will no longer be so formal and people will not be strangers to each other.

Build trust, camaraderie, and honesty

When you use jokes and funny motivational quotes effectively, you show others that there is a human being behind a conventional business facade. A manager who has a tendency to joke creates an honest and open work environment.

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Share the spotlight

Don’t overemphasize your jokes as this can seem like a very inappropriate grab for attention. The goal is productivity, not a stand-up show.

Manage your boss

If you have a ‘dangerous and difficult’ boss this is a very good topic for you. Many are not aware that a nice word can really open an iron door and that the most serious bosses can be very interesting if you approach them in the right way. It takes a lot of courage to take the first step, but humor can bring you closer to your superior very easily.

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Don’t joke at someone else’s expense

Although sometimes it seems to you that a joke at someone else’s expense would be great fun for the whole team, don’t joke in such a way as not to jeopardize collegial relations.

Reduce stress

Make sure you always see the brighter side of the office, that is, to relax the atmosphere and bring peace. Everyone wants to be in the company of positive and optimistic colleagues.


Increase your chances at a job interview

At such events, you should be as professional as possible, but a gentle smile is not out of the question. Studies show that most managers will hire a person with a sense of humor because it shows that that person is able to calm the situation, make good energy in the team, and is considered to have a high degree of emotional intelligence. Using humor will definitely contribute a lot to your job and career advancement.

Humor against stress

Humor is a very important component of mental health: it helps us deal with stress and protects us from pessimism and worries about various life issues, so its use in dealing with stress can have many good consequences and relax you and others around you.

If your children and other family members see you using different jokes, laugh, and are not constantly worried, it will have a calming and positive effect on them as well. Using humor is a very good strategy for dealing with stress and pass it on to your family members and friends as well. Research shows that people who use it in such situations are more satisfied and less anxious.

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Laughing with others is more powerful than laughing alone

In general, research shows that people who have a sense of humor are more attractive to us than those who do not. But the sense of humor today is seen not only as a very desirable personality trait, but also as a very important component of mental health.

Using jokes and motivational quotes in everyday life allows you to:

  • to be more spontaneous. Humor takes you away from thoughts and keeps you away from worries.
  • to release a defensive stance. Laughter helps you forget about condemnation, criticism, and doubt.
  • to open up. Your fear of opening up and attachment decreases.
  • to express your true feelings. Deep feelings can surface.

Final thoughts

keep in mind that not all types of humor are equally useful. Research shows that people who use humor to cheer themselves and others up and lift their spirits are more likely to express, and are more satisfied with relationships with others and less in fear and worry about various life issues. But this is also not true for people who use humor to ridicule others and have a number of sarcastic remarks. Therefore, use this first kind of humor and lift the mood of yourself and others.

A warm recommendation for all people is to use laughter as therapy. In this way, they will get rid of nervous tension, stress, discomfort, and problems they face every day in life.

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