5 Best Tropical Flowering Plants You Can Grow Indoors

Indoor plants and that too with flowers? What beautiful scenery would it be? But you must have heard that it might be a bit difficult to handle such plants. Although you must have numerous options but if you are living in a warmer place, you should choose tropical plants. You won’t have to pay extra attention to them. Furthermore, they will grow and bloom naturally.

Although plants improve the air quality of your surroundings but that’s not all. They improve the aesthetics of your room and also adds color and an exotic flair. Thus, you can enjoy a pleasing personal space.

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Here is a list of the best tropical flowering plants that you can grow in your room.

1. Anthurium (Anthurium Andraeanum)

Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • Colors – The flowers bloom red with a yellow or white with a reddish spadix
  • Size – Grows up to 20 inches in height
  • Requirements;
  • Light – Need bright but indirect light, so avoid complete sun exposure
  • Water Must water it when the soil gets dry. But keep it moist, not wet.

Anthurium is highly loved because of its bright red flowers. Although it is a tropical plant and it has a lot of cultivars, despite that, they are a bit sensitive. Therefore, you have to take special care and they will satisfy you with the results. You can keep its pot around your window, where it can get enough indirect sunlight.

Anthurium needs loose potting soil. Furthermore, you have to keep the plant moist but not its roots. Therefore, do not over-water it, you can ensure that the soil is moist but not too wet. In addition to this, you can also use a spray bottle to water it.

2. African violet

Source: Rural Sprout
  • Colors – The flowers bloom in white, red, pink, purple, violet, blue, bicolor, pale yellow and lime green.
  • Size – Grows up to 12 inches in height
  • Requirements;
  • Light – Need bright but indirect light (especially for flowering), so avoid complete sun exposure
  • Water Water the potted soil twice a week. But you can water it more frequently if the soil seems dry. Avoid water exposure to the leaves.

African violet is a classical flowering plant that provides you a colorful range. The various variants of the plant make it a lovely choice. Even if you do not want different types of plants, you can simply get different varieties of African violet. It will completely improve the ambiance.

In addition to the colorful flowers, even the leaves give a nice look with their velvety texture. The leafstalks are short and the leaves are larger with a velvety look. Thus, it looks like a flowerbed as the flowers bloom at the top.

The right placement for the pot is around the window because the plant does not require direct light. Instead, it only needs some indirect sunlight.

In addition to this, its water requirement is not too much. So you don’t have to worry about that and no need to water it daily. Moreover, you cannot water it directly by pouring it through leaves and on the soil. Water droplets will damage the leaves. Therefore, the best way is to place the pot in a water dish for at least half an hour. The roots will absorb enough water in this time and the plant will remain healthy.

3. Begonia

Source: White Flower Farm
  • Colors – Flowers bloom in white, red and pink colors (depending on the variety)
  • Size – Grows up to 18 inches in height
  • Requirements;
  • Light – Need bright light but avoid direct sunlight
  • Water Only when the soil seems dry, avoid wet soil

Begonia is a native plant of the tropical and subtropical region. Therefore, they are growing healthy under plenty of bright light. But still, you cannot place it directly under sunlight as it will burn the flowers and leaves. Instead of that, you can place it in a shady place.

In addition to the colorful flowers, some Begonia varieties also show colorful foliage. Thus, their leaves grow in green or burgundy colors. So even during the off-season, you will have a hint of colors in your room.

Although it is not much difficult to raise a Begonia but it is susceptible to diseases. Therefore, you have to ensure its safety through disuse control methods. Furthermore, if the leaves are splashed with water the disease becomes aggressive. So you have to avoid water splashing and spraying at all costs.

4. Calla lily

Source: Lowe’s
  • Colors – It flowers in red, orange, white, yellow and pink
  • Size – Grows up to 3 feet in height
  • Requirements;
  • Light – Need bright and indirect light
  • Water Must keep moist during the blooming time but let it dry before new growth

Calla lily has a connection with the Greek stories and they look absolutely stunning during their peak time. Moreover, its flower is actually the spathe i.e. petal-like leaf. Thus, it curls around the yellow flower. This yellow flower is fragrant but not prominent as it remains covered with the curled leaf. This combination makes it look beautiful and smell good. That is why it is one of the best choices for bouquets too.

But it dies out after its complete bloom. So don’t worry at that time, it’s just a regular thing. You can water the soil during its peak time as it will make the flowers grow healthier. But during dying, the soil must be kept dry.

5. Gardenia

Source: Britannica
  • Colors – Creamy white color flowers
  • Size – Grows up to 8 feet if infield, but only 3 feet in pots
  • Requirements;
  • Light – Need bright and direct sunlight
  • Water Must water when the soil gets dry

Although it is an indoor plant but it still needs direct sunlight. Therefore, you have to place it in such an area that receives direct sunlight even for half a day.

Furthermore, it requires a minimum of 65 degrees Fahrenheit temperature at night. So if you are in a colder region, it will not be a good choice for you. But for warmer places, it is the loveliest plant. And it looks super gorgeous when it flowers.

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