Esports Online Betting: Bonuses and Rewards

Esports gain more and more popularity with each year. Cyber-sport disciplines evolve and offer players a decent challenge and an astonishing spectacle. A lot of viewers and a variety of disciplines attract sponsors. And where there is money, there are sponsors. Betting is a natural development of the cybersports phenomenon. The overall betting schemes are similar to the ones used in regular sports: bookmakers, bets, coefficients of winning, and, of course, different kinds of bonuses and rewards. If you are familiar with regular sports betting, you will accommodate cybersports rules easily. Yet, if you are new to the world of betting and wish to know about the possible benefits of Esports betting sites, then this article may be useful.

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Bonuses for Newcomers

Video game betting sites tend to create a comfortable welcoming atmosphere to increase their audience. One of the possible ways to please new users is a welcoming bonus. The bonus may take different forms: it may be the initial deposit increase, fail-safe bet, or bonus money for your first win on the website. The loyalty programs are similar to ones that regular betting sites may offer.

You may not even look for specialized video game betting sites to find bonuses and rewards. Regular bookmakers implement videogames in their lists of available bets. Thus, if you do not want to change the regular platform or jump straight into a new world of bets, you may look for bookmakers that allow betting on videogames.

If you want to learn more about specialized sites of betting on video games, check out articles by InsiderGames where you will find detailed information about the best betting websites and the most popular disciplines among cybersport games.

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Before Making a Bet

Cybersports betting may sound fantastic, and you might want to start right over. However, before diving deep into a fantastic world of Esports betting sites, it would be wise to learn a few things about cybersport itself. There are similarities and differences between cyber and regular sports. At the same time, expert knowledge of a single game would not give you the highest chances for a win if you don’t follow the cybersports dynamics beyond the curtains.

It is impossible to describe each game in this article. Moreover, it is hard to cover myriad cybersport events. However, we will describe the major types that you may find on specialized betting resources.

Cybersport games feature clubs and teams. Gamers of different specialties and vectors gather into teams. A single club brand may unite various teams. Therefore, a single club may participate in various disciplines simultaneously. Transfer of players between clubs is usual, like in regular sports.

Cybersport events usually have several tournaments, with major global competition in the end. For example, Dota 2 and CS: GO major tournaments. There are regional and qualifying tournaments that may serve for betting too.

Teams that represent a country may take part in global competitions. These teams are composed separately. Therefore, pay attention to the participants of a team for which you are going to bet on world tournaments.

Finally, getting to know the rules and tactics of a cybersport discipline will highly increase your chances for a successful bet.

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Types of Rewards in Cybersport Betting

There are different types of bets and various kinds of rewards that match them. The variability of betting options may be summed into a simple phrase: the higher risk – the bigger a reward. You may make a bet on something simple, like win or lose the game, and get a reward respectively, earning maybe 10% more than the initial bet. However, if you make a more precise stake. For example, making a bet on an exact player, who will make a certain amount of kills in a match, may double your initial bet. Therefore, it is important to know the game’s rules to be able to foresee the possible outcomes and make the right bets.

There are such common types of bets as a win, double chance, correct score, win/draw/win, totals, handicap, etc. For the details, check the specialized websites and their explanations for each bet type.

As for the rewards, besides the regular wins, you may expect different VIP programs and loyalty propositions. Betting websites try not only to attract new users but also to hold the already existing audience. Therefore, the more you stick with a particular website, the higher your benefits from it. For example, you may receive a price boost, a money-back special, or a risk-free bet. These types of rewards are most common, but they do not limit different bonuses and benefits for sticking with a particular betting website.

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Tips on How to Choose a Cybersport Betting Website

With such a diversity of cybersports disciplines, betting options, bonuses, and websites, it is hard to pick one that suits you. Besides, there are a lot of fraud schemes that try to cheat users. Here are a few tips on how to choose a decent betting website. They are fair for the regular betting websites as well, so you may explore the whole world of betting with them:

  • Read the reviews. Usually, websites with a long history and overall positive user scores are more reliable than newly found ones. Cybersport itself is a new kind of engagement, but you still should look for a website that exists on the market for at least a couple of years.
  • Choose the comfortable withdrawal options. Sometimes betting websites may overcomplicate the procedure of money withdrawal. A lingering withdrawal procedure increases the chances of losing the money and the possibility to protect one’s interests. Quick withdrawal and variable options for monetary transactions are a feature of a decent betting website.
  • Look for bonuses. The variety of initial bonuses on betting websites is impressive. If you see one with promising benefits, don’t jump straight into it. There could be more profitable options. In the end, you don’t lose anything if you choose the most optimal bonus option among dozens of them.

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