10 Tips for Buying Luxury Lingerie for Your Girlfriend

Are you thinking about buying something sexy for your girlfriend? Have you ever shopped some unique pieces or sexy lingerie before? If not, this is the perfect moment and time to surprise her with something chic, gorgeous, as well as out of the ordinary! Not too sure what gift to give her for her birthday, anniversary, or Valentine? Keep on reading and understand the basics of lingerie shopping!

Top 10 tips for buying luxury lingerie for your girlfriend

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1. Know what she loves

Knowing what your wife or your girlfriend loves is key in this case. How confident will she feel in your preferred piece, and how will she wear it? If you see her being positive and confident about something that she already wears at home you can go for a similar replica of that piece.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

This means that you should ask her about her wishes but in a low-key and indirect way. For instance, if you two are watching a movie, a music video, or even a commercial you can bring this up. Ask her what she thinks of a model wearing a certain piece, and if that’s her preferred style as well. Also, try to get some information about her sizes while you’re at it since this one can be a bit tricky to get on your own.

PS: You can always go through her things if she’s not at home and write down her measures.

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3. Ask for help

Maybe your own lingerie knowledge is not good enough, which is completely fine and normal. Not a lot of guys or partners are well aware of what their girls love to wear or what might look good on them. This is why it is always a good idea to ask sellers and staff for their help & advice. They can be quite helpful & welcoming.

4. Stick to the right color combo

Aside from the variety of styles, lingerie also comes in loads of different colors that can look super cute (or unflattering) on your girl. This is why it is crucial to think about her favorite color before you purchase a new piece. Usually, darker skin complexions will look amazing in bright, neon, as well as loud colors, while lighter skin tones should rock something neutral, as well as straightforward. You can also think about the message that you’re trying to present with your purchased piece. For instance, here are the most common colors + their symbolism:

  • Red symbolizes love, passion, as well as heat.
  • Pink stands for universal love, peace, as well as harmony.
  • Black is the color of elegance, mystery, and class.
  • Blue stands for stability, wisdom, and inspiration.
  • Green is linked to good luck, health, as well as nature.
  • Yellow symbolizes happiness, optimism, as well as creativity.
  • Purple stands for independence, magic, and ambition.
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5. Go for luxury fabric

Luxury & high-quality fabric is essential when it comes to pricier lingerie sets. You should go for something that is timeless and that suits her personality. Is she silk or a lace girl, and what looks better on her? Do not go for cotton or cheaper materials, she should have something durable & sexy in her closet in the long run! In addition to the sexy underwear, you can also get her a garter belt, which definitely boosts up the game. Everything looks much better in a combination with garter belts and if you don’t know where to get one, Haute Flair might be the place for you.

6. Think about her body type and figure

Lingerie helps to bring out the maximum appeal that your body can deliver, which is why you should think about her curves! Is she heavy on the top, bottom, or does she have a skinny and athletic frame? Consider putting her in a tight corset or even a shelf bra. You can also go for thongs, brazillian cheeky underwear, or lace! Emphasize her best features and she will love it!

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7. Ask a friend

You can always ask a friend of theirs about their opinion on a certain piece. They probably went shopping together at one point, which is why they might know what suits them and what they gravitate to! Write them a message and see if they’re up for a shopping spree. They might even know the proper sizing of your girlfriend/wife.

8. Get a matching set

Always go for a matching set when it comes to your spouse and their gift. This is a mistake that a lot of men tend to make, and quite often. They believe that a pair of panties is good enough and that it can look great on its own! However, the thing is that women love to wear matching sets since they are so sexy and they boost their confidence. Go for a bra as well, or even some sexy hosiery to complete the vibe!

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9. Think about her taste

This piece of advice is quite important since you have to place the entire focus on her and her body only! Do not be selfies and think about your needs only. Sure, it is important for her to look sexy in your eyes as well, but take her appearance and her wishes as a priority, and work from there.

10. Gift it with the right bouquet

Last, but not least, you should know that presentation is key when it comes to every present! The way to gift her something is with a smile, a box of chocolates, as well as with loads of roses! Women love to feel spoiled in such a way, and this gift will become even more sentimental once presented the right way. A bouquet is a bulletproof solution, no matter the event or occasion.

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Where to shop & what to gift her?

Not too sure where to shop and where to begin your search? If you are struggling and you’re having a tough time making up your mind you should check out Littlemisshoneypie.com. They have different categories and brands for you to consider, catered per everyone’s personal taste, style, as well as body type! Every girl will enjoy their huge selection, as well as different colors and designs.

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