Can You Make a Living Off Trading Cryptocurrency in 2024

Digital currencies have changed the way people think and do business several times over from the moment they appeared on the scene. Over the ten or so years of their existence numerous new ways of doing certain jobs have appeared and people adapted accordingly. Once that it was certain that bitcoin as their leader was here to stay, everyone realized that the future was going to be all about these new virtual currencies and that the time of traditional money was coming to an end. Nowadays experts from the fields of economy and finances agree that the more we go into the future and the more prominent cryptocurrencies become, the faster we will enter the age of our society where all the money exists in the virtual world.

With so many changes happening all around us and with more investors in cryptos appearing by the day, the question of can cryptocurrencies be a full-time job already. Considering how much a single bitcoin is worth and how quickly these records are being shattered, it is a question many potential investors want to know. If you are wondering about the same thing rest assured that you are hardly alone. Every newcomer wishes to know the same exact thing, can I make a living off trading cryptocurrencies in this day and age. The question is quite difficult to answer straight on so we decided to devote a whole article to it. If you wish to find out more about this make sure to check out

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Can it be Done?

The short answer and the one you are probably looking for is a definite yes. Of course you can make a living off trading cryptocurrencies. There are numerous people doing without any problem and they provide for themselves and their families better than most. However, it can only be done a certain way and not everyone is cut out for such a career. In the following sections you will find out exactly what you will need to do and change in your life if you mean to make trading cryptocurrency a full-time job. It is not an easy decision to make, and there are no guarantees that everything will play out the way you expect it. As a matter of fact, the risk inherent to investments depends on the investor rather than the asset’s volatility or popularity. Being greedy or way too cautious will lead you nowhere. Education is key to overcome fear and figure out the mindset you need to be shown an endless stream of possibilities. With all that in mind, on, you will find all you need to get started.

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The Right Mindset

Right from the get-go you will have to change your mindset and get in the zone you will hardly ever leave. If you already have a full-time job that you plan to quit it means that you will have all the time in the world for your new crypto career. In order to do the maximum and become successful you have to be very self-disciplined, organized, punctual, and responsible. If you have problems with some of these traits in your life now is the time to change that and grow as a person. The challenges and difficulties you are sure to face on this new journey are not something that just about anyone can endure. Your goal should be clearly pointed out and you should not rest until you meet it. Then you start again and so on and so forth. Only with such an approach and the readiness to give it your all can you become a true cryptocurrency expert who makes money off trading.

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Initial Investment

The hardest part of switching your career completely and leaving behind your old job is staying financially capable for a longer period until you get the hang of crypto trading. It goes without saying that buying your first batch of currencies will be difficult, even more so if you plan to go all in. Here is some pro advice, never go all in despite how much you want to. Always leave something as a failsafe but think of your actual investment as your only chance. Another useful tip is to start diversifying your portfolio form he start. Most newbie investors only buy one crypto and put all their efforts into it. A much better and smarter strategy is to buy at least a few. Bitcoin is a no-brainer since it is the leading currency and the one the whole market revolves around. But never underestimate the those of lower value that have good track records, nor the new currencies on the scene. Having your eggs in multiple baskets beats having them in one every time.

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Research Galore

Just like with other things that are career paths, trading cryptocurrency requires hours and hours of research and studying. The volatile changes in value have made bitcoin and the rest of them infamous since they rise and drop without any rules. It is very hard to predict when and by how much the process will rise or drop, which means you have to react quickly and have contingency plans at all times. Researching and examining the market multiple times per day and learning everything about the history of the currencies you plan to do business in is of the utmost importance. Daily news like advice and predictions from the experts should be your bread and butter. This is why a mobile app is a must as it will be your go-to source for all things related to buying, selling, trading, reacting to changes, and staying up to date with news.

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Using the Right Platforms

Speaking of the mobile app, it should definitely be a dedicated one by the very same cryptocurrency exchange you are using. These services are one stop destinations for anything and everything you need. They are easy to use, beginner friendly, have lots of tutorials and advice and come equipped with all you will need. You even get your own electrical wallet that will securely store away your balance. Payment options available will make it easy for you to purchase more currencies before you can switch to only trading to make more money. And once you are ready to make smart business moves and increase your wealth, you can use the exchange to find business partners to trade your crypto with through secure transactions. The best exchanges in the game also allow you to spend your crypto but you are in it for the trading and some time has to pass before you are ready to spend what you have. For a while, you should focus on learning and getting the hang of things while making the best trades you possibly can.

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