7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam to Visit in 2024

We have all been through a lot during this past year, meaning that we all deserve a vacation. If you aren’t sure where you should spend your next holiday, our recommendation is Vietnam. This country is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia, and we can’t say that we are surprised.

Beaches are the main reason why so many people choose Vietnam as their next destination. The country is rich in these sandy areas, and there is absolutely no way that you won’t find one that is perfect for you. Due to this reason, in the following article, we will introduce you to only some of the many breath-taking beaches in this country.

1. My Khe Beach

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If you are planning a family vacation with small children, you need to find a convenient location. Exploring areas that aren’t in close vicinity to your accommodation is very challenging if you are bringing your kids along, and in some cases, it can be impossible.

Because of this, My Khe beach is in the initial position of our list. It is a part of Da Nang city, so if relaxing on this sandy beach is your goal, you should start looking for accommodation in this area.

If you want to learn why it is the most popular beach in Vietnam and one of the most attractive ones in the whole world, explore it further on https://exploreonevietnam.com/8-best-beaches-in-vietnam/.

2. Bai Dai Beach

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Bai Dai or Long Beach can be considered the complete opposite of the previous one. Why? Well, because of its untouched wild beauty. If your main goal is to spend some time away from the crowds and reconnect with nature, book the trip to the island of Phu Quoc, where this beauty is located.

However, keep in mind that you should book the vacation between November and March to avoid the rainy season. When it comes to activities, these include fishing and kayaking, as well as snorkeling which will enable you to explore vibrant coral reefs and sea animals. In addition, Doi Moi and Dam islands are in close vicinity to Bai Dai beach, so you will have more than enough surrounding places to explore.

3. Mui Ne Beach

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It isn’t possible to be at sea and desert at the same time, right? Well, welcome to the Mui Ne Beach. If you are an adventurer at heart and want to turn your next vacation into a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you shouldn’t miss this unique area. On the one hand, you can spend the day at the beach, relaxing and swimming in the turquoise water. On the other, you can go on an adventure and visit the Red Sand Dunes. Go on a walk and take a moment to breathe in this unique sight. But that’s not all. Ask local for a piece of cardboard, and go sandboarding. It doesn’t get better than this, right?

4. Ninh Van Bay Beach

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When planning a vacation in a foreign country they have never visited before, people usually want to get the full experience of an authentic lifestyle. It is why this fishing village is at the top of every list of tourist destinations. Taking into consideration that this area is not yet crowded with people and busy hotels, it is a perfect destination for couples and honeymooners who want to focus on each other entirely. If you want to enjoy the full experience, you can go on a fishing tour, learn something new, and observe the area through the eyes of the locals. Lastly, if you want to enjoy nothing but sunny days, you should book your trip during April or May.

5. Ky Co Beach

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When it comes to reaching this area, you have two options. You can either travel there by road or on the other hand, by ship. Now, the main thing you should consider when making this choice is convenience. Naturally, a road trip is more comfortable for many people, but you cannot deny that visiting by ship doesn’t sound amazing. It will provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the sight of intact nature and incredibly crystal water. It is a great place to visit and unwind. Nevertheless, if you get bored (even though we don’t see how this can happen), you can always go diving or engage in some other similar activity.

6. Ong Beach

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The fact that this area is protected by UNESCO as one of the world’s Biosphere Reserve tells you more than enough about it. Its marine life is almost intact, and it is waiting for you to explore it. Due to the fact that this area isn’t a popular tourist destination, you can turn it into your little piece of heaven.

Furthermore, if you want to live like locals for a few days, you should visit Bac and Xep beaches that are close by. You can make a great one-day trip out of it, since Ong beach is located near Hoi An, and you can get there within an hour.

7. Lang Co Beach

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A stunning view of the mountains surrounding this beach is the main reason why it is on every list of tourist destinations in Vietnam. Due to the fact that it is located in the heart of the country, between Hue and Da Nang, people usually decide to visit it for a day, enjoy the food, relax, and take a lot of photos. There is another interesting thing about this place. Since it is encircled by mountains, you will feel that sea breeze on the one hand, and on the other, fresh mountain air. There aren’t many places in the world that can offer this, right?

Wrapping up

To sum up, in the article, we have tried to introduce you to a variety of locations, each one as unique as it can get. Depending on your idea of a perfect holiday, you can choose to go to a vibrant place, engage in numerous activities, and have the time of your life. On the other hand, if you also want to experience peace and tranquility, you can always plan a one-day trip to explore some of these more remote areas.

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