Kitchen Cabinet Essentials: 6 Cabinet Types That Became Trend

Finding the right kitchen cabinetry is important if you aim for an awesome-looking kitchen with long lasting durability. Whether you are more into a classic look or you prefer something more modern, these kitchen types will inspire you and help you choose the style you will absolutely adore for years to come.

When thinking about kitchen cabinets, we all have two options all of us should consider. One applies to the project we want to put our creativity, and a fair amount of elbow grease, into – a do-it-yourself project, and the other one needs more money, but less time and definitely less headache, hiring the pros to come and help make a choice on the design of the cabinets, according to your needs and wishes, and have them carry out the renovations.

Whatever option you choose based on skill level and budget, it is essential to plan it in advance and decide what parts of your kitchen will be included in the kitchen remodel. If the decision falls on redoing the cabinets in the kitchen you might want to consider the types and designs we have selected for you. After all, you don’t want to make a quick decision on this, since there are many different types of kitchen cabinets and they are an expensive element to consider.

1. Drawers Cabinets

A set of great cabinets can do wonders to keep your kitchen organized and neat. Drawers are extremely flexible when it comes to storage and they will keep everything you need in your kitchen, from silverware, pots, pans, to those unique cooking utensils, every kitchen essential can be placed in the kitchen drawers. Besides the easy-to-open design, you will not need to look up, or be reaching for the top shelves, as every one of your kitchen essentials will be neatly stored underneath the counters.

Drawers are undoubtedly a great addition to your kitchen space and their functionality is a good reason to go for it when you decorate or renovate your kitchen space.


2. Vertical dividers in Cabinets

Seems like the design of vertical dividers in a cabinet is quickly climbing in popularity. Even though it reminds us of an older kitchen style, done correctly, it will still look gorgeous and modern. Also, this is a great way to organize your kitchen equipment in a way that everything is easily seen and accessible.

Storing many things underneath the sink can become chaotic. I know how daunting can be to organize the kitchen every time you need to find or reach some pan or pot, but with dividers, you won’t have that problem.

All those large, flat, non-stackable items can be arranged with vertical dividers to provide you easily pull out what you need.


3. Corner storage

The most useful type of cabinet to install into your kitchen is corner cabinets. These types of cabinets are saving you space for other appliances and use the corner space smartly. Also known as Lazy Susan, corner units can rotate in 360 Degrees allowing you to reach and pull the pots or plates you are planning to store there.

A popular trend besides the corner cabinets is the corner drawers that can come in triangle shapes and pull out from the cabinet diagonally leaving no wasted space in the corners of the counters. Even though the design of this type of cabinet might look complex and expensive it is totally worth the convenience and extra storage space in your cabinetry.

Source: Style Degree

4. Pull-out Trash Bin

Though you may be able to buy a freestanding trash bin that matches your kitchen’s new decor, you’ll likely want to hide it from eyesight if possible. It is impractical to do away with the trash bin entirely as most food preparation will either have some scraps, packaging, or other waste and garbage needing to be disposed of. This is where a pullout trashbin amy come in handy. Similar to a drawer in essence, a pull out trash bin will typically have a top mounted garbage and recycling bin that slides back inside of the bottom counter for storage once you’ve disposed of your items.


5. Cabinet’s appliances

A modern high end trend is having appliances be faced with a matching cabinet face as the rest of your kitchen. No more stainless steel or enamel white appliances interrupting the flow of you kitchen. Now the appliances will simply appear as a continuation of your newly refaced cabinets.

Most appliances from fridges, dishwashers and even now some styles of microwaves can be faced in this manner, in cabinet ovens can not be faced in such a way.


6. Base Pull-Out

When first appeared the pull-out cabinets were first introduced as a mini pantry option, mostly used for spices. But the space storage with pull-out cabinet has recently expanded its use for utensils, knives, and pantry goods.

Storing spices has become important when you are busy while preparing your food and you need to spice up your meal without having to reach far. As spices typically must be kept in a cool dark place, away from light, heat, and moisture, these types of cabinets seem perfect for them.

Whatever your decision is whether you choose one or all of these types of cabinets into your kitchen you should not forget that is not all.


Style of these kitchen essentials matters as well. The design and the opening mechanism also play a role when you want to create your dream kitchen. You might want to follow the trend of handleless cabinets and push to open drawers.

And most importantly don’t forget that the outside look of the cabinets is what all of your family members and your guests will see first when they enter the kitchen. Modern and well designed cabinets will make your kitchen pleasant and enjoyable for every person that enters in it or uses it. One of the other smartest decisions you will make during your renovation will not be regarding design and style, but rather the company that will complete the work for you to provide you with great looking kitchen cabinets, no matter if you are doing a brand new cabinet installation or custom cabinetry job, or you are refacing them.

And if you haven’t found a company that does magic to your cabinets check the link below and start installing your dream kitchen.

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