All About CBD Vape Juice

CBD is a short form of cannabidiol which is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in hemp and marijuana plants. CBD is popular for its therapeutic properties and has been gaining popularity over the years. CBD can be ingested in different ways, including capsules, tinctures, edibles, and CBD juices.

With internet breakthrough, users can get premium vape deals from online vape juice vendors. vape juice is a liquid used in filling electronic cigarettes or vaporizers to deliver cannabis. The juice comes from the stems or stalks of the hemp plant.

However, don’t confuse vape juice with seed oil; CBD vape juice contains a higher CBD concentration than seed oils. CBD Vape contains CBD oil that is mixed with a carrier liquid. vape juice contains Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) in varied concentrations.

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CBD Vape Juice Ingredients

CBD vape juices are made of harmless food ingredients. In general, CBD vape juice contains five water, vegetable glycerin, flavors, propylene glycol, and traces of terpenes. Click here to know more.

Propylene glycol is used as a carrier when making vape juice. It is a type of alcohol, just like glycerin. Its main role is to dissolve the natural flavor of CBD, improving the taste of your vape juice and makes the cloud lighter. It also acts as a preservative to lengthen the shelf life of your vape juice. Propylene glycol acts as a food additive because of its ability to retain moisture, making it thicker and bonding them together.

Vegetable glycerin is a plant extracted sugar alcohol. To make vegetable glycerin, you need to heat the plant oil at high temperatures to remove fatty acids and attain an odorless gluey liquid which is glycerin. The FDA approves vegetable glycerin as a safe chemical for human use. Vegetable glycerin affects the amount of vapor produced while vaping due to its viscosity.

Flavors are also  used in making CBD vape juice; they include coconut, cinnamon, apple, cherry, and others. Diacetyl is also a common flavor in CBD vape juices. Even though diacetyl is believed to be safe, it can trigger obliterative bronchiolitis, which is incurable.

You can use three different CBD types when making vape juice:

  • Full-spectrum CBD, which contains approximately 3% THC to ensure that the vape juice does not cause any psychoactive effects.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD also contains some little amount of THC and traces of other cannabinoids. CBD isolates; this is the purest type of CBD.
  • CBD isolates contain an undetectable amount of THC, which does not show during a drug test. It may also contain traces of other cannabinoids.

Extraction Process

There are three major extraction processes used in making vape juice.

  • Crushing: It involves crushing the hemp stems and stalks. Remove the residue and obtain the filtrate. This method is the easiest, and you can practice it in your kitchen. However, it’s not efficient for large-scale manufacturing.
  • Solvent extraction: this involves running the marijuana plant through ethanol and boiling it. You should get rid of all the solvents to remain with the oil residue.
  • Carbon dioxide extraction: In this process, you use dry ice as a solvent. Evaporate the dry ice to remain with oil residue. This method is ideal for producing large quantities of CBD vape juice and is common in large companies.

Benefits of vaping CBD

Easy and Discrete

CBD juice contains a high amount of propylene glycol as the base; this makes the ingredient thin. Thus, they don’t produce large puffs keeping things private. Most vape juices are prefilled and sold ready for consumption. However, you can choose to vape your juice using reusable vape pens where you feel the juice yourself.



Like other compounds, CBD needs to interact with various receptors in your body and your brain to deliver its impact. Vaping CBD delivers it fast to be metabolized by the liver and absorbed in the bloodstream.


Another amazing benefit of vaping CBD is the convenience and portability of the equipment that you require. All you need is the vape juice and a vaporizer. You will also need a battery, the mouthpiece, the heating element, and a compartment to hold the juice. The good thing about this equipment is that they are small and can fit your purse or pocket.

Different flavors

One of the major reasons people are shifting to vaping is the availability of various flavors. You can get authentic flavors like Kush or purple haze for those who like the natural feel of CBD.

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CBD Vape Juice Dosage

When taken in other forms like capsules and gummies, you’re limited to the amounts of CBD determined by the manufacturer in each gummy or pill. But that’s not the case with CBD Vape juice because you can customize the dose.

So, all you need to know is how much you should vape. If you’re not sure, the rule of thumb is to start low and gradually increase the dosage as you observe each dose’s effects.

CBD vape juices are designed in different potency levels ranging from 25mg to 4,000mg of CBD per bottle. Your choice depends on your desired effects. If you’re after a mild calm, a small dose is ideal. To treat more severe conditions, go for more potent vape juice.

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Side Effects

CBD vape juice is different from other vaping substances because it has zero nicotine and does cause addiction. However, overdoing it can cause mild side effects. But since it is non-intoxicating, it is regarded as a safer alternative that both kids and adults can use.

The nature and severity of the side effects can vary between individuals. Here are some of the possible side effects:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Change in appetite


CBD vaping is becoming popular each day, and more people are expected to embrace it as time goes by. At the same time, more substandard and unsafe products are penetrating the market. So, when buying CBD vape juice, carry out thorough research to ensure that you get a high-quality and safe product. The source of hemp is a key factor to consider. Poorly cultivated hemp will surely result in low-quality vape juice.

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