5 Things to Know About Daycare & Home Child Care Insurance

Buying an insurance policy for your kids when they go to the daycare or even when they stay at home is one of the best things you can do, so you can be sure you did everything to protect the kids from different types of situations. The insurance policies, depending on the package, can cover a wide range of injuries, cases of fires or floods, or any unpleasant situation you surely don’t want to happen, but it may happen anyway.

Most of the parents think they are doing the best thing when they bring the children to the daycare facilities. But, we can’t predict their behavior. It may happen that the calmest child in the world turns into a little monster there. Kids will always come back with small bruises, and usually, there is nothing to be worried about. But, the insurance policies got all of that covered, even in more unpleasant situations, like bigger injury or something like that. Surely, we don’t want anything of that to happen, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t cover all those things with an insurance policy.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, all the daycare facilities work with some type of restrictions. Many parents moved to home care options. Some of them even hired private tutors to help their children move on after the facilities and schools were closed. But, according to dcins.com, some companies have bacteria and virus infection insurance coverage. It’s good to know that, no matter if you let your kids get back to daycare or school, or they will proceed with the education at home.

Here are a few things you must know about it:

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1. What exactly is daycare insurance

It’s the same as childcare insurance, and you can add it to the family policy, or buy it separately, and it covers a wide range of unpleasant situations, especially injuries that happened while the kid was in the daycare. And yes, getting glued with glue in the hair is also an accident that demands some medical assistance, just like slipping on spilled liquids, or getting sick just because someone else was, and still came there. Most of the insurance companies will offer it as an addition to the home insurance, but it’s limited to the property where the facility is based.

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2. What is home daycare insurance?

Home daycare is a type of private business that includes tuition of preschoolers in smaller groups, and the facility looks more like a regular home than a daycare. In most cases, there are six or fewer children in the group. The insurance policy is based on the type of the business, the conditions in the facility, and many other separate points, that may be costlier, but can cover a lot of expenses if a lawsuit happens, or any other accident that may result in legal consequences.

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3. Which other things can be included in the policy?

There are many parts that should be considered in the insurance policy, and they depend on who is buying it and for what. For example, all the daycare facilities have it covered for things they find important – protection of the facilities and other belongings in a case of an accident. Also, the part of it, named corporal punishment liability covers the expenses if you or some person from the staff is included in a legal case, no matter what were the reasons. On the other hand, the parents who bring their kids there will buy a policy that covers hospital and legal costs in case something bad happens, and that’s called general liability. Transport liability is when the home care or daycare provides an organized transport with their vehicle.

And the most important one, abuse liability, it’s about the cases when the children are victims of some kind of violence from the staff in the daycare. In-home care happens rarely, but it’s not excluded. Surely, it’s a bizarre thing to think about, but knowing just the fact it exists, can give you chills, because that means that things like that are happening somewhere. And yes, this part covers the expenses (or parts of them) for medical examinations to prove there was some type of violence and the legal costs.

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4. Know your options

Every insurance house can offer different types of services and coverage. That means, if you are specific and sure you want to buy an insurance policy for the kid visiting some care facility, you can go to any house, and see what they can offer. If it can be added to your general policy, it may cost less, but cover a bigger range of specific things that happen in the facilities. But, it may happen that you don’t like what they offer, and nothing can stop you to get to another company that will provide the service you demand.

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5. If you ignore it, it doesn’t mean something can’t happen

Many parents find the additional insurance policy as an expense – and it is, and probably your kid will never get hurt or abused at daycare, or at a home care facility. But, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for the bad things too. A lot of parents fail to sign up for the insurance policy, and sometimes daycare providers can do that, offering some basic type of coverage, which is the cheaper of all, and they charge it once a year. But, we also mentioned a lot of bad things that can happen, and it’s always better to be prepared for the worst, instead of the best. That will save you a lot of time and money when you need to react immediately.


As a parent, you don’t have to avoid getting a policy for your kids. If you are a home care owner, make sure also everything is covered, just in case. We can’t predict when a bad thing will happen, but we must be ready for situations like that all the time. It’s for the general good and will cost less than fixing the things that weren’t included in the policies.

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