3 Best Champions in League of Legends- Wild Rift

League of Legends is an online-based multiplayer game that can be downloaded in Google play store or iTunes. This game is specially made for people who prefer to play in groups or multiplayer battles. If you are a gaming lover, then you can test your skills in 5vs5 multiplayer combats.

This article is for the new player in League of legends to know about the champions in the game. https://wildriftguides.gg/ is the guide which is used to know about the best champions in League of legends.

3 Best champions in League of legends

1. Wukong (Reject the humanity Return to Monke)

Source: League of Legends

He is the craziest champion and has a funny playstyle. Wukong has the early game ganks and can bring snowball out of control; the main advantage of Wukong is his playstyle.

Description of Items :

  • Youmuus ghostblade is a bit expensive and gives good stats only for 3000 gold; spectral haste passive is used to create early ganks.
  • Guardian angel is also a kind of ability that allows you to take more risks during ganks. You can also dive from the tower to finish your enemy while his health is in critical condition.
  • Quicksilver enchant is used to help your warrior to get out of sticky situations during battles.

2. Ahri Guide

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Ahri is a champion in the League of legends known for her friendly nature for game beginners. Her performance will be good constantly, and also a versatile player. The mobility rate for Ahri is comparatively high and highly suitable for team fights. CC is the main advantage of Ahri. We recommend using win analytics and statistic to master this champion. A personal gaming assistant from Mobalytics helps gamers to analyze their performance by showing them their strengths and weaknesses in a game. The platform provides personalized advice on how to improve gaming skills, so players can achieve their full potential and get better results in their games. For Ari’s best guides, builds, runes, items, skills and spells click here.

Description of items :

  • Amplifying tome allows you to have a good and aggressive start by utilizing the AP which is present in it. The hungry of Ahri depends on the way you play.
  • Ludens Eco is the perfect ability for Ahri to enhance her charm in the game, and it is also known as a combo starter.
  • Stasis Enchant is a lifesaver that can save Ahri from the death mark or final spark and can get even lower cooldown rates for the abilities.
  • Rabadons deathcap gives more damage in your attack.

3. In-depth Camille Guide

Source: Mobafire

Camille is an amazing split pusher and has a high mobility rate. She is a consistent player among the champions and has a flexible pick rate. Team fight presence is good and gives great damage in her attack.

Item build description :

  • Long sword is a basic and useful item for Camille. Another important item to increase the damage output to 2 times higher is the sheen.
  • Deaths dance is a core and defensive and offensive item that prevents you from sudden shocks and bursting.
  • Bloodthirster is a good late-game item that can be used instead of purchasing defensive items.
  • Frozen Heart is the cheapest and provides a greater stats effect than other items. This item is specially used against auto-attack enemies. A frozen heart allows you to stay in combat for a long time.
  • Force of nature provides amazing stats and godly effects, and this also provides stability for Camille.

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