Who Are The Favorites To Win The Euro 2024

The sixteenth European Football Championship has started in 12 cities, namely Amsterdam, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Glasgow, London, Baku, Dublin, Bilbo, Rome, and Munich. 24 national teams will take part in the championship. In the period from June 11 to June 11, 51 matches will be held. The initial phase includes six groups with four teams each. The best two teams from each group go to the next stage of the competition, and the four best third-placed teams from all groups will qualify in the top 16.

The current European champion is the Portuguese national team, which will defend its only title in this competition. Portugal is one of only 10 countries that managed to win the prestigious UEFA competition. Germany and Spain have the most titles, taking European gold three times. France has done it twice, while the Soviet Union, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Greece have one title each.

Sports betting around the world has long allowed the payment of predictions that the country will take the title of European champion in 2024.

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Who are the favorites?

We believe that everyone has their favorite, and it would be said that bookmakers give the best chances to England and France, although some think that it may be “too ambitious”, at least when it comes to England. Keep in mind that the English will actually play a good part of the games at home, but they are still known for disappointing in big competitions.

With the help of the algorithm, the biggest favorites for winning the upcoming European Championship have been determined. Great representations were sent to the Championship by Belgium, Germany, France, England, of course, there are Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Portugal.

The French are the current world champions with a crowded roster of stars and are certainly among the strongest favorites to win the competition. The tricolors already knew how to tie the titles from the World and European Championships, so many predict that they will repeat in 1998 and 2000, respectively, and win Europe after the World Cup. The second favorite is Belgium, followed by Spain and Germany.

The only country in the history of the EURO that managed to win two titles in a row is the Spanish national team. In 2012, the “Red Fury” defended the title it had won four years earlier. This time, Portugal, led by one of the best football players of today – Cristiano Ronaldo, will have a chance to do it again.

Russia, as the second-ranked player in the last championship, has a great chance to be on the throne this time. In any case, we believe that predictions are arriving at sports bookmakers every day.

Many fans find entertainment and leisure in watching football broadcasts, and some even the incentive to persevere in achieving goals in their own lives. The successes of the team he supports give the individual a sense that he is important, that he is part of something important. Every European Football Championship shows us that in some way. We are in euphoria again, this pseudo-reality seems more and more realistic, and the opportunity for escape that it gives seems more and more attractive. Today probably more than ever before because we are limited in movement and travel.

Although the coronavirus pandemic has subsided and it has been announced that the stadiums will be open to visitors, certain preventive measures are still being followed, and the stadiums are not filled to capacity.

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As every time such a big competition is played, the best sports bookmakers are specially prepared to offer their players the best possible conditions for the game. 7m will help you learn more about it. With no doubt in the next few weeks, the focus of bookmakers around the world will be on this competition. It could be said that EURO 2024 is the right time to take advantage of the best bonuses and promotional offers offered by sports bookmakers. Without a doubt, the best sports bookmakers will prepare a large number of attractive promotions for this championship, through which players will be able to top up their accounts in an easier way.

There are several ways to bet on football, and it’s not a just random selection of favorites or playing a ticket by choosing an outsider. Value betting, arbitrage betting, and the use of types are essential ways to help football fans increase their chances of winning when betting on this beautiful game.

The most popular form of football betting is betting on the final outcome of the match, in two categories: 1X2 (Home Win / Draw / Away Win) and Handicap.

Crossing betting can be very popular, but also difficult. The principle is the same as for 1X2 betting, but in order to win, you have to guess the outcome after both halves.

To be successful in this type of ranking, it is important to have an idea of how the match can go and what the pace of the teams competing is. A team can have a sure victory against a weaker opponent, but there is no guarantee that they will not have a slower start. In this case, it would be good to play on X/2.

It is also possible to play at the end of the first half, especially if the match is between approximately equal teams.

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Final thoughts

EURO 2024 is a great way to enjoy matches with friends, cheering on your favorite team. Sports betting brings extra excitement because, in addition to cheering on your favorite team, you also have the opportunity to make money. However, what you need to be aware of is that betting on an opposing team is not a betrayal. Why do we say that? Many people are aware that, for example, Germany has less chance of winning than Portugal, but they still put money into the team whose fan they are, which is, of course, wrong.

What is important is to keep your statistics, to be informed about previous championships, and to investigate which players play for the national team, because in essence, it is the players who will say whether a national team is bad or has a good chance of winning.

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