5 Tips for Keeping Your Peony Flowers Fresh Longer

Each of us has our obsession with being infected. Each of us has a hobby or a specific job that he likes and that is his favorite. For example, some people love cars and motoring, some people love computer games, fashion, plants or flowers. Yes, each of us can have an obsession that fills our time and pays attention to it. So one wants to repair, repair cars, another wants to spend time researching new computer games and playing them, a third wants to design clothes or come up with fashion combinations, and a fourth wants to grow plants or loves flowers and is dedicated to it is exactly the flowers.

Speaking of flowers, we would like to share a very interesting fact about flowers. Every third person on the planet has a problem, depression, or is simply regularly in a bad mood because they are easily upset and can easily ruin their day. But psychotherapists offer to either take and keep a pet or start growing plants, buying flowers, and the like. With these tips, people find themselves more and more and start buying flowers for a reason, without a reason or simply out of love, but also to make the place of living better.

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It is advisable to buy flowers for the home. It is primarily to make the home a more beautiful place, a colorful place, and a place that will always smell fresh flowers. But above all, it is out of love for these plants. You can decide which flower you want. You can be among the tulips, violets, chamomile, lavender, roses, or peonies. You can go to the nearest flower shop and buy a bouquet that with its appearance will try to beautify the space in which you live. We would especially like to single out peonies as flowers with a beautiful look that would perfectly beautify your space. They look good, they have a big bloom, a beautiful purple-white color that would go well with the space in which you live. But you need to take good care of them.

However, it is a fresh flower that needs to be properly cared for and stored to stay fresh for as long as possible. Already interested in a bouquet of peonies for your home? Want to buy such beautiful flowers to decorate your living space? Get some beautiful flowers first, and you can do so by making a visit at Thedahliaexpert.com/shop-peonies. And what next? Then you need to take proper care of them. Don’t worry, we are here to help you do it the right way. Here are 5 tips on how to best care for your bouquet of peonies.

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  1. Avoid storing them in places where there is too much sunlight – every plant wants light. But that rule only applies when the plant has its roots in the ground. Why? Because then it needs heat to grow and develop. Then after it is cut off or torn off, the sun harms it. It needs water and minimal sunlight, and this is especially the case with peonies. They require minimal light so that they can absorb water and distribute it along with all the light. If you put them in direct light they will soon wither, and we are sure that is not what you want to happen to them.
  2. Change the water regularly because that is the key to keeping the flowers fresh for a long time – for the flowers to stay fresh for as long as possible and to decorate your home, certain conditions that we are talking about today need to be met. One of those conditions is that the flowers are regularly in clean water. You can change the water every one or two days. It is best to change it every other day because it is still the ideal time to change the water. Also, keep in mind that it is not recommended to put too much cold water on them, but they need water that is at room temperature. And of course, it would be better to give them filtered and clean water so that they eat well, that is, they absorb the water well in themselves.
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  3. When you buy them, buy a bouquet with unopened blooms – we especially want to emphasize this part. When buying peonies always try to buy a bouquet that is with unopened blooms. This is important for them to open themselves up to the light they receive and the water you put in their vase. Thus, you will naturally stimulate the development of the already cut flowers, but you will also keep them longer than usual. Otherwise, you need to know that if you buy a bouquet with open blooms then it will last up to 5 days, and if you buy a bouquet that has closed blooms then it will last up to a maximum of 15 days if you take proper care of it.
  4. If there are leaves at the bottom of the stem, take them out because they are an obstacle – always before you put the bouquet in a vase you have to check one thing. Be sure to check for leaves on the underside of the stem. The leaves must be removed for the flowers to stay alive for as long as possible. If you put it with all the leaves uncut, it will start to rot over time, and that is not what you want to happen to it.
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  5. Keep them in a cool place at night – at the very end, it is good to know that this type of flower likes cold. They especially like the cold after they are uprooted from their trunks, have no roots, and will have to be in the water. To prevent the process of rotting or drying, you need to fulfill another condition in addition to the above conditions, and that is to put the vase in a cool place overnight for the flowers to be in bloom for a long time.

The rules are simple. All you need to do is follow them and keep your natural home decoration as long as possible with you, and thus keep your home beautiful and decorated in the coming days.

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