7 Best Time Tracking Apps For Freelancers

Time tracking is the technique of measuring and logging how much time you spend on various computer applications. For logging this time, you can use a variety of approaches, including logging the time in an Excel sheet, guesswork, writing the time spent in a diary, or using dedicated software.

One of the most in-demand tools in the productivity market is time monitoring apps for freelancers. This is due to the fact that the life and work of a freelancer are incredibly demanding. We’ve compiled a list of the finest freelance time tracking applications to help you keep on top of your workload.

1. Everhour

Source: zapier.com

Everhour is a wonderful time tracking software if you’re searching for something simple. This is not only a web app, but also a browser plugin. If you’re working in a group, this is the app to utilize. Everhour makes time tracking and managing team availability simple.

It also integrates with other productivity tools like Asana. It will, for example, sync the projects you have on that platform so that they appear in Everhour.

Within the web-based program you’re using, you may include a timer to track how long you spend on each project. You can start, pause, amend, and add an estimate at any moment.


You can anticipate spending $96 every year (about $8 per month) as a freelancer. However, it’s $7/month per person for freelancing teams.

2. Keeping

Source: keeping.nl

By combining the physical and virtual worlds, Keeping tries to provide you an accurate picture of how you spend your time. To seamlessly integrate keeping.nl with productivity apps like Trello and Basecamp, you can utilize their Chrome extension.

You can explicitly indicate the billable and non-billable hours with the help of the software. Keeping allows users to create a new invoice in their preferred invoicing application.

This enables you to create and deliver invoices to your customers in a timely and responsible manner. In addition, you have a clear picture of all billable and non-billable hours.


For Plus: € 5,40, per active user/mo/per year.

For Enterprise: €16 per active user/mo/per year.

3. Indy

Source: weareindy.com

Indy’s Time Tracker tool integrates into the platform to provide seamless workflow from proposals and contracts, to time tracking and billing. The tool is a superb choice for freelancers who want to keep their admin simple.

Once you’re ready to bill clients, you can view your invoices by project, date, or billing status. The app also makes it simple to bill your clients. With one or two clicks, you can add unbilled hours to any invoice. If you don’t have invoices ready, there are templates available.


Indy’s Free plan gives you free unlimited access to all the basic tools you need to manage your business. The Pro Bundle is only $12/month, though, and offers access to a whole set of advanced features of tools.

4. Harvest

Source: timecamp.com

When you use the Harvest app, it’s easy to keep track of your costs and create invoices with tools like Invoicely. This app is available for Android and iOS smartphones, as well as Windows, macOS, and as a web browser extension.

It’s built for team collaboration, but freelancers too can make use of it. If you work with or manage a team, you’ll find this software to be a time saver when it comes to keeping track of productivity.

This program is free to download and can be used on any mobile or desktop computer. Harvest works both ways; online and offline. Reminders are even emailed to the team to submit their timesheets.


Harvest offers a free account for solo freelancers, as well as paid accounts that cost $12 per month for teams of two or more.

5. HourStack

Source: hourstack.com

You may need to adjust the way you manage your time visually sometimes. That’s exactly what HourStack allows you to do.

The way your schedule is displayed in this time tracking software is unique. It displays your chores in time blocks rather than lists and calendars.

Each task is assigned to a time block based on how long you expect it to take. It’s a great app for planning your day ahead of time so you can fulfill deadlines.

It also entails features like labeling, color-coding jobs, and creating weekday schedules. When you work extra, the time you spent working appears in red at the bottom of your screen.


This app’s plans start at $7 per month.

6. Toggl

Source: timecamp.com

It is an excellent name for an app aimed at busy freelancers who switch between work and projects on a regular basis. It’s an easy-to-use tool that makes keeping track of time a breeze.

Toggl generates easy-to-understand reports that can be sent directly to your inbox. These include in-depth knowledge of your company’s performance and per day productivity.

It also keeps track of your activity in real-time if you turn it on. If you’re forgetful, you can always establish a work time to make sure it’s turned on during your working hours. With all the features it offers, you’ll find this program to be a terrific way to increase productivity.


The starter plan costs $9 per month. On the other hand, the premium plan starts at $18 per month, while the enterprise category has bespoke pricing.

7. Hubstaff

Source: timecamp.com

Hubstaff is a simple management platform for independent contractors and freelancers. You’ll be able to see what your freelancers are working on, thanks to screenshots and activity tracking. Monitoring functions can be adjusted or turned off entirely on a per-user basis.

You may track your work with a one-click timer in the desktop software or on the web. You may also use the mobile app as a time clock, thanks to GPS tracking and geofencing. To personalize timesheets and reports, you can add or edit time entries.

Work hours are compiled into customized reports in Hubstaff. You can examine reports by week, team member, project, client, timesheet, manual time edits, attendance, and location. Hubstaff is compatible with a number of popular apps. It’s accessible on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome on the web.


Hubstaff offers a 14-day free trial before upgrading to Basic ($7 per month), Premium ($10 per month), Enterprise ($20 per month), or the free version with limited functionality.


Operating your own company can be freeing, but only if you understand how to strike a work-life balance. Many freelancers spend far too much time working on projects and far too little time with their families.

However, whether you want to better manage your time to free up more of it or generate more money, these apps can assist.

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