Safety Tips for Seniors Driving On Roads after Years or For the First Time – 2024 Guide

Youngsters are often energetic and full of life. They love taking risks and experience adventure. The biggest drawback is that when they get their hands on the steering wheel, they lose control. Over speeding, breaking signals, and swerving abruptly becomes their habit. However, with age, all this enthusiasm and energy fades away. Finally, as we grow old, we keep our life a priority and not an adventure.

However, often it is seen that seniors are questioned when they sit behind the wheel. Many people question if they should be on the road all by themself. Well, my contradictory question is, Why Not! It doesn’t seem fair even if our loved ones say that they care for us. Retirement age is the time when people should live their lives.

So, those who don’t know how to drive even at the age of 70 can think of taking driving lessons. Your kids may object to this, but the federal government doesn’t. Many schools provide driving lessons to seniors, and trust me; they know what they’re doing. It may be challenging to teach a senior citizen, but it is not impossible because most trainers are also of the same age.

There are Driving Schools in Australia that are leading educators with 50 years of experience in driving lessons. Years of experience have given them knowledge which they share in their driving training program. In this kind of school, you get the country’s best training programs, trainers and services. You can check their courses and packages on Most students focus on getting a license, but this school focuses on training students about road safety and ways to survive on the roads. It is the best school for seniors who want to experience roads safely while holding the steering wheel.

Our life is full of responsibilities that don’t end at any time. When we are young, we choose a path for a career, and then middle-age is all about kids, parents, spouse, and earning a livelihood. It is only after retiring that we have some time for ourselves. Instead of sitting on a chair at the patio and watching birds humming, we can explore the world with our better half.

Every country has its sets of road and traffic rules. Australia is known for its expensive roads and freeways. The majority of the population owns a car in Australia. This makes roads loaded with traffic because people are always in a rush to avoid traffic during office hours. Thus, it may become slightly tricky for seniors to drive on busy roads for the first time after years.

Above all, obeying traffic rules in Australia is essential. In the last five years, many drivers have been charged a fine for disobeying traffic rules. The same happens in other countries when road rules are not followed properly. Here is a list of things that seniors should understand before stepping on the road with their vehicles.

Driving License at a Particular Age

Your age and the kind of vehicle you drive will decide the type of license you should possess.

75+ years of age

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Health starts deteriorating after 70 years of age. When you’re 75 years of age, you experience poor vision, a weak heart, high blood pressure, palpitation, and many risky things while driving. Therefore, two months before your 75th birthday, the Roads and Maritime Service will send you a form that has to be filled by your doctor. This form will assess your current medical condition, which a certified doctor attests. You can send it back to the office, or your doctor can do that for you.

85+ years of age

At 85+ years of age, you can renew your driving license, but you will have to provide an annual medical assessment report. Every year this has to be followed without fail, and every 2 years, you’ll have to pass the on-road driving assessment. This may sound tiring and irritating, but it is done for your benefit. This is because, after a certain age, seniors often forget things or cannot take quick decisions on the road. By driving assessment, the training school will determine if you’re fit to drive further.

With age, our body parts, nerves, brain, sensory organs start deteriorating. In addition, with an increase in age, our decision-making skills, perception, and healing from injury are also affected. Thus, it is safe to follow certain driving rules after an age.

Driving Tips for Seniors to Remain Safe on Road

  • If you feel lethargic or dizzy and don’t feel like driving, then don’t do it. First, call your doctor to book an appointment for a thorough check-up to ensure that you’re fit enough to drive on a busy road.
  • Airbags in the car are for safety, but for double safety, you should always wear seatbelts, even if you’re going to a local market nearby. Even Australian law can charge with a fine of $550 and a loss of 4 demerit points.
  • Use left and right indicators, side mirrors, and rear-view mirrors when taking a turn at the intersection. Often seniors encounter T-Bone collisions or sideswipe accidents because they drive slowly compared to youngsters who’re always overspeeding.
  • Always take your vehicle to the service station for maintenance and repair. Your vehicle should always remain in good condition to avoid a flat tire and accidents due to breaking down in the middle of the road.
  • If you’re going long distance, then it is wise to tag along another driver to switch seats whenever required. The best option is to take public transport if the roads are busy or you’re going to a place where parking is difficult.

Different states in Australia have different rules for the driving license of a senior.

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  • In NSW, you’ll be required to submit a medical assessment form when you’re 75 years of age.
  • In Victoria, you don’t need to fill any form, but you’re liable to inform the licensing authority in Victoria about your age.
  • Queensland has a straightforward rule where seniors will have to provide a Medical Certificate for a driver’s form after turning 75.

Thus, all states have their sets of rules which should be followed sincerely to avoid fines, tickets, and demerit points.

It is impossible to be a perfect driver every time. Nevertheless, when you know you can’t control other drivers around you, it is wise to take your safety measures and live a healthy life.

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