6 Tips and Tricks for Increasing Word Count of Your Essay

Some consider writing an essay a fun activity, while others find it repulsive and regard it as burdensome as a task could be. Anyway, essays are not elective, so both groups have to deal with them whether they like it or not, and the thing they need to pay special attention to is the word count. EssayPro in Canada offers invaluable tips and tricks for increasing the word count of your essay, helping you to effectively expand your ideas and meet the required length. No matter how much knowledge one might have of a particular topic, they still need to put it in a certain form and present it within previously given boundaries.

In order for you not to struggle and underdeliver, we have prepared a list of tips and tricks for the increasing word count of your essays for you to take into consideration and enhance your essay writing skills in no time.

1. Use Numerous Sources

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When sources are in question, you cannot get enough of them as long as they are valid for the topic of your essay. Namely, you can manipulate them to make the point you want, and either emphasize or question the idea you write about. The more sources you decide to include in your essay, the more words you will be able to use and increase the word count easily. When using multiple sources in your essay you should be aware that not all of them need to talk about the same thing, but can be used to describe different perspectives instead. You can even mention opinions totally opposite of the point you are trying to make and stultify them later in the text. This strategy will not only increase your word count but will also make your essay more interesting to the reader.

2. Back Your Story Up with Multiple Examples

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Depending on what you write about, different examples can be used to enhance the credibility of the story you want to tell, or should we say, write. Surely, the examples you use should be in some relation with the point you want to make, so make sure you stick to the subject and use the examples as a practical demonstration of previously stated arguments. Using multiple examples is a perfect way to increase the word count of an essay, and will affect your essay’s construction immensely, especially if you combine this one with a technique mentioned in the previous paragraph. Just make sure you do not overreact and go over the word limit. Jokes aside, but if you master the concept of manipulating the material you have at your disposal, you will have no trouble writing as many words as you need, regardless of the subject.

3. Quotations

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Need some more words for your essay? Well, you can have as many as you need them as long as you stick to the given subject. Namely, the chances that someone well-known has already said something wise about the topic of your essay are major, and nobody is stopping you from quoting them, as long as they are adequately credited. Not only that the quotations are a good tool for increasing the word count of an essay, but they will make the one who reads your writings think of you as a writer who knows the subject matter well enough. On the other hand, you should be careful not to overexaggerate with multiple quotations, since the essay should be original work, not a collection of thoughts of famous thinkers. At www.homeworkhelpglobal.com you will find additional info on how to make the most out of any essay and how to level up your writing game additionally with ease.

4. Explain In Detail

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You should be aware that sometimes, even if you perfectly know what you talk or write about, your interlocutor might not understand you completely. Embrace that and bear it in mind and you will automatically manipulate yourself to process certain pieces of information in detail. This technique is particularly important when using complex examples that need to be decomposed into sections so the reader can be introduced to the process by gradually gathering new information. Yet again, you need to remain warry not to abuse this technique solely for increasing the word count, since it still needs to be a valid and natural part of an essay and not to molest the reader with redundant and boring pieces of information.

5. The Beginning and The End

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A vast majority of students who struggle with word count issues pay little or no attention at all to the introductory and concluding parts of the essay. We should emphasize that both segments serve to talk about the essence of the essay in some way, while the first one is in charge of getting the reader close to the point, the second should round the story up and close the story with a certain founding. Therefore, focus on those parts and make the most of them, not by exploiting them to the maximum since they should still serve their purpose, but by utilizing the opportunity to increase your word count by forming complex sentences that will hint what you want to talk about later on, and round the story up in the end.

6. Know Your Goals

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Before starting your essay, think about what you need to say and what are rules you need to stick to. What you should do as soon as you find out in how many words you need to write your essay is to make a draft. Think about what you need to write about and carefully divide your text to be in segments. Operating in this fashion gives you the insight into what and in which wat you need to modify in order to end up with exactly as many words as you want. When you set your goals straight, you can easily use any of the techniques mentioned in the lines above and make them work for your cause until you reach the desired number of words.

Hopefully, the aforementioned tips and tricks will help you improve your essay writing skills and increase the word count of your essays easily. Any of the techniques mentioned above work well on their own but will deliver more if you combine them. Use them wisely and the results will follow.

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