7 Best Side Hustle Ideas

There will never be enough money, every time you hit your target you get the urge to make more. Your main hustle may only take care of your necessary bills but not offer you a luxurious life.

Apart from the basic needs, people need to possess expensive entertaining electronics, buy bigger and better houses, have more than one car, own several stylish outfits and maybe go on a vacation somewhere far once in a while. All these things cannot be taken care of by your main hustle alone.

There are several ways you can look for more cash. Starting up a business is one of the ways. You may decide to open a shop, salon, gym or any other business in mind. You can also use your hobby to make money, for example, knitting, being a swimming trainer, plaiting people’s hair and so many other activities.

Other people use the resources they have to make money, for instance renting one of your rooms, using their phone to create content and even selling their hair. The following are some of the side hustle ideas you can try out.

1. Becoming A Part-Time Nanny

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If you only work during the weekdays, you can make use of your weekends by taking care of children at a fee. You can also offer this service if you only work for half a day. We have individuals who only require nannies for some hours to rest or run a few errands. These types of people can work well with part-timers.

Some people only need nannies to pick up their children from school, help them do their homework, bathe them and just ensure they are safe before their parents arrive from their places of work. You need to make arrangements with the person who needs such services and ensure you keep time. There are sites that connect individuals to such works, look out for them.

2. Being A Private Chef

There are many families that hire personal chefs for events like weddings, burials and graduations. Such people need someone who can come up with a budget, cook and serve people during the agreed day. They pay different amounts of money depending on the number of invited guests. This is an ideal side hustle since most of these events take place during weekends.

Other families require a personal chef to take care of their daily meals. They may need you to report weekly or daily depending on what is comfortable with them. You may cook a large amount of food then store them in proper packaging materials to serve them for a few days. In such cases, consider abs injection molding products like the storage tins from RYD tooling which are durable and are sold at a fair cost.

3. Being A Content Creator In YouTube

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This is also a good and easy way to earn extra cash. You can decide to vlog about your personal life. Shoot videos about your daily activities then post them on your YouTube account. The videos may involve the places you traveled to and generally your daily routines. Ensure you are creative in how you do things. Some people come up with pranks and fun games to spice their content and attract more viewers.

You can also come up with different tutorials for example makeup tutorials, how to prepare certain foods that you are good at, they may also involve how to decorate your space and so on. YouTubers earn from the views they get plus the advertisements. This is a good way of earning since it requires less time and can be done even at the workplace.

4. Offering House Cleaning Services

Not everyone likes or has time to clean their home. There are a lot of families that need someone to do the cleaning for them at a fee. This may be done on specific days or daily for a few hours depending on the agreement. Such people need general cleaning services, for example cleaning the house, utensils and washing clothes.

This kind of work can be done after your main hustle or during the weekend if the client is comfortable. There are many sites that connect interested individuals to such clients. Try and look out for one they can be a good side hustle on your side.

5. Offering Music Lessons

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Are you good at vocals? This might be the best way you can earn money. You should consider coaching interested individuals either online or physically if possible. You can also coach students in schools or choirs in churches. If you are good at playing instruments like the guitar and piano, consider teaching people at a fee.

You can advertise your services through social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Place your contact on those platforms for interested persons to reach out to you. They can be beneficial when trying to look for a side hustle opportunity.

6. Offering Driving Lessons

If you are a good driver, consider getting a license as a driving instructor. During your free time, teach interested individuals how to drive and help them acquire licenses. You can use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to advertise your services. You will be doing what you love and still earn from it.

7. Branding Items

You can earn a lot by branding people’s items according to their tastes and preferences. Items that can be branded include t-shirts, jumpers, cups, water bottles, and many more. Such items might be used in special events like birthdays, weddings, and graduations. Branding can be done during weekends if you don’t go to work or after work.


The majority of people either save up or take loans to fulfill their huge goals. Goals like building houses, buying good cars, or starting up big businesses cannot be achieved by one month’s salary for many people, that is where side hustles come in. Learning how to manage your finances is also crucial when trying to make extra cash. Proper budgeting should be done to avoid reckless spending.

It is advisable to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves to make money. For instance, during the recent pandemic of the covid19 virus, a lot of people started manufacturing and selling hand sanitizers to meet people’s demands. Others started customizing unique face masks and supplying them to wholesalers and retailers. Discipline is key when it comes to anything involving money.

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