How Long Should a West Coast Road Trip Take?

Traveling around the United States is a dream for many people out there. When we say this, we don’t necessarily think only about US citizens. However, the commonest thing that happens is that people are slowly going towards retirement. So, they think about how they should spend their retirement days in the best possible way.

Naturally, traveling around the country is on top of the list in a vast majority of cases. Since the United States are the 3rd biggest country in the world, you can see that there are a lot of things that you can see during a trip like this. Basically, you can see it all, from various climate conditions to a wide array of different ways of living.

Just think about it, understanding much more things about your country is always an exciting thing to do. For some, this is the primary reason they want to do a trip like this. Foreigners have a completely different agenda. They are interested in experiencing something they didn’t before. Pretty much every tourist agrees that the way of living in the US is completely different from the rest of the world.

In case you would like to take a look at some basics you need to know as a foreign tourist, be sure to visit All three main regions of the country are filled with the interesting thing you have yet to discover. Today, we would like to focus only on the West Coast. Without further ado, let’s see what you can expect from this sort of journey.

What’s the Starting Point?


Before you start your journey, it is important to know what is the starting point and where you want to end up. If you want to start from North Alaska, you will likely start from a town called Barrow. We are talking about one of the most interesting cities in the whole country. The reason is that a majority of people who live in this city are Eskimos. Surely, this is not usual for the majority of the country.

If you are not interested in starting from Alaska, then your starting point will be the town of Seattle. We are talking about one of the best places to live within the borders of the United States. There are a lot of different surveys and reports that can confirm these claims. Without any doubt, this is a great place to gather all the gear and supplies needed for this sort of journey.

In case you are interested in starting this journey from the south, you will start from Imperial Beach, California. It needs to be said that this city is the last one before you stumble across the borderline with Mexico. It is a small city, similar to a wide array of different smaller places in the state of California. According to recent information, it has roughly 26,000 people living in it throughout the year.

The Roads

Without any doubt, the quality of roads makes all the difference on trips like this one. Even though the United States is known for having top-notch roads, chances are that you will come across some that are not as good as they should be. For this reason, we would recommend you to stick to highways. Sure, this is not going to be possible at all times, especially if you want to explore a little bit.

Nevertheless, spend a majority of the trip on these, and you will experience no problems. When it comes to the best highways out there, we would like to mention a couple of them. We are talking about highways like 101 in the Olympic Peninsula, the same on Oregon’s Coast, and Pacific Coast Highway. All of these will provide you with a chance to cover as many miles as possible in the shortest amount of time.

How Much Time You Will Need?


When it comes to the amount of time you should commit to this sort of journey, it needs to be said that it depends on your starting point. Let’s say, you started from Seattle. In that case, you will need roughly six days, with an average of 10 hours driving per day. Since there is no chance you can experience any local culture wherever you stop this way, we would say that the optimal time needed is around two weeks.

If your journey starts from the city of Barrow, AL, you will need much more time. Just think about it, Alaska is a huge state. Not to mention that harsh climate conditions are likely to occur, no matter what part of the year you have opted for. Plus, going through Canada for a couple of hours is a necessity. Except if you can’t cross this gap in the territory by going on a ship.

Since this is a quite hefty thing to do, we believe that going through Canada should remain your number one option. Many people make the mistake when they compare the length of the West and East Coast. They often forget all about Alaska. But, if you are an adventurous type, we believe that missing out on this part of the country is a no-no for you.

Last Thoughts


Since you will be on the road for a couple of weeks, preparing all the supplies is an absolute must. Surely, this is not a process you can complete in days. Instead, you need to start preparing for the trip roughly a month before it starts. The reason is quite simple, packing is a process where you will get back to something you have forgotten more than once.

Furthermore, you should think about how much food you will need for the trip. Sure, having enough money is a good thing, but you should have some food with you, just in case you get hungry in the parts of the country that is not as densely populated. Above all, we believe that coming with a detailed plan is something that will provide you with many long-term benefits. Be sure to make one for yourself.

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