How to Store Miniatures?

Have you started to collect miniatures, but you have no creative idea how to store them? We are going to share with you a practical idea that you might find useful. First of all, you must answer yourself one question – what do you use your minis for? Because the choice will depend on the aim of collecting minis. Do you just collect them to grow your own collection? Or are you a war gamer and you actively use them in battles? Secondly, think of the size of the miniatures’ collection and imagine how large you wish it to become.

Either way, there are several practical ways and ideas of storing the minis. However, they will differ from each other concerning the purpose of storing. Hopefully, you are going to find an idea that will perfectly fit your needs.


What about the foams?

Foams are probably the most common solution that wargamers and collectors had already known before this article was written. They are easy to get and one can cut out any shape needed. However, the foams seem a little bit impractical for long-term use. It works pretty well when you just buy more and more figurines and make your collection greater, but when you deal with miniatures’ turnover, then you might get quite frustrated. The biggest disadvantage of them is one-shape use. It means that once you cut out a shape, it might get difficult or even impossible to reshape it or modify it. Another disappointing thing is a must of being creative and sacrificing your free time to actually get it done. It is okay when you own 5 or 15 miniatures. Yet, you might become annoyed when it comes to cutting out around 50 or 100 shapes for every figurine.

How about the advantages? First pro that comes to our minds is the possibility of fitting your foamed miniatures anywhere. It can be a backpack, travel bag or a shelf. You don’t necessarily need an original case for storing. It gets easier if you get a pick and pluck foam. This solution gives you space for being creative and trying different combinations by putting out and moving the cubes.

To summarize, the foams are great for beginners, where there is no huge army to cut out foam for. Yet, it seems to be one of the cheapest ways for miniatures’ store.

Plastic boxes

Have you ever thought of plastic boxes that you can buy in an equipment store? Well, that is a great idea! You can choose from various shapes and sizes or even colors! They are usually multi-purpose, so why not to use them to store the minis? Besides, you can store your board games as well. Going further, some dedicated boxes for tools and screws have already personalized compartments that might somehow be useful for your miniatures, especially if you don’t own many of them. If you are lucky, you may find ones that are equipped with wheels. They are kind of trolley-looking and may perfectly serve you during traveling with your small treasures.

Finally, there is a kind of box that could be classified as a show box. They look neat, but they are mainly meant just to put away and collect in one place the miniatures. The minis will get messy once you move the box from one place to another. It is not convenient to travel with this box because the figurines aren’t secured and protected enough. If you want the figurent to remain immovable, rather choose another idea for storing. This one may work for collection purposes. Nonetheless, you can give it a try and modify the insides with foam or bubble wrap. Either way, it is not going to look esthetically. That’s why it is quite important to think of the purpose of storing the army.


Do magnets work for miniatures?

Magnets are certainly the most convenient arrangement to move or transport the miniatures without the concern of sliding to the sides or scratching the minis. The idea is to stick magnets to the base of the miniatures. This step will make them immovable and stuck in the place you left them. However, there are a few disadvantages of using magnets. For example, once you go to an event or board game tournament, you’ll most probably must go through an X-ray machine and without a doubt, your bag with the magnets will get checked by the security staff. It is not prohibited, however, these small pieces of magnets can make your travel time complicated, but in the end, it is worth protecting the miniatures.

Is thermoforming an option?

Most commonly known as vacuum shaped plastic. Until presently, there has been no manufacturer that would create the needs of the miniature figurines. It was sent to you in a form of plastic frame and then, the minis would perfectly fit into it. This solution is barely popular, but it is still an option to consider when thinking of a storing idea.


Wooden embellishments and cut by laser

The wooden embellishments are personalized. Every miniature should fit to its own divider. In this solution you have no possibility to stick magnets since there is no metal surface included. Therefore, it is a similar solution to the described above plastic look like showcases. Again, you could try the trick with bubble wrap or foam, but you have to bear in mind that the divers have to be appropriately bigger to fit a miniature and the foam or any other material.

Show cases

This kind of case is designed to please you looking at your miniatures. The collectors are going to get satisfied at how great their miniatures are being presented in this showcase. Its function is just to keep your miniatures clean on a shelf, but do not rely on its security features, because there are none. If you want to have a look at your figurines from each side when you pass the shelf where they are placed, then it is the perfect storing option for your needs!

Going further, there are several ways to customize your showcase. Do you want to make it look more special and unique? Try a LED installation to underline the importance and appearance of the army collection. Either way, remember not to expose the showcase to sunlight. The sunrays have a negative impact on the portrayal of the miniatures.


Revolutionary cases from Army Case

Now, it is time for wargamers who actively use their miniatures in games, battles and wars. If you still haven’t found an idea for secure storing the figurines. The revolutionary idea is partially based on handle boxes, but the design idea of Army Case fixed most of the disadvantages. Listening to the needs of the market, the founder came up with a solution that will surprise with its simple, but extremely effective and good looking system. It is not a secret that all the wargame producers offer some dedicated for their miniatures cases. However, it does not always work with various minis coming from distinctive wargaming plots. The A-Case cases not only look extremely elegant, but also protect your small treasures from scratching, moving, sliding and the sunlight.

The revolutionary idea of Army Case was the framework of a miniature case. It is made out of steel in order to stick magnets to it. Thanks to this solution it is so easy to keep your miniatures immovable and protected. It has been tested that the minis do not move even an inch during traveling or transportation. The idea includes the magnet system, the steel frame, trays and a case. It is all mounted in an elegant and handy bag. There is no foam needed and it is possible to fit in a lot of miniatures that may belong to various wargames. Yet, the steel frame is lightweight and the whole army case is waterproof and weighs around 3 kg. All the more, a wargamer is able to customize the bag by choosing dedicated colors. It is totally safe to travel with an A-case around the world by plane.

Army Case propelled A-Case collection that comprises three sorts of cases that are devoted to fans of tabletop games. The highlights are lovely comparative, but they contrast by estimate. A-Case Plus and A-Case Victory can fit up to 360 miniatures, whereas A-Case Hermes 2.0 is able to store around 240 miniatures. They all weigh around 3 kg without filling. In addition, the miniature cases have idealized sizes that fit as carry-on gear. On the site, you’ll be able to select the color of the bags, but the frame continuously remains dark. Much appreciated to the attractive framework, it makes the company’s item unique and one of a kind. You’re free to customize the sum of the foams and number of the trays to your individual needs or necessities. Army Case offers free shipping all over the world presently.

Army Case launched a case collection to fulfil diverse needs of miniatures’ collectors and players. At the moment there are three kinds of the cases available. The are divided by capacity. The models are called A-Case Plus, A-Case Victory and A-Case Hermes.


What are the differences between the A-cases?

A-Case Hermes has the smallest capacity. It can store up to 240 miniatures, whereas the two other cases are able to fit in up to 360 miniatures. All of them share the same features apart from the size. To all of them it is possible to order additional trays and magnets.

Which case is the best for you?

Since the A-Cases share the same features, the only question is the size. Think of how many miniatures you already own and of the number you wish to own in the future. Either way, it is important to bear in mind some important points to keep your miniatures in the best condition as long as it is possible. First of all, do not use the worst quality paints to avoid quick rubbing from the minis. Secondly, do not use harmful cleaning products. Thirdly, a not satisfying case is better than no case. Fourthly, avoid putting in and out the miniatures to a case when it is not necessary.

Now you are re to discover more about the A-Cases. Check out our online shop, feel free to ask questions and enjoy free delivery worldwide!

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