3 Things to Know About Timber Frame Floor Plans

The technology of home building has come a long way. Just like the whole world around us, it advances every day. But, it’s still a traditional business and some things never change. For one, timber is still one of the materials that are used on almost every house. Not even the father time managed to replace its usefulness. As you probably know, there are various modern materials available these days, but many people love to remain loyal to their roots. Timber was used back in prehistoric times, and it’s still good today.

Those of you who are fans of this material will be glad to hear that its popularity isn’t veining. In fact, timber is more popular than ever. Yes, that’s right wooden projects are still on the menu with most construction companies. It’s no wonder as this method has many advantages compared to everything else on the market. Of course, there are flaws, but the traditional home build is not something to be overlooked. If you’re not sure what t do for your home, let us tell you a thing or two about the three things to know about timber frame floor plans. But first, let’s see what is timber framing in general.

What Is It?

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As the title says, it’s a method of home building that revolves around building the initial parts of your home, including floors, from wooden materials. What will thrill all people who are fans of the old ways, is that when you use wood, there are no nails used in the process. This way of doing things makes it feel like it is a completely natural home, which is something that many people want for their house. What’s used instead are the wooden pegs which offer plenty of cohesive traits. If you’re a fan of the old ways, you’ll be glad to hear that this method was used centuries back and it is a part of construction history.

Some of the world’s most famous castles and wooden buildings are built on a foundation made out of wood. Even after centuries, these buildings aren’t moving an inch, which is a true testimony that you’re going to be fine if you choose to start the build of your home with wooden floor plans. The best part is that you can hire professionals such as people from Hamill Creek Timber Homes and have your project done perfectly from the ground up entirely of wood. If this is the idea you want to make a reality, we’re not against it. Many people take this route. If you’re still not on board and need additional conviction, keep reading as we’re about to tell you a few things about wooden floor pans you didn’t know, but could make you jump onto the timber bandwagon.

1. They’re Durable

This is what matters the most. If you want to have a home that will last you a lifetime, using wooden materials could be the route you should go. We already said it, there are buildings all over the world made out of timber that still doesn’t allow the tie to consume them. You don’t need more proof of quality than this. Considering the way technology advanced in recent years regarding construction, the people who work with timber have even more experience than the wood masons of old. Using timber frames for your entire home, and starting from the floor, is a wise idea, and we are entirely for it. The secret of the durability of these projects lies in the fact that massive pieces of timber are sued. The bigger the wood, the higher the density. When you see it this way, it is easy to understand why we advocate for it. It’s pure quality in essence.

2. Multiple Design Options

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Timber is a highly adaptable material. Both homeowners and home builders learned to appreciate this through the long years wood has been used as a material for homemaking. The best part is that there are as many types of trees as you like. Many of them are excellent for home building. So, it’s not like you’re stuck with one choice. No, you’d be able to choose how to start building your home and which species is going to be the ones built into your home. Furthermore, timber can be shaped any way you at it. This is the primary reason some people opt for this material. It can be changed and adapted from early on which makes it ideal for projects that include smaller details from the first timber laid down.  What you’ll love to hear is the part we’re talking about here. The floor can be altered even after other parts of the building are up, which makes it a more appealing option compared to concrete buildings. It’s not like you can make Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard out of the wood, but you can do wonders, trust us.

3. The Ease of Built

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This should attract as many homeowners as anything else. Planning wooden floors are essential for some part, as little to nothing is calculated on the ground where the building is built. Instead, you need to have everything planned as most companies in this line of work bring the already prepared timber according to the plans they were given. There’s quality product control involved, and this is the primary reason why you won’t have timber handled on the spot. Yes, as we said, some tweaks can be done in order to make artistic design changes, but the initial framing can’t be altered too much. Such prepared pieces of wood are put together on the location, which sometimes seems like a child’s play when the professionals are doing it. What you’ll love to hear is that when everything is planned to the smallest detail and the groundwork is perfectly the home building with timber rarely last longer than a couple of days. No other material offers this type of easily built-in small-time fragments. Another aspect is important, and you might care for it, timber houses are eco-friendly which is no small feat these days. Just ask Leonardo Di Caprio.

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