Top 10 Blackjack Strategy Myths Debunked

Many people find enjoyment in the thrill and anticipation that you get while playing casino games. One of the most popular games of this type is blackjack. It is rare to meet a person that has not tried it, even if they are not a casual casino player.

Because of the popularity of this game, people tend to make strategies that usually don’t work. Talking around, and explaining that to others creates a myth that will surely lose somebody’s money. Starting from basic stories, to absurd explanations from people who think they know everything, you might get lost if you don’t research in time.

To help you save your finances, and to create a better playing experience, we have created this article debunking blackjack strategy myths. Make sure you read through and spare yourself from continuous losing from believing in such myths. In addition, you will be better informed, and you can implement the knowledge in your next game.


1. You are not allowed to count the cards

As we have seen in almost every movie that involves casinos, you are not allowed to count the cards. That gives you the benefit of knowing what the last few hands could be, and you can max out your bets, earning more than you have spent while calculating.

There is not a rule that says doing such activity is illegal. However, if you are getting caught, you will be warned or kicked out.

Besides, this method does not even work anymore, since there are changes that make this strategy impossible. Firstly, the deck is being shuffled after every game, so counting is vain. Many casinos use multiple decks at once, so you will not be able to remember everything correctly.

2. Hitting the 21 being the main objective

Although this is the number that wins everything, hitting it is not the main objective of this game. The whole point is to beat the dealer, hitting the 21 just helps. If you are chasing this number, you are more likely to cross it, which makes you lose. Just make sure that you are having a larger number than the dealer, and prevent exaggerations and busts.


3. Being good at math will help you win more

As the films show, the ones who win are presented as mathematic masterminds. That is how you get the impression that math knowledge is essential for winning this game. However, that is not true. If you know how to count to 30, and understand the rules of the game, following the basic strategy, you should be good to go.

4. The house takes less in blackjack

If you are looking for a game that has a lower edge than the others, then blackjack is surely one of them. However, if you have thought that the edges are the lowest, you are mistaken. Lack of knowledge, a bad strategy, and a place where the rules have been set just for the benefit of the casino will raise the edge more than it should.

That is why choosing a casino that can be trusted is important as suggested by For the quality of the time spent, and the experience of the players, the rules have to be fair for everyone. Make sure that you research, and play in the casino that many people are being satisfied from.


5. Avoiding tables where the dealer is winning

When you hear someone saying this, you already know it is a myth and that cannot be trusted. Why would you avoid a table where the dealer has a couple of wins in a row when the game is random. If they won until now, it does not mean they will not lose from you.

6. Bad players can lose your finances

Another thing that just does not make sense is believing that bad players will lose your finances. That cannot be true, since everyone plays for themselves. Their decisions do not affect your play. If there is a free spot, just take it, and do your best to beat the house.


7. Upscaling the bet with every hand

There is a strategy that became famous both because of how convincing it sounded and because of the films. Upscaling the bet with every hand you lose would always bring you profit. However, that is not completely true. Since you don’t know when you will win, you should have a lot of money with you to cover the costs of the rounds lost. That is not always efficient, and should not be performed as the main strategy.

8. Accepting the options when the dealer has an ace

There are many options for you to take whenever the dealer pulls out an ace for themselves. This means that if the card they pull out next is ten, you lose. The options are made in a way to trick you to get them.

The option for getting even money, or getting insurance of the hand is something that you should not do. Pulling out a card that is not of a high value is more than 70 percent. Since you came to gamble, it is better to take your chances, than ruin the profit with an option presented by the dealer.


9. Assuming that the dealer always has a high-value card

Many people think that the dealer always has a high-value card. When you are predicting and calculating the hand, you are always thinking of the worst. However, this is surely not true. Having a card that is worth a 10 has a 30 percent chance of happening. Although it might seem suspicious how they pull out a card they need in some hands, it is a complete coincidence.

10. If you have lost many times in a row, you are up for a win

Most of the players who come up with the myths try to comfort themselves thinking their wins come after a long list of losses. You need to understand that every hand is different, and the previous rounds do not affect the game anymore. All you need to think of is the round you are playing at the moment and keep your focus there. You always have a chance to win, and statistically, that is just a slim of 50 percent.

With all these myths debunked, we hope you have a better understanding of the game. Don’t believe in everything you hear, and keep on having a good time enriched with many wins.

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