8 Most Unusual Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2024 

Cryptocurrency has begun to attain tremendous popularity ever since Bitcoin was released. There have been many cryptocurrencies introduced after bitcoin. Remember that not all of them have gained the popularity that Bitcoin has. However, there are a few unusual cryptocurrencies that are likely to gain momentum in the year 2024.

Investing in them can be a wise option for traders from around the world. They can likely make a lot of money when they invest, exchange, or trade with them in the year 2024. We have compiled a list of the top unusual cryptocurrencies in which you can invest and profit.

8 Most Unusual Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2024

As we mentioned, many cryptocurrencies have been introduced, and you can click here to become a trader and begin making money. People who have not been able to make a large investment in popular cryptocurrencies have turned to unusual ones that are cheaper. So here are the most unusual ones:

#1. Avalanche

Source: nairametrics.com

Avalanche was introduced into the crypto market in 2024. Like most cryptocurrencies that are doing the rounds, this one is a decentralized cryptocurrency too. Python, Go, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Vue are the programming languages used for this cryptocurrency.

It is one blockchain platform that is gaining popularity among cryptocurrency traders. There are even predictions from experts that this crypto is likely to triple in value in 2024. The ability to process 4,500 transactions per second speaks volumes about its speed.

In comparison, bitcoin only has seven (7) transactions per second (TPS). Although they use the same style as Ethereum, they are still able to avoid congestion. The other factor to listing this on top of all others is the ease with which you can trade them, which makes it their USP.

#2. PutinCoin

As the name suggests, this cryptocurrency is relatively much aimed at Russians. Apart from paying tribute to Vladimir Putin, it also recognizes the people of Russia. You can trade this cryptocurrency with its Russian counterparts.

Since Russia is considered the largest economy in the world, the popularity of this cryptocurrency is likely to soar in 2024. Although it is not as popular at the moment, it can gain momentum as the year progresses. As a result, we ranked it second on our list.

#3. Qtum (pronounced “quantum”)

Source: hub.easycrypto.com

One of the USPs of Qtum is combining the technology used by Bitcoin for security and the Ethereum Virtual Machine’s technology for smart contracts. The end product is Qtum, offering 70 transactions per second (TPS). Qtum also has low transaction fees.

You can trade with this cryptocurrency and expect to make a lot of money. Its popularity has only increased due to the non-congestive approach it has maintained. It is catching up very fast with the market leaders in the cryptocurrency market and stands at #3 on the list.

#4. TrumpCoin

It would be odd not to mention TrumpCoin in our list. Like the PutinCoin, this was floated even before Donald Trump became president of the United States. It is believed that this cryptocurrency was instrumental in gathering funds and support for Trump.

Anyone who is a Trump supporter and a cryptocurrency trader liked its introduction. They tried to make it prominent, and it is likely to become an impact maker in 2024. They are successful, and the TrumpCoin is getting popular, although Trump is not in office now.

#5. Stellar

Source: forexcrunch.com

If you were to consider the market value of the cryptocurrency, Stellar currently stands at 27th, with its popularity growing by the day. Sending money across borders can take days to complete for anyone in the United States. However, this cryptocurrency can get it done within seconds.

It boasts an impressive 3,000 (TPS) transactions per second. It is achieved by the protocol used by the network known as XLM. Transaction fees are another factor that contributes to its popularity in the cryptocurrency market.

#6. DentaCoin

Another unusual addition to the existing list is the DentaCoin. It is a cryptocurrency using the blockchain network created for dentists and patients. Records of patients are shared easily with a good transparency ratio. Other critical information can also be shared.

Cryptocurrency market experts suggest that its popularity can only grow in the upcoming days. You can invest in this cryptocurrency if you are looking for something unusual and profitable. Serving the global community of dentists is the motive of this one.

#7. Axie Infinity

Source: coingape.com

Axie Infinity has taken the cryptocurrency and gaming world by storm. Gamers are the primary focus of this cryptocurrency. You are allowed to play the game and fight monsters. You begin by winning and making money with Axie Infinity. It also uses the metaverse for gaming.

Characters created by you are yours and cannot be duplicated. It is an aspect that has created a huge market for this cryptocurrency in the digital world. Gamers find it not just interesting, but also a good way to make money in the cryptocurrency market.

#8. Alogrand

Alogrand is a cryptocurrency that is competing with Stellar with its performance. The developers boast 1,162 (TPS) transactions per second. They are also offering 4.36 seconds on block finality. You would be amazed at the speed at which transactions happen here.

Analysis and research of the cryptocurrency market predict this crypto coin will grow three times its current value. Therefore, cryptocurrency investors think of it as a relatively fascinating place to put their money. It has pushed Alogrand to the eighth spot on our list of unusual cryptos.

Source: en.cryptonomist.ch


Everyone would agree that the cryptocurrency market is an unstable one. The volatility of this market means that traders should exercise caution while investing in or trading crypto. However, if you have a relatively good understanding of the market, your chances of losing money are lower.

It is always advised that you educate yourself enough and not take any undue risks. There are automated platforms you can use as a novice to increase your chances of making profits. You can also look at tutorials that are available on the internet to obtain more tips on cryptocurrency trading and investing.

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