6 Hardest Dangerous Bosses In WoW Shadowlands

One of the core features in World of Warcraft is to work with other players so you can complete various quests. While the game changed a lot over the last decade, we can see that the developers made it even more important for players to collaborate. That is especially related to raids where a group of players has to defeat a boss. The goal of such a mission is to get valuable items.

Each expansion is introducing a new quest, features, interesting items, and more powerful bosses. The latest expansion is Shadowlands, which introduced a new type of dungeons and expanded the map to six new areas. While there are no new classes added with this expansion, the main focus is on group missions.

There are rare cases where people managed to complete complicated raids in solo runs. Even when you are in a group of experienced players, it is essential to get the right items and reach a certain level. Therefore, it is always a good option to get some boost for the complex obstacle. You can found WoW Boost.

This game would not be so interesting and worth playing for such a long time if there are no challenging missions where you might need a lot of time to complete. Every expansion is known for some specific quest or raid that only experienced players can complete. Bosses are one of the most difficult parts of this game. We are going to introduce you to the hardest dangerous bosses in Shadowlands.

1. Shriekwing

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This is the first boss in the latest raid Castle Nathria. While it is not as difficult as some other characters that we are going to present, it still requires a good strategy. First of all, pay attention to the abilities of the boss. Your group must have a clear strategy so you can deal with the abilities like Exsanguating bite and Echoing screech.

Tanks need to use taunts in the right way. Also, be careful while the boss is moving around because of the Murder Pray ability. The best approach is to stay close in a group and attack the boss from a distance.

2. Remnant of Ner’zhul

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This is a fourth boss in the Sanctum of Domination. The key features and requirements are related to a close-distance battle. Beware of the abilities like the grasp of malice and spite. It is recommended for tanks to use the abilities to get rid of Torment that this boss can cast. Another key feature to be aware of is Shatter, where good healers are essential since this ability can deal a lot of damage.

3. Sylvanas Windrunner

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Sylvanas is the final boss of the Sanctum. Therefore, it is not a surprise that it is quite challenging to defeat her. Like with any other boss, it is essential to learn more about its main features and abilities before you head into fighting.

When it comes to Windrunner, beware of Desecrating shots, barbed arrows, and the Veil of darkness. Also, Haunting wage can deal a lot of damage, but she won’t cast it so often. It is essential for the team to cast different abilities at the right moment.

4. The Council Of Blood

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Another raid that is part of the most recent update is also one of the most difficult raids in the expansion so far. There is a guide that can help you to defeat this boss by following the right order. The first thing to do is to defeat Frieda, Niklaus, and Stavros. Since Stavros is the most powerful, you can use various taunts to make it unable to attack you while killing the other two members of the council.

Focus on the moment when Frieda is about to die since that will release a waltz of blood feature. The same is for the after-effects of killing Niklaus, where there will be explosions around you. The last part is killing Stavros, where taunts are essential. However, it can be difficult to survive to this point, which means that healers must be focused all the time.

5. Huntsman Altimor

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The biggest issue and the main reason why so many players find this boss so difficult is the fact that playing against him requires some simple tactics and abilities. The main obstacle is related to beasts around this boss with their abilities. The first thing to pay attention to is related to good timing and positioning. The best strategy is to stay away from the Altimor and focus on killing the beasts first.

6. Sludgefist

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Many people would think that the final boss of this raid is the most difficult one. However, the interesting fact about Castle Nathria is that reaching the final boss is even more challenging. One of the main reasons for that is related to the difficulty of defeating the Sludgefist. Timing is especially important here.

You will have to determine the best moment for casing some abilities, especially those with longer cooldown. Moreover, when you are using the chain link, it is crucial to stay close to your ally, or both of you will get killed very quickly. Also, you will need a certain combination of items as well. For example, if you are playing as Blood Death Knight, you will need a rune weapon and super-strain.

The Bottom Line

If you are having trouble with any of these bosses, we suggest you focus on training and improving your skills and experience. There is no need to stress out at any part of the game. Instead of that, focus on the abilities and right items.

Also, finding a group of people is even more important. Since these bosses are so difficult, each member in the group must have a clear strategy that is related to the accurate casting of spells, healing at the right time, taunting, and more.

In the end, we expect that the following updates might introduce some even more challenging quests. Therefore, you should focus by competing all of the previous ones and learn more about different opponents and the mechanics of their abilities.

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