7 Things to Try if You Want Your Live Stream Concert to Feel Like a Real Event

The pandemic caused various problems for musicians worldwide. From canceled gigs to problems in presenting their new work, they had to find an alternative method of getting paid. That is where the live stream concert came into play.

Live stream concerts do not feel the same as a real event, which is a problem both for the performer and the listener. However, there are many things that you can do to improve your sensations while watching your favorite artist stream, or while performing.

To help you make your live stream concerts feel like a real event we have made this article. In addition, you will learn how to create an atmosphere where live events seem better and increase your enjoyment to the fullest.

1. Improve the visuals

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Visual sensations are an important aspect of every live stream. If you are preparing yourself for a performance, make sure to invest in a camera that offers a good quality picture at a high refresh rate. In addition, it is always better to have multiple angles of your concert so the fans can enjoy a variety of shots.

In case your budget is limited, using your webcam or phone camera can be efficient enough. However, make sure you have prepared everything in advance to prevent problems like low battery. For a statical image, getting a tripod is essential, and since they are relatively affordable, get them.

If you are being the viewer, it is better to watch the concert on a larger screen. If you engage in live stream concerts regularly, you should consider getting a large size television, or getting a projector. That will give you sensations like you are close to the performer which is always a great thing.

2. Consider lighting options

Lighting improves the visual sensation that we get whenever we watch a music-related event. For that reason, as a performer, you have to find a way and offer that to your viewers. It is not hard to set up a lighting fixture that can be controlled to a stream deck, so make sure you got it.

As a viewer, you can improve the lighting with ambient lighting behind the screen. That way, you get an impression like your whole room is the concert avenue which makes it feel like a real event.

3. Improve your audio

Source: sweetwater.com

The audio is the most important piece of the whole live stream concert. For that reason, as a performer, you must ensure using great microphones and interfaces. That will give out audio with great quality that your listeners can enjoy.

Getting a feeling like attending a real event cannot be done with bad-sounding audio. Whether you are using headphones or a sound system, the audio quality must not be compromised. For that reason, an investment in good audio equipment is essential in such situations. Keep in mind that the same equipment will be used for other listening sessions which is always beneficial.

4. Consider using a vest

To increase the tactile sensations across your body, Woojer came up with a vest that transmits the lower frequencies from the music. It is a great way to feel the vibration and get a feeling like you are on the big stage.

As a listener, when you attend a real concert, the vibration from the big speakers can be felt. For that reason, watching a live stream concert with the Woojer vest on can give you the same sensations.

Besides listening to music, this vest is a versatile gadget that can be used in other situations as well. For example, if you like to play games, you can use this vest to increase the gaming experience and feel the game better. Especially if you play using a virtual reality machine, this vest is a great addition to the setup.

Check the review of the Woojer vest below:

5. Consider the right time for your performance

Choosing the right time is essential for the success of your event. If you have fans from every part of the world, the time zones have to be considered. For that reason, find a time that suits most of your listeners.

If you don’t know where most of your listeners are located, you can use the analytics from the large streaming sites. That will tell you which portion of the world has your bigger fan base so you can time your concert properly.

6. Promote and monetize your concert

Promotion is a big part of every concert and so are the live stream ones. Without presenting your event to the audience, you will not be able to gather a large number of visitors and listeners. That can lead to financial losses and frustration.

Promoting your event does not have to be hard. Just post on your social platforms about it, and notify your fans about the time and date. If you want to go the extra mile, you can hire professional companies that work with advertisement and promotion.

Don’t forget to monetize your event. This can be done with donations and platforms that offer easy transactions such as PayPal or similar options. In addition, you can use online ticket sales which grant the key to enter the platform where your concert will be held.

Lastly, if you don’t want your fans to spend their finances, you can easily ask them for shares, and like so the algorithm helps you in finding a greater reach. This is something that does not cost anything but is worth a lot.

7. Engage with the audience

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Every concert requires a connection between the artist and the people who attend the show. This is important to set the note and increase the energy in the building. That is why you should find a way to communicate with your audience during your live stream concerts.

You can integrate a live chat and engage in conversations between songs. Also, by getting a stream deck you can incorporate visuals and sounds that make the whole event more interesting.

Good interaction with the public will bring you more audience the next time. That leads to better financial benefits and motivation to always do better.

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