7 Benefits of Room Booking Systems for Coworking Spaces

If you’re here, it means that you’re also feeling the frustration of meeting conflicts in a coworking space. We understand how frustrating it can be to walk into a coworking space only to find that it is already full. These spaces are a cost-effective and convenient alternative for freelancers and small to mid-sized businesses as they can be tailored to your needs and finances.

Moreover, you don’t need to buy or rent an office anymore as these spaces have everything you need. But what would you do if you step into a coworking area with loads of work to find it packed? To answer this question, we emphasize the significance of space booking software.

In a traditional coworking setting, customers are required to talk to the manager on the phone before accessing the shared amenities. But it can result in a myriad of potential issues, including the following:

  • Managers might mishandle if there are many reservations requests.
  • No control over the time individuals spends inside coworking spaces.
  • Users might face difficulty in locating and accessing conference spaces.

If you consider the above issues, you’d understand the significance of adopting a more efficient way of organizing and streamlining the use of shared areas. And this is what a space reserving system does.

Managers can use these systems to organize bookings, record peak times, and control the use of all gathering spaces at once. Now let’s learn the benefits of these systems in detail.

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1. Easily Manage Bookings

By using the space booking software in coworking spaces, managers can avoid clashes that may arise because of double booking. It will also help individuals and businesses to know when the place is crowded and available. When people know that the space is already packed, they will avoid making reservations at those locations, thus saving their time and avoiding sessions overlapping.

If the room is available, people can reserve their preferred space right away and send automatic invitations to their customers, guests, and teams.

2. Maintain Social Distance

Since the coronavirus pandemic, people have become very conscious about their health, especially during in-person sessions. They don’t want to bump into random people. So, for such people, space booking systems have brought great convenience.

As a reaction to the concerns of highly-conscious employees, coworking areas are resorting to AV installation of booking rooms as it assures them by fixing ‘safe’ attendee numerals for every chamber. Only an ideal number of individuals can go inside a room. And that number depends on the space available. It helps avoid overcrowding and assures that people are placed at a secure location.

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3. Book Preferrable Room

If the number of individuals using a room for the conference is less, there is no point reserving a big hall or boardroom. It will make sense if they take up a small area. On the other hand, if the group of co-workers is large, it would be adequate to provide them with larger rooms.

By using space booking systems, users can lock out specific spaces for their group before making a reservation. Besides saving time and energy, it will also eliminate the chances of a small group taking spacious places and ensuring that your resources are utilized efficiently.

4. Self-service is Available

Unfortunate errors can arise not only when carrying out a meeting, but also while scheduling or tracking it. If you place all the burden of booking and tracking on your subordinates or team members, conflicts may arise. That’s why one must accept accountability for their booking.

By room booking system AV installation, one can reduce the stress on the helpdesk and improve every employee’s ability to organize impromptu gatherings in a coworking space.

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5. Integrated Space Plans

With room booking systems, coworking spaces are reserved in advancement. If there are any special requests on the part of the attendee, room preparations are carried out accordingly. Thus, with this integrated software the facility management teams can prepare a space before a meeting. Besides proper cleaning, catering needs and other favors are also arranged.

When the room is allotted and prepared, an automatic heads-up is mailed to the administration team to assure it is set up with the suitable tools and according to the instructions provided. It helps eliminate any chances of having a poor impression on the conference grade and your reputation in front of the clients.

6. Less Paperwork Involved

By using space reserving systems for coworking spaces, the burden on the helpdesk and office admin is reduced to a considerable extent. It is so because, with the help of a web-based reserving system, the amount of strain connected to organizing paperwork and making notes for sessions is eased.

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7. Good Impression on Clients

A coworking area is a welcoming place for both individuals and teams. If you don’t feel motivated to work from your home someday, you can take your bag and laptop and head to the nearest shared room to refresh your mind. Here you also have the chance of befriending all kinds of individuals and expanding your network.

On top of that, if a coworking space uses booking systems, it will impact its reputation positively. A shared place must make the visitors feel at home and more productive. It should provide them with all the required resources and amenities.

Final Words

Incorporating room booking systems in a coworking space has several advantages to offer. But, the main thing to keep in mind is that management is the key to making everything work. Only if the shared facilities are adequately managed, can they provide individuals and businesses with the required convenience.

As a small business, it is okay to leave everything in the hands of the manager. But as it ramps up, you need a more reliable approach than only room booking systems can offer. These systems help you better understand your space requirements and offer great flexibility while reserving. So, are you ready to incorporate this software?

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