How To Pass Your G1 Driving Test On The First Try?

The complexity is different from country to country. Commonly, it is more difficult to complete it in European countries, while this process is much easier in the US and Canada. Also, we have mentioned that it is a very important moment in the life of every person, which means that the key is to take it seriously and prepare in the right way. Therefore, the first thing to do is to read more about all details and requirements about the test.

When it comes to Canada, the first part of the process is to pass a written test, followed by practical lessons and a driving test in the end. Many people are making a mistake by thinking that learning the theory is simple, which often leads to issues like failing and delaying. Therefore, the great solution is to learn more about all examples related to practice and theoretical part. In that matter, check out

The key is to start preparing on time and not stressing about the process. When you pay attention to all details, you will be able to pass it in the first attempt. There are several levels that you will have to pass, the first one is related to theory. Here are some tips that will help you to pass this part on the first try.

Application Details


The first thing to do is to complete all required papers necessary for the application. These documents are ID, proof of residence, citizenship, landing record, or immigration documents. The limit is to reach an age of 16, and it is recommended to start with this process at the moment when you reach that limit so you can complete it as fast as you can.

Basic Details

Another thing to do is to learn more about the form and the details that you can expect. The first step will require you to complete a test with 40 questions related to road signs, rules in traffic, and various situations that could happen on the road. Also, the biggest mistake you can make is to rely on luck and choose only some parts of theory that you will learn.

Keep in mind that you will face all these rules once you get your license, and that it is crucial to learn them all. There is a chance to pass even if you miss a couple of questions, but the requirement is to know at least 90% of them.

Start on Time


As we already mentioned, starting on time is the key. Also, you will need proper materials for learning. The great thing is that finding these materials is not a problem since you can buy an official book with all potential questions. Also, there are many examples you can find online where you can learn more about examples of tests and what to expect.

The process of learning is the same as when you are preparing a subject in school. Therefore, there are different lessons and parts, which means that you will need a proper strategy where you will learn all of them one by one.

The proper strategy is individual and it depends on your preferences. Our suggestion is to start by learning chapters one by one and checking how they are applied in practice. This method will make it much easier to remember the lectures. The feature of most questions is that they are not complex and difficult. However, there are many things to learn, which means that you will need some time to prepare.

If you want to skip the struggle and finish everything in your first attempt, be sure to spend more time learning and paying attention on all details. Also, we have to mention that more than 50% of people will fail on their first attempt, and the main reason is that they thought that it will be simple to prepare.

The biggest issue is when you don’t start on time. That will lead to stress which will make it more complicated to learn the important lessons. Therefore, start at least a month before the test, and be sure to repeat all lessons for several times.

Also, you can always ask someone who already pass it to provide you with some advice and tip for being more efficient in learning. As we already mentioned, it is not difficult but there are lots of things to remember.


Furthermore, be sure to be relaxed on the day of the test. Be ready for it at least an hour before the start and try to remain concentrated. There is no reason to rush with your answers as well since you will be provided with enough time to complete it.

When you start with the test, always read each question for several times and don’t immediately mark any field with your pen. Read the test several times and start by marking the easier questions while leaving those where you are not completely sure for later.

In the end, focus on more complex examples and questions to be sure that you haven’t marker a false field. Moreover, don’t worry if you made a mistake since there is a room for making a couple of them. The limit is to be correct in over 80%.

Last Words

If you are determined to finish with this part of the process on your first attempt, the first thing to do is to collect all materials that will help you to learn more effectively. Therefore, get a book with rules and signs and look for various samples of tests online.

After that, repeat the lessons and read the materials over and over until you are sure that you learned everything there. Besides that, it is also important to check how it is applied in practice since that will make it easier to understand and remember the lectures.

One of the main reasons why people fail in this part is because they think that it is too simple. On the other side, there is no reason to worry even if you fail.

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