When to Hire a Lawyer After a truck accident – 2024 Guide

If you’ve been in a car or truck accident make sure to assess the situation and double-check how you’re feeling. After you get a clear sense of what is happening you should call your lawyer. If you have suffered significant injury and are now dealing with mounting medical expenses you will need someone to guide you and help you with all the paperwork. Every accident is a little different, and having tailored legal advice based on your situation can make all the difference. Keep on reading and understand your options for your specific case.

Why you might want to contact a lawyer after the crash?

If you have never been in an accident before and you’re not too sure what to do make sure that you re-think your steps. The truth is that a lot can happen. One might want help since the worst possible scenarios can occur, such as:

  • Your evidence can disappear: this applies to truck marks and tire marks, especially as time goes on and if it has been raining
  • Memories fade: this mostly applies to witness statements and things that have occurred during the impact, which can be a long time ago
  • Documentation can get misplaced: unfortunately, a common thing that happens after an accident
  • Statute of limitations: each state is different, which means that you have to know the time window that you have to file a claim and get these answers asap

Why is a truck accident lawyer worth it?

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1. Trucking accidents are complicated

Truck drivers have places to be, and their jobs can get pretty stressful. They often have to meet certain annual inspections and they have to log in a specific number of hours. All commercial truck drivers must also keep up with their regulations. If they ignore or disobey any of the rules, along with breaks and repairs they could be facing penalties. An experienced truck accident lawyer can investigate the accident and help you figure out who is to blame or where to look.

2. More parties could be involved

Who’s fault is it when it comes to the accident? A ton of factors can come to play since a trucking company, a truck driver, another driver, or the road itself and poor weather conditions can lead to a bad accident. This is why an attorney will take a deep look at any previous records, and inspections, along with the maintenance of the vehicle. The truth is that the answer is never as simple.

3. Help with serious damage

Trucks are naturally quite heavy, and they often work and transport huge (sometimes hazardous) cargo. If you find yourself in this situation and this type of accident, you’re probably looking at severe damage to your vehicle, but also to yourself. An attorney will investigate the details of the accident to determine fault and liability. At this point, it is time to think about the insurance, but also make sure your legal rights are protected.

4. Speaking of insurance

As said before, insurance policies will dictate the story and the development of the situation. The truth is that the truck’s cargo might also be covered by insurance, along with the people involved in the accident. With a truck attorney on your side, they will look at each insurance policy and will determine where to file your claim.

Why you will want a skilled lawyer for your case? Top 3 things to consider

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In general, any type of accident is scary and can be hard to comprehend or process. Most people will want to seek help because of the following reasons!

1. Serious injuries

Unfortunately and when it comes to trucking accidents, one is looking at severe brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or sometimes even loss of limbs. These can be so unpredictable and hard to recover from. There is a high chance of broken bones, along with scratches and bruises. Your main goal and focus should be on recovering and giving yourself time to heal. On the other hand, your attorney will help you build your case and get proper compensation.

2. Insurance companies will try and get to you

The call from the insurance company often comes when you are at your most vulnerable, meaning that the chances of you accepting their deal are quite high. Do not fall for sympathy. Your attorney will help you get a better deal by playing a long-run game. We know that if you are facing expenses after being seriously injured or losing a loved one, the settlement may look attractive. Turn it down and book a skilled professional for your specific case.

3. Your case could go to trial

Given the number of damages at stake in your claim, it may not be possible to negotiate a settlement with both parties and on both ends.

Insurance companies know how the process is going to run, which could further result in a long trial. This is why and where your attorney is going to prepare your case by collecting relevant evidence, enlisting expert witnesses to testify on your behalf, and more. A trial is sometimes necessary when the case is complex.

Source: colombolaw.com

Where to find a truck lawyer accident who can help your case?

Many companies play a role in keeping a commercial truck on the road, but there is also a ton of information, paperwork, and investigation that will come to play when it comes to your specific case. Always assess your situation and only then make your next step. This is why you should never attempt to file or negotiate a truck accident injury claim on your own and without a highly qualified attorney on your side. If you want the best team who can help your case make sure to click here. They are Michigan lawyers who have been in the industry for years, perfect for anyone who needs to get help with their specific big or small case.

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