6 Best Media Players for Your Windows or Mac Device 2024

Most people spend their spare time watching or creating videos for various purposes, and social media have a huge role in all this. Now, the tech has advanced so much lately that there are many programs and players we can choose from, which doesn’t necessarily make our decision easier. That is why to help you with this issue, we have created a list of the best media players for your Windows or Mac device 2024.

1. 5KPlayer

Let’s start with a short review of the player that many think is the best for media consumption. The main thing about this one is that you can use it for downloading files and videos of different quality and types of files, and all that’s needed is to click on the “YouTube” button and start downloading your favorite video. Of course, it’s free to download and use and what’s even better is its interface which is one of the easiest and with a splashy design. Also, you can download and use it regardless of what type of PC you have or how great its components are, as the basic system requirements are needed, and on the plus side, the CPU usage while running it is much lower in comparison to some other popular players. Learn more about this player and its audio and video playback.

2. KMPlayer

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Okay, this is yet another easy-to-use media player that comes with various benefits, and what’s great about it is that it’s entirely free. Of course, this is just the beginning as there are many free-to-download and use software and programs, but very few can be compared to this one as the variety of file formats it supports is really vast. Another great advantage is it comes with many codecs which you can use to enhance its potential, and when it comes to multilingual streaming, it supports several subtitle formats. Above all, one can also install and use it on their phones. Now, like with most things today, it has some disadvantages, but even those issues are mainly about the number of ads and having to download many other apps that you probably wouldn’t use.

3. MPV

If your goal is a fast player that will open any clip, video, or even a movie in a matter of seconds, then this is the way to go, as this is probably the best one currently on the market for those purposes. It is an open-source app that’s free to download and use, but the fact that makes it stand out from the rest is the bare minimum of system requirements. On the other hand, this is also the main problem for some, as since its interface is so easy, some are not as fond of using a keyboard for basic things and operations as much, but in general, by downloading scripts, you can enhance its full potential. The fact that anyone can easily use it and that it is a multipurpose player is what makes this player an MVP of the year.

4. VLC

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VLC player has been with us for a long time, and no matter how much time passes, it will always be among the best ones available for both Windows and Mac devices. The reasons for that are numerous, and one of the most important ones is its simplicity of use, which makes it suitable for people who are not good with new technologies, and for those who do not love changes, as it is the same as it was years ago. This player can open almost everything, so there is no need to worry if you see some extension that you have never seen before, as VLC will recognize it and play without any problems. It is free and works with different platforms without the necessity to download codecs and deal with complicated installations. The great thing about the sound it can play is the option to increase the volume manually if it is not loud enough and get the crystal clear sound.

5. PowerDVD

For people who love to watch movies finding a great player is a must, and Power DVD can be the best choice thanks to its amazing features when it comes to playing videos. It can be used on our mobile phones, and the great thing is that we can always resume the content we have been watching without the necessity to search for the point where we have been left off. Another great feature it offers is the option of sharing everything with friends or family members, so we can enjoy watching the same content together. It also has a great search tool that we can use to find our favorite movies, series, or TV shows and read detailed information about them, so we can always know what we are watching. The option to personalize the media library can be useful because it can help us find the desired content without typing and losing time since all we need to do is to find the poster or a thumbnail of the TV show or movie we want to watch.

6. Kodi

Source: kodi.tv

The technology has improved over time, and many people are now in constant search of a player that can allow them to watch their favorite TV shows and movies on any device they own at every moment. It is still challenging to find one that can be suitable for a PC, cellphone, tablet, and much more, but thanks to Kodi, it is not impossible. It is perfect for movie lovers, supports almost all formats, and has a great interface that allows us to use them on every smart device, including TV. We can scroll through its library and find sorted seasons and episodes of our favorite series, which only proves how amazing its library is, and not to mention that we can import everything we want from it. Its media library is the reason why we can never get bored with Kodi, but the option to change its appearance is perfect for people who easily get bored and like changes.

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