Is It Good to Invest in Real Estate in Bali 2024

If you are being conscious about your money, you already know that you should not hold them, but rather invest them. With lots of options, it can be hard for you to determine your target. However, most millionaires and advisors are pointing the real estate as the best investment option you should consider.

While Bali has been notorious for its tropical climate and is on everyone’s travel list, it has a great and stable real estate market. Because of frequent travelers, purchasing property in Bali can give you a relatively quick return on investment. However, there are also challenges you must consider.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the reasons why investing in Bali’s reals estate is a good thing. This should help you determine your investments and find out whether this is the right decision for you. Keep reading and find out more.


It still is one of the top world destinations

As one of the destinations that everyone strives to visit in their lives, Bali has everything. You can simply walk down the beaches and enjoy water activities, then go deep into the exotic forests. With lots of extravagant hotels and restaurants, with astonishing views, you cannot get enough of this place.

In addition, there is always something you can do. Lots of possible adventures, great nightlife, and welcoming locals you have lots to learn from. In such a paradise place, imagine having the property that you can both live on, and rent for a surely high earning margin.

Bali has a growing economy

With economic growth of approximately eight percent per annum, you can easily notice why many people have considered investing in Bali. Every growing country provides good conditions for businessmen and people who are looking to purchase property of any kind.

Depending on the spot that you select, whether you are going for a full tourist location or something calmer, the return on the investment is different. For example, if you are going to a denser location popular with tourists, you can expect to get a return within five years.


The popular regions are getting better infrastructure

Due to the influx of tourists, many locations throughout Bali are getting infrastructure reconstructions. Because of that, properties in these locations are getting a significant increase in their worth of around forty percent.

For that reason, spending time and learning about the market to see which locations are next to be reconstructed is a great way to come up with great earnings. In addition, consultations with experts are always a great idea, so be sure to do that.

Lots of agencies you can use for assistance

It’s important to understand that you cannot completely own property in Bali unless you have a business settled there or you are married to a local. Because of that, there are lots of complications when people are purchasing land in a name of a local. You get no cover and can be scammed very easily.

However, there are lots of agencies that you can work with to help the whole process of purchasing real estate. They know all the laws and regulations to let you know what is the safest way of purchasing land as suggests.

In addition, they know the market and with their help, you can find the best place to buy that will offer you a great return on the investment. Just let them know of your preferences and budget, and they will list some of the best options for you to consider.



Another important reason why is it good to invest in Bali is because of the affordability. You can expect to pay around 35,000 dollars for land and around 80,000 dollars for a property or a villa. Keep in mind that building expenses are affordable as well if you were planning to build a house on your own.

With that, you can see that great-looking villas can cost much less than the average home in Europe and US. What is even better is the chance to get your investment returned in a couple of years, which makes it a great business decision.

Besides the property, everything seems to be affordable in Bali. From transportation to restaurants and markets, you can enjoy every activity without worrying about breaking your bank. This is another reason why travelers are in love with the island, and why you can manage to rent your property for a quick return on your investment.

It gives a luxurious feeling

The ability to go from deep tropical forests to some of the greatest beaches on this planet is quite simple in Bali. That is the reason why this place become such an attraction. With lots of luxurious properties, you can get for such an affordable price, you truly get a sense of luxury.

This is important if you plan on moving or retiring on this island. You will get to live a luxurious life inside astonishing villas, and beautiful nature scenery affordably. Just decide what part of the island you find the most beautiful, and you can surely manage to purchase land or a villa there.


Stable laws and regulations for businessmen

The government knows that foreigners are interested in investing which is highly important for the economy of the country. That is the reason why they made regulations to make purchasing land in Bali easier than before.

However, to ensure the safety of your investment, consider getting legal advice. In addition, talking with some of the eminent real estate agencies can be helpful in both picking the right property and getting guidance throughout the purchasing process.


Hopefully, we managed to show you why is investing in Bali’s real estate a good thing, and why many people have purchased land in the past years. The ability to purchase property for an affordable price, and get it to return in around five years is just great.

Besides, with the new laws and regulations, the government is easing the investment process, which is another reason behind the popularity of getting involved in Bali’s real estate.

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