How to identify Fake or Original Xiaomi Mi4, Mi3, Redmi 1s Phones

Xiaomi is one of the most popular brand that recently came up with amazing budget phones in the market. And there is still lot of demands. I am talking about Xiaomi Redmi 1S, Redmi Note and Mi3. The phones are exclusively sold by Flipkart and still it is out of stock. I am sure in coming time there will be impressive models coming up. But with this new popular brand there is a new issue.

There are ample of clone phones in the market which looks very much similar like Xiaomi and it is hard to identify whether they are fake or not. So here we will be finding out the difference between them. We will be trying to find which phone is original and which is not so that if you are on your way to buy a device you won’t get trapped in fake phone stuff. There were complains that people have got duplicate phone models with them. So there are few steps that you can do before buying such devices.

Fake or OG Xiaomi

Process to find Fake or Real Xiaomi Android phone model:

1.    You can download and install MiPhone Anti-Fake Identifier App from here. This app will let you know that the model that you own is genuine or not.

2.    Just download the app first and run the same. You will need an internet connection. This app will run for some time and will identify whether the device you had bought is original Xiaomi product or not.

3.    In the app you have to tap on option called as Manually Set the operation mode. And then you have to choose Performance mode.

4.    This will give you more accurate information and is recommended before running a test.

Xiaomi MiPhone Anti-Fake Identifier

5.    After running the test when it is done checking, you will see a result page.

6.    In that if you see a red or an orange page then it means you are having a fake phone in your hand.

7.    And if you see a Green page then it means you had bought an original device.

8.    To get a bit more information on the phone you are having you can go inside Detailed Configuration. Just go in that and check and verify all the hardware stuff.

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