Apple iPad Air 2 Review

Apple iPad Air 2 is a portable and amazing tablet by Apple. Apple actually proves that there is nothing better than them. The product which they offer is best and is also awesome in performance every time. Today we will be looking out their new iPad Air 2 in more details. What this new tablet brings and how better it will be? You get a great 9.7inch Retina screen and powered by powerful hardware. The design is very sleek and thin with better camera. Instead of having such an amazing model, I think that Apple has not worked well on the battery part. Also the storage is not enough. It use to run out of storage really fast if you add few HD movies on the same. This time Apple has added a A8X tri-core 1.5GHz processor in the same and it is also supported by a quad-core GPU to give you amazing HD quality gaming support. For camera you will get an 8-megapixel rear camera and Touch ID support.



Apple iPad Air 2 is the slimmest model that comes with an aluminum design. It looks durable to me. Apple never uses cheap elements in its product that makes it look amazing. The tablet here has a thin form factor where the weight is just around 437g. This is very light and you won’t even feel bulky while carrying the same. The body is good and solid here. It is just around 1.4mm slim which I think is great. It is looks very premium in appearance.

It is very important that you use some kind of folio cover on the same. Do not just press the iPad hard from center. Sometime it happens when it is kept in your bag or luggage. Most of the things are taken from the old version. Like the volume button are placed on the right side and the power is on the top. Data transfer port or the connectivity port is at the bottom with speaker grills. The tablet comes in two colors which is grey and sliver.

iPad Air 2 Review

Touch ID:

Touch ID is a kind of new invention in portable devices. It adds a fingerprint scanner on the tablet making it more secure. This started with i phone 5 series and now it is also implemented in the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. You can secure your tablet with your fingerprint and it will not be easier for anyone to access the same. And this is done very fast.

The Touch ID is capable of identifying your fingerprint in seconds and unlocks the device. It is a game changing feature. This is also implemented with a point f view to add maximums security where you are going to use this tablet for payment purpose. Like Apple Pay which is a kind of payment gateway and won’t be easy if your tablet is not secure.


The tablet owns a 9.7 inch anti-reflective retina screen. I am quite a fan of apple screen quality. You get a max resolution of 2048×1536 on the same. This retina display is amazing and very smooth responsive. Apps work well on the same. You can also use the touch screen keyboard very effectively for typing. The screen features an IPS LCD display with a enhanced UI that plays a vital role in the complete usage. There is lot more improved color and contrast ratio on the same which matters a lot. This is essential for the tablet screen output. The anti-reflective screen makes it easier to use in sunlight also.

iPad Air chip

Audio Quality:

This tablet has speakers on the bottom part. It would have been much better if the speakers were placed on the front facing. When you add the tablet in a folio core and place in landscape mode on tablet, the audio is still nice. But it is reflect on the sides that reduce the volume. In the same way if you place that horizontally then the speaker grills are blocked. Front facing speaker are always the best design. Still iPad Air 2 is an amazing tablet for watching movies, for music and for video streaming.

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