Why Your Business Should Have 24/7 Customer Service?

When you think of businesses that are open all night long, convenience stores or fast food joints come to mind. And they do have a good record of providing convenience to customers who need things urgently late at night or get cravings in the wee hours of the morning. Moreover, although banks are open just during weekdays, ATMs still work 24/7. So you can always grab some quick cash if you are in a rush. Or a telecom company like Xfinity generally has business hours from 10:oo am to 8:00 pm, but they still have 24/7 customer service to cater to Xfinity internet users. Hence, the point is that when you offer this option of 24/7 service in different areas of business, it pays to create this convenience for your customers.

Do Businesses Need 24/7 customer service?

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It is not financially feasible for most businesses to stay open 24/7, nor can you expect some customers to make a visit to them at 3 o’clock in the morning. But in terms of e-commerce, it is still beneficial for your business to allow your customers access to your products 24/7 so that they can make a purchase any time of the day.

Coming to the subject of this article, it is essential for any business to have 24/7 customer service. Your customers could be from any time zone and still be able to access products from your business website, that much is a given. But if your business customer service is not 24/7, then it could be a problem.

Why Your Business Needs 24/7 Customer Service

Now we are going to explore 5 reasons why your business should have 24/7 customer service.

Customers Want Faster Responses

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That is actually very true. Because of how fast-paced this world has now become and how everything is now available at the touch of a button, customers expect quick responses in terms of customer support as well.

Moreover, your customers may have a query about your products or services that may influence their decision to buy. If they are not given answers right there, they may turn to your competitors who provide real-time responses.

Having 24/7 customer service for your business can go a long way towards improving your customers’ journey with using your products or service along with providing credibility to your business.

Good Customer Retention

You might already know that it doesn’t cost much to retain an existing customer rather than acquire new customers. Are you aware that your customers are more likely to stick to your products or services when their calls and requests are answered in a timely manner?

It doesn’t matter how much of a lifesaver your product or service has been to your customers, if your customers don’t feel valued, they won’t keep coming back for more. Hence, providing great customer service is helping to retain customers for your business, and having 24/7 service is one major part of this.

Increased Customer Loyalty

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Customer loyalty is more than them buying your products or services. Loyal customers not only recommend your products or services to other people, but they also spread positive experiences with your brand on social media. This is incredibly impactful as you can see that social media platforms are accessed by millions of internet users regularly. This can result in more traffic to your online website.

Along with providing a 24/7 service, brands should digitalize all aspects of their business. That will lead to an increase in customer loyalty.

Brand Awareness

The 24/7 service is also how you can create brand awareness for your business. What your customers feel for your brand has a major impact on the awareness of your brand and its reputation. As has already been discussed, good customer service can lead to customer retention, loyalty, and good conversions.

Having 24/7 customer service shows that your business cares about its customers. establishing a good relationship with your customers can lead to customers wanting to stick to your brand and letting their loved ones know about your products and services.

Solve Issues Promptly

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No business is perfect, that’s for sure. But customers still want their problems to be solved and that too at a quicker pace. Your customers will measure the customer service of your brand by how long they take to respond, so it is essential that brands make speed a priority.

No matter what kind of products or services you offer, if your customer service team takes too long to respond and resolve their issues, then your customers will lose interest in your brand. Hence, solving issues quickly is one of the pillars of having good customer service.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t already implemented the 24/7 customer service, then you must go ahead with it. If you feel that your business is only going to remain local, then there might be no need for having a 24/7 service. However, keep in mind that your customers can choose any time of the day to think about making a purchase of your product or service, so it will be a good idea to have any form of 24/7 service.

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